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Best Apps for iPad Pro

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has given Apple users a new edge, not only with a bigger 12.9” device but also many additional features and options that make everyday life a lot easier, not to mention the business advantages the device has to offer. With the latest device, you wonder what the best apps are, which is precisely what we consider here.

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches1

This app is available in a free version that allows all the essential features, which includes a massive list of options for users to create sketches or take quick notes. The app can be used to create technical drawings, which are very useful when on the move or taking some work home with you. The paid version is $4.99 and provides an even better experience with layers and many other features. The app works well with the pen that allows you to take control of pressure levels for accurate drawings.


VRSE shows off the latest features of the 360 videos that allow users get a full 360-degree video experience. This is still a very new feature and quite amazing as you can hold the iPad and turn it to see the other side. For example, a video of someone walking will give you full control as you can view to the front as normal or turn the iPad around and see that is going on behind them, it is basically as if you are there and can look wherever you choose.

AirPano Travel Book

AirPano is the perfect app for those who enjoy traveling, but can never decide where to go next. The app has also proven highly popular with people interested in what the world has to offer and enjoy the beauty of places. The app provides a 360-degree panoramic view of various locations around the world. These are not just random places as the app allows you to choose what you see. Users will find additional content is always loaded, which includes new locations and new amazing photos. Looking around at a particular location is easy as users simply swipe across the screen to look around as if you were there.

Best Galaxy S7 Apps

Galaxy S7

The latest Samsung mobile device has finally arrived and offers users a whole lot of additional features. As I’m sure many of your have read up about, the new device has been upgraded in many ways, so is it worth using the old apps, or should you be taking advantage of the following apps to ensure you get the best from your device?


The new device comes with a fingerprint scanner that allows you to set privacy to the device on a whole new level. However, the standard software on the device allows the print reader to lock the entire phone. With AppLock you can choose the apps, you would like to lock. Many of us don’t like to unlock our devices, but would still like security applied to some files or apps for whatever reasons, AppLock is definitely the way to go.



The new S7 has an amazing battery life, but as per usual we try to extend how long it lasts by always closing apps in the background and unsign the phone less, which isn’t exactly why we have it. Doze will save you battery life in places where you would have never considered. This app will assess all the installed apps and limit the internet connection to those that don’t require it. It creates a VPN on the device that will definitely save you battery life. The features can be customized and changed to suit your needs.


CamScan is an app that allows users to use their devices like scanners. This means you can scan any document or picture and have it saved to your device as a PDF or JPEG. From the app, the document can be edited with signatures or emailed directly. A great app to use for those who are on the move but still need to get files around.


Snapseed is one of the best photo editors. The new device has an incredible camera along with a bright display. The app will allow you to edit pictures in quick motions by simply selecting the value you would like to change by swiping up or down. Once selected, swipe from left to right to adjust the value of the picture and watch as your images reach perfection.

Best Apps for Photo Editing

best photo apps

Smartphone have evolved a lot in the last few years regarding screen quality, apps, features, and cameras. Most people don’t own a digital camera anymore as their smartphones take just as good pictures if not better. However, many people enjoy changing certain aspects to images they have captured and find it difficult to find an app that provides the best features for their Android devices. There are many apps to choose from but a lot of them do not offer the features desired, and when they do, it doesn’t seem to do exactly what you want it to. Here are a few of the best photo editing apps available for Android devices.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro (Free)

Bonfire is quickly becoming a popular photo editing tool that can provide all the regular features such as filters and standard editing tools but includes a lot more of these features to begin with. The editor includes all the most popular such as HDR, black and white and lots more, but becomes unique with its special filters such as the realistic watercolor paintings that have various stroke options as well as settings to create the perfect, life-like photograph.

Photoshop is one of the best tools to use on PC to edit and create images. They have now also included an app that offers all the most popular features of the primary program. This allows users to take advantage of a massive list of features that provide a professional finish along with amazing effects. Cutting, moving or replacing items in the background has never been easier with Photoshop. The app also provides various filters and allows users to take advantage of most features other apps of it kind has to offer. However, when it comes to photo editing software, Photoshop is the one to have.


AirBrush is a great app that will provide great features for quick touch-ups. The app works much like one of the features from Photoshop, but can be obtained for free. With this app, users can apply various filters, but also use the tools to remove marks on their skin or simply to remove a small stain on a shirt.

Smaller Social Media Apps for iPhone


Social media is one of the main reasons people visit the app store. There are so many apps the are available as it is along with thousands of new ones being launched each year. New social media apps appear among those, which provide new features and new ways to connect with your friends and family from around the world. Even older apps that have been around for a long time provide newer versions and additions to provide more options and features to their users.


Facebook is one of the main downloads that offers various download options. Users will be able to use the standard app that most download, which provides all the features. The app is definitely the better choice as it is linked to various other apps, such as location, WhatsApp, and many others that you might have. Users can also take advantage of Facebook with a homepage link that opens the media platform in your internet browser. Since Facebook is HTML5 enabled, the phone version is very similar to the app and offers many of the same features. The difference is, it takes up a lot less space on the device as only a shortcut is saved on the phone.

Twitter is right up there with Facebook, the social media platform provides a new way to connect with friends and family and allows users to connect with the world with each though. Much like Facebook, Twitter is also available in various download options. Apps are available, which once again makes it much easier to connect with the mobile options available, but users can also use the shortcut option.

Mobile developers and social media platforms have done a lot to make things more convenient for users by enabling HTML5, providing up to date apps and offering the features most requested. As you can imagine, there are millions of apps not mentioned above that provide the exact same functions.

With the latest mobile devices, users have the ability to take just about any web page and save it to the home page. Meaning users no longer need to type in the same web address over and over or search through favorites to find the pages they want. Simply go to the web page, press the bookmark button, and click on save to home page. The website will then appear as an app of the actual site with custom names.

Job Search App for Android


The way the economy seems to keep changing and new opportunities around each corner, you might find it beneficial to have a job searching app on your mobile device that can do it all. No more searching through classified and useless websites. Instead, use the “Indeed” mobile app that provides job opportunities no matter where you are in the world. The app is easy to use, quick, and very accurate with search results.

The app provides an amazing search filter that can provide results according to the region of your interest, but locally and international, type of work, salary, full time, part time and much more. All these filters can be saved as well, meaning you are not required to fill in the same info over and over to look for new opportunities.


Uploading your resume is easy can also be done with the app by writing in all your information. This allows employers to see your info as well, which could result in you not looking for other work, but instead other work finding you. The app comes with an easy to use interface for both smartphones and tablets using Android software.

Users can choose where int eh world their resumes are available, meaning finding work in another country becomes very easy and provides detailed information for both the employer and employee to view before accepting an interview.

Making quick changes to your resume or personal information is also only 1 click away. The developers of Indeed has ensured an easy, yet effective way to find your dream job.
The app doesn’t use much data at all and virtually uses almost no space on your device. Your account and all information is saved to the server, which allows you to keep browsing and for others to keep seeing your resume even when you buy a new device or lose yours.

To send your resume to a company, simply chick and hit apply. This will provide the employer with all the details you’ve made available to view as well as a detailed copy of your resume.



iScanner is an app available for both iPhone and iPad. Users will be able to use the app to scan documents and save them as PDF. These can be edited, emailed, or saved for future reference or use later.

The app comes at a low price of $3.99, but a free version is available. The free version has most of the features of the main one, but can’t save as many files and has ads, making it a good trail to try out.


The app is very easy to use for scanning documents. Simply enter the app, hit scan and hold your device over the document as if you were about to take a photo of it. Press the scan button and watch the app do its magic by first taking a standard picture. It will then brighten the image and increase contrast, making it look just like a document scanned with a scanner.

The app can also provide a scan when taken at an angle. Once again enter the app and press scan. Ensure the entire document is in the photo to get the best results. After the picture has been taken, the app will offer an additional feature where the text can be dragged to fit on the screen before the scan colour is applied.

Users have the options to adjust the brightness, colour and contrast of the document for best results. This ensures the information can be seen perfectly, just like it would with a real scan. Multiple sharing options are available from the app that allows you to send it via email, social media, other communication apps or save the file to another app on the device.

One of the most impressive features of the app is that documents can be edited. This means users can write on the app to apply a signature or highlight parts of the information. All of these features and much more can be to documents received from others, giving you full control, no matter where you are or what needs to be done with these files, iScanner will be able to offer all the right options, among much more.

How Smartphones Changed Our Way Of Communication Changed


Mobile phones have a huge impact on everyone’s social life, no one could ever have imagined that a family in the same house would send messages to communicate instead of talking face to face. The good thing is that family can also stay in touch in real time even when they not in the same location. Right from the start it was evident that instant communication was one of the essential uses for internet and this was where several instant messaging apps started and user loyalty is what made some more popular with more evolving features.

Instant messenger started out as a basic communication option and later group messaging was added, then status updates and awareness was introduced and although voice conferencing was added it was texting that stayed the most preferred. The most popular messenger ever was created in 1998 by Yahoo, and then Microsoft caught up on the popularity of instant messaging and by 1997 the most popular internet provider American online took the top spot with AOL messenger.


Skype started in 2003 and became one of the most used ways of communication plus added voice-based communication to its services and later video features and file attachments. Currently, there are several messenger apps, the most popular includes Facebook messenger, Line, Viber, Tencent-WeChat, Apple-Face Time, magic Jack and Skype.

WeChat offers a wide variety of functions, which includes chat groups, games as well as micro-blogging, nearby awareness, video conferencing, wallet features, location awareness, text messaging, file transfer, diverse emoticons and voice conferencing.

Viber is hugely popular and users can directly call without even opening the app and enjoy high-quality calls, which is in equal to WhatsApp. Viber also offers a whiteboard options that enables the user to send immediate scrawls extra to location awareness and this adds fun to messaging.

Line is similar to both WeChat and Viper and its popularity is due to over 250 kinds of emoticon expressions which give its members a new level of fun and interesting ways to convey their moods. With so many messenger apps to choose from it is hard to decide which one to use yet at the end, it is also important to be on the same one as your family and special friends.

Life-Changing Apps Never Heard Off


We all live under the rule of apps and frankly most people wouldn’t have it any other way. Google Maps, National Rail and Uber are all apps that make sure we are on time, while Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp keep us up to date with social events. Cunningly smartphones have changed the way we communicate, the way we respond with words replaced by Emojis and Relay is allowing people to communicate via GIFs.

There are several apps that have the ability to improve your daily life in numerous ways, from daily doses of stunning art to giving you need recipe ideas. The more we use, the more becomes available. Swackett is a weather forecasting app that is somewhat different to the others; the app offers a guide on how to dress for the day’s weather conditions from shoes to sunglasses and even accessories.

Moves 1

Calm transforms your phone from a business buzzing tool to an easy to listen to meditation all that is great to improve your mood, your sleep and helps you relax. The Meditation sessions range from two to ten minutes and if you remember to set your ring tone to silent this is a highly recommended app for everyone after a busy day.

Spitz is a speed-reading app that allows readers to scan text at a rate of one thousand words per minute; the app flashes words in the same spot to enable users to continue reading without wasting time to move their eyes across sentences. The app is recommended for a business meeting and lets you quickly scan through documents.

Moves is an app best described as writing your story. The app follows your every move and relays it into a story of your daily activities while it counts your steps, adds up your calories and it can do it from your pocket or handbag.

My Cloudtag is basically a personal trainer in your pocket. The app focuses on four main problems including general fitness, well-being as well as fitness and weight loss. Users get tailor-made programs to reach their goals, and the app is user-friendly and even enable you to check your email during workouts.

7 Minute Workout Challenge app for iOS

7 Minute Workout Challenge app

Need to lose weight, get a bit more fit, or simply don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym? Well on the Apple store users can now choose from a list of workout programs to make up for the time missed at the gym.

One of our favorites is the 7 Minute Challenge app that comes at a low once off cost of just $2.99. The app has been designed to give you a full, powerful workout in just seven minutes. Many also use the app to warm up before going to gym as it covers a significant part of your cardio training.

7 Minute Workout Challenge app for iOS

The app doesn’t require any additional equipment, meaning users can use it anywhere and at any time. Users can progress through levels and choose from different fitness levels, which have been designed to build you up to a fit point or keep you healthy on an advanced level.

Each training program offered has been recorded and taken pictures of, allowing users to follow step by step or watch a quick video while training is underway. The program includes breaks and safety tips along with the workout coming up next. There are in-app purchases available as well, which are not required, but optional bonus workouts for additional workouts and targeted muscle groups.

Many users seem to download the heart rate app also. This app works with your camera and flash to read your heart rate, which has been proven to be highly accurate. This app is completely free and offers support for all iPhones from the 4 right through to the latest. The app provides various helpful information such as healthy ways to better your heart rate and become fitter, which works hand in hand with the 7-minute challenge app.

The heart rate app is recommended for all users as it is always useful and interesting. Users will have various options that are logged to be referenced to later. The app is easy to use and only requires a few minutes to provide an accurate reading.

There 2 apps work well together ans users can learn and excersice with the 7 Minute challenge and keep track of progress with the heart rate app.

Microsoft Office for Android

Microsoft Office

Android users are now able to take advantage of various Office apps on their mobile and tablet devices. These include Outlook, Excel, and Word, which all provide impressive features for all users.

The apps have only become available recently and have already become favorites among the app store. These apps have the ability to connect to cloud platforms, meaning you can switch between office and mobile in the blink on an eye and work on the same documents from the point you left off with the same font, options, and settings.

Microsoft Office for Android

These are actual Microsoft apps, meaning users will be able to take advantage of their fantastic service, options, and well-designed platforms. Many of us have tried other apps that are similar, but never quite the same as the real thing, well finally it here.

The apps provide a very similar interface to the PC programs. Users will be able to find the same options in convenient menus that don’t take up all the space on your display, but also includes various quick shortcuts to change to bold in Word, access features for Excel, or reply to emails while on the go.

These apps have been designed to work perfectly with a touch screen. Users will not require special pens on small fingers to access small items as the app will allow you to zoom and has been calibrated for each device to display the perfect font size for a fast and easy to use experience.

All apps can be connected to the cloud. This allows users to upload work, save it in a safe place and access it later on another device, laptop or computer. The documents are saved as .doc files, ensuring they are ready to edit or continue with on the full PC programs to transferred to the app for the same reasons, meaning no more late days at the office to finish work.

The Excel app is the most amazing as users will be able to choose from a vast range of formulas, format cells, and do all the other tasks available with the full program. Outlook also comes with the program standards and allow various changes to be made to emails, which isn’t always possible with other email apps.