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2016 iPhone 7, What to Expect

iPhone 7

Earlier this year, Apple announced the launch of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, expected to be available in September later this year. There have been many rumours and guesses around what the device will offer above their already amazing are including the 6S and 6S Plus.

The iPhone 7 is expected to feature the same rounded corners and sleek designed found with the iPhone 6S. From what we’ve heard, the phone will not have many changes regarding design compared either. However, unlike the 6S, the camera is expected to be flush with the rest of the background and the antenna lines across the back will flow better with the device to offer a cleaner design. The device is also expected to be even slimmer with a width of only 0.24 inches, which might not be much compared to the 6S width of 0.28 inches.

2016 iPhone 7

Apple is also expected to remove the standard audio Jack input as many users are simply using wireless headsets these days. However, they are also expected to use the lightning plug, which is currently available on newer iPhones as the charging and data transfer plug-in. This plug-in will provide much greater audio quality and with the bigger audio jack input removed, the device can be slimmer while making more space for new features.

Device audio quality will also improve as the space used for the standard audio jack will be replaced with another speaker. This will provide stereo sound quality, being a first on any smartphone device.

The iPad Pro device that was launched late in 2015 has also given away a few clues as to what is expected with the new iPhone 7. The smart connectors found on an iPad Pro are used for quick connection options with third party devices. The iPhone 7 are expected to have these posts, opening possibilities if wireless charging, much faster transfer rates, and also a few amazing gadgets that will work with these posts.

As with the iPAd Pro, the iPhone 7 is also expected to shy away from the 16GB options. Users should be able to choose from a 32GB, 64GB, 128GB on the standard iPhone 7, or a new 256GB with the iPhone 7 Pro.

Latest iPad Pro, What to Expect

iPad Pro1

The iPad Pro is believed to be the latest and greatest addition to the mobile tablet market with Apples biggest tablet pet offering exciting features and new possibilities.

The new iPad offers incredible advancements, which begins with the display, upgraded to the much larger 12.9” display, users are able to take on a lot more features. The device also offers the best resolutions on a mobile device with 2732 x 2048. The larger device provides a better multi-tasking experience with split screen view and having window on window options.

iPad Pro

Apple has also managed to balance the device very well. Since it’s a much bigger device, users will be able to hold the device comfortably without it tilting to one side. The battery back has been placed in the centre of the device, making it easy to hold and use. With an impressive weight of 1.5 pounds, users will easily be able to use the bigger device on the move.

With the larger device, Apple has shifted away from the standard speaker at the bottom. Instead, they have included 4 speakers placed on each corner of the device. Thus offering a clear, surround sound like quality.

The iPad Pro includes the first Smart Connector allowing users to easy attached 3rd party accessories such as keyboards. This makes things much easier as no Bluetooth or other forms of connectors are required. Users can also charge the device while using any 3rd party accessory.

Users can enjoy super fast transfer speed with a USB 3.0 connector that provides up to 10 GB/second transfer rate, which is also used to charge the device. The connector is also used as an output to charge accessories such as the amazing iPad pencil.

The only problems we found with the iPad Pro is apps. Apple has not released many apps specifically for the iPad Pro, which to a point limits the device and reason to upgrade from the regular iPad Air. The device has many advantages over smaller iPads, but for someone who hopes for a full range of new apps, you might need to wait a few more months.

Best Android Browsers


A browser used to be a simple program allowing you to access all types of information online and do shopping. A few years ago the service didn’t offer much more than that. However, these days Android users have the ability to access many other options and settings to make their browsing experience betting and more usable with the information online.


Opera is only of the most popular browsers that have been available on PC for almost 20 years, which can now be used on any Android smart device including phones and tablets. The app offers various standard options such as bookmarks, private browsing, and opening multiple tabs. So what makes it more impressive than the rest? Well, this device is ideal for those who what to use fewer data. Opera will compress web pages, pictures, and even video to make the download smaller while still offering the same information. Unlike some other browsers offering similar features, you will never need to wait for images to appear long after the web page has loaded.

Flyperlink is a browsing tool that is fantastic for multitasking. Ever needed to look at something online while using another app to send the information and your clipboard already has something copied to it? This is precisely where Flyperlink is perfect. Instead of creating an app that opens to full screen and takes more of your memory, this app appears on the side of every screen. Users will be able to load pages and use a minimize open to drop it on the edge of the display once again. While multi-tasking in another app, the little ball cab be selected where it will provide the loaded web page in a window on top of the app. This allows you to copy info and quickly write it down in the app currently open.

Firefox has also been around on PC for many years. Users will now be able to access various options and customizations with home screens for quick access to commonly used websites. As with the PC version, users will experience a stable browser offer multiple opens and sync perfectly with PC version to access info on either device at a later time.

New Ways to Customize your Android Device

Google Now

One of the main reasons Android has become so amazingly popular is the fact that users can customize the interface, use widgets and take advantage of changing the device to exactly how you want it.

With so many app developers and over 1.7 million apps to choose from, you can be sure that many customization tools exist in the mix. Android is available on many smartphones and tablets, which is forever growing to new devices and attracting new users that want different features and looks on their mobile phones and tablets. Here are a few of the most popular and useful options to take advantage of and get the best experience.

Google Now1

Google Now is a must have for anyone searching things online. With so many browser apps available, it’s sometimes hard to choose the best one. Now you can put that behind you with a simple widget that provides the search box on your home screen. This will allow instant access to Google results after you type in your search and hit search. Users can also use voice control to benefit from the information, hands-free.

C Launcher will impress users with the options it provides. This app is used t offer your most commonly used apps within reach at the bottom of your screen. Now I know what you thinking, you can just put those apps there, but as many of you, many know, different apps are used at work than you do at home or on the road, which is why this app is so amazing. It actually provides most commonly used apps depending on your location. If you travel different apps will be displayed, when you get home or to work, once again different apps are available at the bottom of your home page.

Dodol Launcher is an app to give beginners a new look to their new Android device. Users can take advantage of over 10 million themes, wallpapers and colour skins to change the interface and look of their devices. A number of interesting themes are available that can be changed to the latest and greatest designs within seconds.

Mastering WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp Messenger1

Finding your way around all the features and options of WhatsApp might have been easy enough, but now users can take it to the next level with various hidden features and options to personalize each chat and access more than just a standard messenger.

WhatsApp is well-known around the world as the biggest instant message app available on all smartphone platforms, including tablets and phones. The Messenger can be downloaded from any app store free of charge. The messenger will automatically add all your contacts without them knowing and show the people using the App. Other than minimal data usage, the app is free and allows people to connect to others locally or internationally. Most people know the app and use it on a daily basis, meaning you would also know about some of the things you wished you could change, which you might be able to, but never knew about the option.

WhatsApp Messenger

Users have the ability to stop pictures on WhatsApp to be mixed with photos on your phone. Simply download a file explorer, ES File Explorer offers great features and options. Once downloaded, open the app and navigate to where WhatsApp picture are saved (usually sdcard/WhatsApp/Media). Choose the folder that shouldn’t be shared with other media and hit add. Be sure to rename the folder to .nomedia, which should stop files mixing with others.

Users can choose passwords for WhatApp if you want your messages to remain private but don’t particularly like the idea of a phone lock. Various apps can be used to add passwords to any app that will require a password code before the app opens.

WhatsApp also has a few features that won’t require downloading another app. These include muting group chats for a certain amount of time, setting favorites on your home screen for quick access to certain people, and changing the background of your chat to any picture on your mobile device. WhatsApp can also allow messages to be broadcasted to all contacts and only those you choose, and the most useful feature, saving valuable information you might need later, just long tap the message and add a star. These can be viewed at a later time with starred messages.

iPhone Live Pictures and Wallpapers

iphone logo

iPhone introduces a new way of taking pictures and looking back on memories with the Live picture feature along with incredible live wallpapers for lock screens.

Everyone likes to take pictures of just about anything attractive or at events ranging from weddings to car races. Apple’s latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus currently provides users with the ability to use the world’s most powerful camera to capture those moments and make them come to life with the new Live image feature included.

iPhone Live Pictures and Wallpapers

Opening the camera app on the latest iPhone will amaze with picture quality and easy access to features. The zoom and brightness still function with the pinch of your finger and volume keys while in camera mode. Above the shoot button, users can now switch between modes instantly ranging from time-laps, video, 120 FPS slo-mo, standard photos, and a few picture sizes.

The latest features appear at the top of the screen where the flash can be turned on, off, or auto on the far left. To the right, users can enable HDR to provide amazingly clear pictures. In the center, the live option is presented with circles. This option will allow you to capture an image as normal, but once you view the image in the library and firmly press it with your finger, the phone comes to life with movement. This means instead of a standard photo, you will not be able to capture short video like images without taking up much space.

These pictures can be used as lock screen images where they can come to life when pressed on. Sending these to a friend or posting it on social media sites will return the picture it is amazingly vibrant colours without the animations attached. However, on the iPhone, these images will remain with the life option.

Apple has also included a few live pictures that can be set from wallpaper settings. These include incredible, bright live images of fish with multicoloured fins and cloud life effects that move according to the amount of pressure applied to the screen.

New Google Maps features, tips and Tricks

Google Maps

The new Google Maps for Android, allows you to take full control with enhanced navigation, new timeline options and allows you to choose stickers for your locations and favourite places.
With the latest Google maps 9.22, you have the ability to change various aspects on the map. Amend the name of locations is only a finger tab away and users now have the potential to set icons on different places. Some of these icons include castles, windmills, submarines and much more, which can be configured for home, a friend’s house and even work. Google has taken a step further to provide additional stickers, which can be applied to holiday homes with boat and ship icons as well. The app now allows you to set a “sticker” on random locations, which can be used to navigate back to at a later point, even on foot.

Google Maps for Android

Before, you might have been able to use favourites that simply appear with a star during navigation. With the new update, users can set icons and change names of buildings, workplaces, favourite restaurants and much more. The option can be used by selecting a location as per usual, but instead of hitting the navigate button, used can choice options (3 dots) and choose an icon and name for this place.

The app has also proven to be useful when trying to find certain locations, such as finding your car in an office block. While parked, open the app and tap on your location. Use the vehicle icon or whatever else you desire, to place in the position to use on your way back while on foot.

The app also includes many other features, including a taxi fare calculator. Use the taxi icon to the right and select a starting point as well as a finish. The app will provide an accurate price for the fare while also including various services to call via Uber.

Maps have also been upgraded to show clearer navigation. These additions include on map exits, instead of the usual above screen display. This means users will be able to see the next turn on the actual map as well as how far away it is.

Android Games to Play in 2016


New Android devices provide super face processors, ultra bright screens, more options and better apps to try out. Gaming has also improved over upgrades, but the best to choose might be difficult as so many are available.

The latest puzzle game might remind many of the old windows game Pipe. Players need to move the blocks and shift them into position to allow the metal ball to roll from point A to B. Roll the Ball is quite challenging and provides a much better interface that the old Pipe game. It also becomes more difficult as you play. The tiles within the puzzle increase in volume, which makes it more difficult. As the time progresses, the ball will begin to roll in which case you need to ensure the pipe is ready. Players will be able to enjoy the features presented by Roll the Ball on both tablets and smartphones using Android.


Plants vs. Zombies has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Players can now enjoy Plants vs. Zombies 2 on Android mobile devices, which have the same gaming options, but provide quicker game ability as coins can be collect with touch as they fight off the zombies approaching from the other end of the yard. The graphics have been upgraded and a few more options are available in the game. However, most other features are similar to that of a computer, which would be appreciated by many.

Spider-Man might be the last on this short update, but players will be able to browse through many more on the Play Store. Spider-Man is one to try for its comic borrow graphics that amazes as the hero flies through the New York skies and battles Green Goblin among many. Players will have amazing control with features and game options during battle or while swinging through the streets.

The question of everyone’s mind, is mobile gaming as good as Console and PC? Well no, but it also depends on the game played. Famous games such as Bejewelled or Plants vs. Zombies might be much better on mobile and players will find a lot of racing and RPG games are great on mobile and offer many features, but take some getting used to.

Facebook Possibly Adding Messenger Secret Chat


Facebook, the worlds largest social media company, is rumored to be working on a messengar app. This was discovered recently when code from software was extracted from Messengar for the iphone and reported by The Information.

It found that commands that were enbedded within hinted at secret chats that are sinilar in style to that Whatsapp offers. Facebook owns Whatapps and other reported referances apparently found code relating to pay services whn sleecting items, however Facebook has long taken the positon that it intends to develope its own support system for a messaging app of its own. It only makes logical sense that it will be similar in design to that of Whatsapp.

Facebook Messenger1

The reported mobile pay aspect of things is credable but it is unclear whether Facebook intends to try to compete with the Apple Pay or Android Pay services or if it intends to simply piggy back those. This of course would require a far reduced investment on thier part and reduce the risk involved let alone removeal of the time and complexity of creating partnerships with fiancial companies.

Facebook contends that they have no intention of directly getting involved in the payment business however would be willnig to consider stratic partnerships with other companies that are cirrently in this market. CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated ina recent conference call “On payments, the basic strategy that we have is to make it, especially in a product like Messenger that, where the business interaction may be a bit more transactional, to take all the friction out of making the transactions that you need. So we don’t view ourselves as a payments business. That’s not the type of company that we are. We’ll partner with everyone who does payments,” Zuckerberg added.

It was also reported that some of the possible additions could include delivery and shopping features, and the option to synchronize calendars allowing users the abilityto update lists, carry out article sharing and show status updates

Apple Releases New News App


Apple has recently released a new app that provides news better than the rest for iOS9. The major mobile and computer enterprise has always found ways to impress and has now, once again managed to deliver a fresh approach to staying in touch with what’s happening around the world.

The app is simply referred to as News and offers top stories from the most trusted sources around the world. What makes the app impressive is that users will be able to access all their news in once place, ranging from stocks to scientific discoveries. The app also recognizes the stories you are most interested in and provides a custom page where the latest stories related to your history appear.

Apple News App

Users can expect amazing quality as one would expect from a new paper. Apple has ensured all users are able to enjoy digital media with an immersive and rich design while reflecting the amazingly crafted articles right from their sources.

The News app has been created to function on both iPhone and iPad where it provides remarkable quality with pictures and text. Readers can take advantage of font sizes and browse galleries, which include phones, live images, and video feeds. Breaking news can be viewed live while on the go to ensure everyone stays on top of the most important stories.

The app is a lot more than just daily news and top stories. Users can also select categories they are interested in along with their sources. Keeping track of other countries or finding out what’s new with your favorite brand has never been this easy. Sports, fashion, technology, and business, are only a few of the categories to select. Users interested in sports can get the latest from sources such as ESPN and many other leading broadcasters.

The app allows stories to be shared with others with a broad range of options. The articles displayed can also be shared with social media apps or websites. Users can save news within the app to read later or refer to at a later stage. Favorites can be set, which is displayed on the home page where thumbnail images are used for quick access on iOS devices.