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Google Adding Allo messaging app for iOS and Android

Google announced that it will be adding a messaging app that will be compatible with Android and iOS devices. This was announced initially in May but may have been critical of Google for not meeting privacy concerns.

Google stated that the responsibility of privacy is something they take most seriously and all chats shall be fully encrypted using the technologies that are standard for messaging apps. This includes end-to-end encryption and other features pertaining to expiration of messages and notifications that are discreet.


Yet, the app will maintain all messages that are not incognito by default, which is a change in its position from statements made previously that it would store only those that are unable to be identified or are transient in nature.

These changes have been made to increase the smart reply aspect of the app, am aspect of machine learning and allows more data to be accessed, however it will come with substantial consequences should paw enforcement agencies submit access to any messages sent using the google app.

Features of Allo

There are a number of features notable with the app. The first is the smart reply which will offer suggestions to questions that are common and this is designed to improve as the user accesses the app more often. Additionally, google offers an assistant that can join group chats to answer questions relation to meetings, weather and news etc.


The assistant is an interesting feature as it will furthermore allow for the sharing of videos on Youtube as well as games without the need to exit the app itself. Currently, it is only offered in English but additional languages are being added in the coming months ahead. Allo also shall enable those using it to alter the emoji’s sizes, change text size and make notes on pictures prior to sending to other users.

Google Launches Trips

Google also announced that it has released another app for iOS and Android called Google Trips. It is designed to help in the reduction of stress when planning a trip or holiday. It includes the ability to locate popular locations in over 20 sites throughout the world and can be viewed online, or by downloading the app directly to smartphones or mobile devices. The point of the app is helping to allow users to get the most out of their vacation experiences as studies have shown that most people feel more could have been accomplished while travelling. It is meant to take the role of a personal assistant per say or a tour guide in your pocket when on holiday and wishing to learn to find interesting facts about locals you are visiting such as places to visit or go to when wanting to eat.

Samsung Note 7 vs. Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Once again 2 of the biggest brands in mobile phones have devices that can go head to head in comparison to providing interested buyers with the best possible device to ensure all your requirements are taken care of. The Samsung Note 7 was launched in Aug 2016 and has impressed with the features available with the new stylist and all the new abilities it comes with. The iPhone 7 Plus is a bit younger with its launch date in mid-September 2016.

Off the bat, both of these phones are impressive and include some amazing advantages in the world of daily business use and for fun with friends. However, as you might have heard, the Samsung has presented an issue where the phone actually explodes, and the iPhone 7 doesn’t have any earphones. However, both these issues will be addressed in this head to head comparison between the latest market leading devices.

Design, Display, and Size

Regarding the size, both these phablets are very similar. However, the iPhone has the losing hand in this regard as it is a bit bigger, wider, and actually thinner than the Note 7. The differences are very small and won’t make much of a different when it comes to usage. The iPhone is also a bit heavier, but only 19 grams, which isn’t exactly a major difference either. Surprisingly, the smaller Note 7 has a bigger display (5.7”) than the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5”).


In terms of technology, the Samsung has a curved display and features a Super AMOLED screen with the popular Samsung always on feature. The iPhone, on the other hand, has an LED-Backlit screen with wide colour gamut and the unique 3D Touch feature that can be amazingly helpful while browsing or gaining instant access to some of app features without actually opening the app. Regarding resolution, the Note 7 takes it hands down with 2540×1440 pixels compared to 1920×1080 pixels for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Speed and Storage

Regarding the speed of these devices, there are actually many factors that come into play, including the screen resolution, which could slow down the Samsung Note 7. The iPhone 7 Plus features the first quad-core chip in iPhone’s history, which is included in their A10 chip that runs at 64 bit. The Samsung, on the other hand, uses the Snapdragon 820 chip that consists of an Octa-core and also runs at 64 bit. The Samsung might have a more powerful chip, but it will depend on any other factors to see which is actually faster. However, both devices are far ahead regarding speed, meaning both will be more than fast enough to perform any task within split seconds.

The Note 7 is currently only available for a 64GB model, but it can be expanded with an SD memory card. Apple has decided to provide much bigger memory and eliminate the need for the additional storage cards with options including 32GB, 128Gb, and finally 256GB.



While most would expect Samsung to be the leader here as they have always managed to impress in this regard, Apple has definitely brought their best with the iPhone 7 Plus. The Samsung provides a 12MP camera with an F/1.7 apertune OIS and dual-pixel AF, in all honesty the focus and picture quality is amazing and provide everything you need for the perfect memory. However, the iPhone comes with 2 12MP cameras that have been placed side by side, which provides a wide angle F/1.8 and telephoto F/2.8 OIS. The phone also comes with a quad LED trueTone flash. The iPhone has the better camera between the 2 devices and also provides better low-light detail in each picture you snap.

Samsung Note 7 Exploding Issue

There have been around 35 complaints about the Note 7 exploding, which isn’t a who lot as over 2.5 million devices have been sold at that point. According to reliable sources, the explosion was caused by the battery not regulating correctly when on charge. This happened with devices that were charging with both 3rd party chargers and Samsung charges. However, the company has recalled all the Note 7 devices that could be effected and replaced them, meaning is it no longer an issue.

iPhone 7 Plus No Earphone Plug

Apple has made the device thinner than before and replaced the earphone jackpot port with additional speaker holes. However, the port was apparently removed to provide a bigger battery and additional options with future devices. Apple does include a conversion plus that changes your charging port into an earphone jack. The company also provides new wireless earphones that come with a case that charges them. For those of you who already have wireless earphones, they will still work flawlessly with the new iPhone 7.

Is it Worth Upgrading from the iPhone 6S to iPhone 7?


The iPhone 7 has finally arrived and has once again made some huge advances in the world of mobile phones. The new phone is sleeker, more defined, and supposedly better than any other iPhone brought out to date. The new device has finally be released and has hit the shelves earlier this month. However, those of you with an iPhone 6S might find the features available with the new phone are very similar to that you’ve already got on your device. So the big question, is it worth upgrading?

Firstly, to answer that important question, we need to look at all the differences and how the new device works and everything it has in addition to the iPhone 6S. In this article, we will look at the key differences and see what additional advantages they provide to your iPhone experience.

The Design

While iPhone seems to have gone for the same design over the last few models since the iPhone 6, the design of the iPhone 7 still provides the smooth edges of the design. However, it has definitely been refined and has a sleeker look to the entire phone. The phone is a bit flatter than before and somehow just fits into your hand a lot better. The latest Apple mobile device also includes different colors and a great mat finish on some of them. The antenna lines on the back have been moved and flow better with the smooth curves of the device.


The bottom of the phone includes one of the biggest and most risky moves from Apple as they have completely removed the earphone jack and replaced it with more speaker holes for a better sound experience. However, an additional adapter has is added to the box that changes your lightening plug into an earphone jack. So regarding design, not much has changed, other than the fact that another adapter needs to be carried around to listen to your tunes, or you need to purchase the $160 wireless earphones.

The advantages for the iPhone 7 comes in regarding the display that is basically the same, but the iPhone 7 features a bright screen and has the ability to display more colors. The new iPhone 7 has also been made water-resistant for depths up to 1 meter, where it can stay for up to 30 minutes. This is a feature included to prevent accidents and shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity to go swimming with the phone.


The biggest advantage on the iPhone 6S is the 3D Touch feature that has completely changed what a mobile phone display is capable of. The iPhone 7 provides the feature, but apparently, it is more refined and responsive on the device. Since the upgrade to iOS 10, the feature has definitely become a lot more enjoyable on the iPhone 6s, but for those of you who don’t use the feature continuously, this will not be a major difference or reason to upgrade.

The home button has also been changed completely. In fact, it’s not a button anymore, but more a 3D Touch addition, which provides even more features. The company chose this for the iPhone 7 as it provides even better water resistance and also includes more user options with the software that comes with it. For those of you with iPhone 6s devices, this definitely takes some time to get used to, but definitely, has its advantages regarding features and usability.

Internet speeds via LTE have also once again been increased too much faster rates. With the iPhone 6 we found speeds of up to 150mb/s, the iPhone 6s doubled those speed up to 300mb/s, now with the new iPhone 7, users will be able to experience ultra-fast speeds ranging up to 450mb/s. The iPhone 7 also supports more LTE bands, which allows you to enjoy those speeds in more places around the world. So for those of you who travel a lot, the iPhone 7 definitely has an advantage in that regard.

The battery has also been upgraded and features 2 hours longer battery life than the 6s, which could just make a huge difference for some users. The iPhone 7 is also the first to feature a quad-core CPU, making it a lot faster than previous devices.

Finally, the new iPhone 7 Has Arrived


The all new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has finally arrived after a very long wait. Those of you who followed the news about the device will know that there have been various predictions about the new device, which have been accurate to an extent. The new phone also brought the new iOS 10 software, which has managed to impress everyone with all the latest features it’s presented. The new iPhone starts off with various additions that are sure to get everyone excited about what’s possible on the latest phone and whether or not it’s worth trading in for the new one.

Holding the new phone, there are definitely new noticeable differences between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7. Firstly, the iPhone 7 doesn’t have an earphone jack at all. The camera also looks different, but on a good day, almost as if it has been more refined to provide a smoother finish. The iPhone 7 Plus has a much bigger camera as it features dual lenses. On the back of the device, you’ll also notice that the antenna lines have been shifted to the edge of the phone, giving it a much cleaner, sleeker finish.

The new phone from Apple is complete water and dust resistant. This means the phone can be dropped in wager up to 1 meter deep, but it’s not recommended to leave it there. The phone still provides the amazing metal body, but not also comes in 2 new colours, including dark grey and black. The phone is a lot thinner than before, which is part of the reason the headphone jack has been removed. Instead, Apple has developed wireless earphones, which come as an optional extra at $160. The new earphones are called AirPods and come with a case that charges them. The earphones work really well and pair with the device the moment you open the case. This gives you instant access to your music without the hassle of wires. Users also have the option to add a lightning cable to jack adapter, which lets you plug in your normal earphones.


Apart from the differences mentioned above, the phone looks very much like it’s older brother, the iPhone 6S and 6S plus, which isn’t a bad thing, but this would mark the third device is a row with the smooth edges, making it almost obvious that the iPhone 8 will feature a new design.

Apple Adds LargerBattery to iPhone7

Apple has also announced that the new iPhone has a bigger battery, which extends the battery life even further than the current impressive iPhone 6s devices. A few hardware changes have also taken place, which includes the home button that is completely solid now and provides a new experience with unlocking the device. It still features Touch ID, but instead of pressing the button, you simply touch it. The button has a Taptic engine built in, which provides a feel as it you pressed the button with a slight vibration.

The A10 processor included with the new iPhone is very powerful, but for the time being, users shouldn’t expect the see any major advantages compared to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. However, the new processor has an advantage as it has 4 cores, including 2 smaller cores that use less power when the device is not in use. This provides longer battery life while also having a super-fast processor ready to take on any tasks you throw at it.

The camera on the 7 isn’t much different from the 6s, but it has been upgraded. The main difference is the front camera, which features a 7MP sensor camera for better video chat. The 7 Plus, however, provides a dual camera, which both consist of 12MP. The lens on the left is a 28mm and the one on the right is a 56mm. This allows users to take advantage of amazing zoom options and low light pictures. However, as for normal picture quality, the pictures are only a little better than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

It is the opinion that the iPhone 7 is a great device and should be considered for any Apple user that has an iPhone 6 or older. However, for those of you using the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the upgrade might be worth a wait until the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus is released in 2017.

iOS 10 New Features for iPhone Users


Apple has finally released the latest iPhone, called the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. While these devices are highly impressive, the software they came with has also managed to impress all Apple users with a compatible device. iOS 10 was launched on the new iPhone , which includes a range of new features and options. Finding all these features yourself is always fun after the update, but with iOS 10 there are so many new things that a little help might just ensure you get the full experience. Once the update has taken place, the first thing you’ll notice is that the software is much faster and smoother, which already has an impressive effect for all. Here are some of the most impressive options available on the new iPhone iOS 10.

Removing Unwanted Stock Apps

Apple has managed to create devices that not only attract new users but also keeps the current users more than pleased with what they have delivered. However, there are a few small tweaks that annoy some used that includes not having the ability to remove apps that came with the phone, but ends up being something you’ll never use. Finally, Apple has enabled the option that lets you choose what base apps remain on the device. Should you prefer not to have the Find Friends app, iBooks, and other, simply tap and hold and delete them. Even apps such as calendar can be removed, making it convenient to use the calendar apps you prefer the most.

No Need to Unlock Your Phone

An impressive feature has been added that allows you to see what’s on your screen without pressing any buttons on the phone or having to unlock it. Simply pick up the device and tilt it towards you, which will result in the screen coming on and showing you any notifications. The feature is only available on newer iPhone devices such as the iPhone 6s and 7.


Users can also access all types of other information by swiping to the right on the lock screen, which presents the notification bar where whether, the markets, reminders, calendar, and much more can be seen. Apple has also changed the theme of these menus, which has made it a lot easier to see the different sections and options.
Replying to a message has never been easier. Should you receive a message while your device is locked, you have the ability to swipe up and reply directly from the lock screen. This means there is no need to unlock the device or enter any apps to reply.

Quicker Access to the Camera

With iOS 9 we were already impressed with the swipe up and press the camera button feature. However, iOS 10 has made it even more impressive by simply sliding to the left to access the camera. This gives you super-fast access to the camera where you can record video or quick snap pictures. The feature will be available devices locked with a password or Touch ID, but only the camera will be available, meaning no photos or any other files will be available until the phone has been unlocked.

Siri Assists with 3rd Party Apps

I’m sure many of you have wanted Siri to access a certain option within an app while using Siri but found Siri only works with features offered by the iPhone. Well, Apple has opened Siri to developers, which allows them to program options for Siri to access. It might take some time for 3rd party apps to provide this feature, but soon you will be able to ask Siri to open Whatsapp, read a message and reply, just to give you an idea of what’s to come.

Bedtime Feature Helps you Get Enough Sleep

Another addition to the new iOS is the clock that has been around for many years. Apple has now found a way to provide the latest features with the Bedtime feature that reminds you when you need to think about going to bed to achieve your goals. Set up the app and tell it how many hours of sleep you desire, what time you need to wake up, and which days you need to wake up at that time. The app will buzz when it time to consider going to bed, which could help in achieving your desired bed time and getting enough sleep.

iPhone Apps September 2016


Finally, the next list of apps has become available for our readers. These apps are available for iOS devices, which includes iPhone and iPad. Readers will have the ability to access the apps from the App Store on any iPhone or iPad. However, some of the older devices might not be supported. The apps listed have been found by our team and have managed to impress us with their features and abilities. Some might not be perfect for you, but perhaps you would find something that is exact what you’ve been looking for without knowing it.

The list is not in any particular order and doesn’t consist of any specific category. Readers will find various apps do the same things as these apps, but with our list, there is some extra in the app, whether it is feature related, a free version, or just offers a good design. Here is our list of iOS apps that provide the best options, features, and have become favourites. These are not sold by us but definitely used for their abilities.



POTO is a great app to modify your pictures and create amazing frames that contain various pictures from a fun day out or multiple ones from a week on holiday. The app is easy to use and provides many additional features. Users have the ability to edit individual pictures and then add them all together for an incredible memory. The app allows both quick and professional edits while making things very easy. The frame sizes are adjustable, meaning you will be able to choose how big and small each picture is and how it appears on the frame. We like this app as it provides all the usual choices relating to editing and multiple other options.



HyperBurner is a game we’ve discovered, which features various amazing graphics and various additional features to enjoy. The game consists of a futuristic jet flying through space. There are various obstacles to travel through and the further you get, the more challenging it becomes. Players get to control the jet with a slight swipe on the screen to the side you want the jet to go. It might take a few tries before you master the game, but it’s well worth the effort and a nice way to kill time when you have the need.

Draw Calendar


Draw Calendar is exactly what it says in its name. Users will have the ability to draw the actual calendar, meaning you can completely customise your calendar inputs and make it a lot more fun. The draw function consists of various colours and options to provide users with the ability to draw pictures, white calendar events. Users can also import pictures and reminders for the events and much more. The app is free and very easy to use. It can also be connected to social media platforms for calendar updates and more.



VUE is a lot like POTO, but in lieu of editing pictures, users can create and edit videos. This is done in segments of 6 seconds, which can be edited and transformed into an arrangement of video effects. Users can also use the app features and share the videos directly to social media and show off to friends. The app is also easy to use and provides various options, including these effects with new videos or editing videos you created a long time ago.

Tablet Hotel


Tablet Hotel is a cool app that provides various features and options for users. The app is used for finding hotels around the world. There are different additional choices for the app that include amenity filters, searching for particular star ratings and more. The app is perfect for planning a holiday as users can complete searches for any location around the world. There are also special discounts and options which can be found with the hotels in your current area.

Best Android Apps September 2016


Finally, its times for yet another addition to our list of best apps of the month. These apps don’t consist of only the latest apps, but rather the best we’ve managed to discover for our September list. These apps can be used on any android device, which covers a huge selection of devices. The apps mentioned below can also be used on smartphones or tablets.

The apps are available via the Play Store and can be downloaded within seconds. Some of the apps are of the latest, and some are much older than others. However, most of them are constantly updated, which is also part of the reason they have reached our list with features and abilities. Some of these might not have any advantages for you while others might provide everything you’ve been hoping for. The list is in no order and has not been rated. These are simply apps we found interesting and worth showing to our readers.

Blackberry Hub + Services

Blackberry Hub

Many of us currently or have recently used a Blackberry and might have been impressed with the featured available. Well, now these services can download to any Android device. This will not change your interface, but simply add the features of the Blackberry device to your phone. This regards security, mail, calendar, and much more. Users can download the app, which might not look all that impressive, but the features you would desire run in the background. Hub+ is also the software you need to access other apps that are exclusive to Blackberry. This means you could have a Samsung device for example, but also have all the advantages of a Blackberry. The app is perfect for anyone who is moving to another Android device for a Blackberry.

Google Duo

Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best video call apps available. Users can download the app for free, and once your phone number has been verified, you can make and receive video calls. The app has a few great advantages, which include seeing the video feed before the answering the call. This is a free service, which will only require data or be connected to Wi-Fi. Many apps provide these features, but we were especially impressed with how easy it is to work with Duo and the fact that it’s 100% free and offers everything the paid apps do.


Isotope app logo

Isotope is a great app for anyone who works with elements or just wants to find out more about what the different elements are, what they look like, and what they consist of. The app provides the full table and also provides pictures of each element. In addition, tapping on any of the elements, you will be able to access information about it, where it’s found, and much more. Users can also enjoy the paid version, which comes with a $0.99 price and will include more pictures and a lot more information regarding each element. However, for those of you who would just like to learn a bit more, the free version is more than good enough.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow

Flow is a great addition for any mobile users. The app lets you set up your device to do exactly what you want it to do once you’ve completes a task. For example, you can tell the device to always upload photos to the cloud after you’ve added them to your Facebook account. The features work with any apps on your device, meaning a flow of actions can be created, depending on what you are doing on the device. The app is still in Beta mode, meaning bugs and small defects are expected.

OneView Calendar

OneView Calendar

OneView Calendar is yet another calendar app, but once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll see the app has many additional features that can be helpful to your day to day requirements. The app will provide various listing types and reminders, which can contain everything you need to do in a single day ranging from business to things you need to remember on the drive home. Users will have the ability to enjoy various additions and settings, which makes it easier to use and more useable.

Protecting your iPhone and iPad from Thieves


The prices of new Apple mobile phones have gone up drastically over the last few years. However, this is with good reason when looking at the quality, design, and technology that goes into the creation of these phones. With these phones being as valuable as they are, it makes they a highlight among thieves who would want to steal them and resell them, which is why there are various apps that assist in keeping your data safe and allowing you to track the phone and hopefully find it again. Apple has also come up with a few ways to protect your device and make it more difficult for thieves to simply resell the phone.

Firstly, the most impressive security feature from the app is the new Touch ID feature built into the home button. This allows you to set up a security feature that only reacts to your fingerprint or 6-digit passcode. The fingerprint reader has been proven to be highly accurate and provides a security feature that can’t be passed. What’s more is that once you’ve set it up, unlocking the device occurs so fast by pressing the home button, you won’t even know that the security feature is activated. Multiple fingers can be programmed, allowing users access to the phone for spouses or kids who often play games on the phone.

Find my iPhone4

Apple is also working on new technology that will provide information about the criminal who has stolen the device. Since the home button has the ability to read a programmed fingerprint, Apple has considered using it to take the print of the person using the device once it has been reported stolen. The phone will also take secret photos and track the location of the person using the device, meaning it will become a lot easier to track them. It’s unclear when this type of software will be released on their devices, but once this technology is available, your phone is sure to be a lot safe already.

Apps that Help Protect your iPhone

Currently, apps are one of the most useful ways to track your device and also protect information on the phone. Most of the apps are free and offers an impressive range of features to set it up exactly the way you want it.

Find my iPhone4

Find my iPhone is one of the most popular Apple apps available. This has been available since the first iPhones and can also be used to track iPads. Simply sign in with your Apple ID and your account will already reveal all the devices linked to your account. Users will have the ability to see where their other devices are currently and also send them notifications via the app. This could result in an alarm or message on the screen should the phone be lost and found by someone else. The alarm is more for personal use and is perfect for when you have misplaced your iPad or iPhone.


Other Security Apps

There are also many other security apps that not only provides better security for when the phone has been stolen, but also for general use, especially when you prefer not to have a password or use the Touch ID feature. These apps can be used to lock certain apps on your phone or provide a secure place where private pictures and files can be stored and kept safe with a passcode just for those files.


iVault is the perfect app for anyone who wants to hide away personal pictures and videos from anyone who might pick up the device while you are not around. The app is separate from your usual library, meaning to store photos in it, you would need to transfer the pictures to the app, which would be protected by the selected password or swipe pattern you have created. The photos will still be available in both locations, meaning you can simply delete the picture or video from your phone library and access those files via the app only. The great part is that no one will be able to access the files even if the phone has been stolen. All they can do is wipe it off the device, which will include all the files in it.