7 Minute Workout Challenge app for iOS

7 Minute Workout Challenge app

Need to lose weight, get a bit more fit, or simply don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym? Well on the Apple store users can now choose from a list of workout programs to make up for the time missed at the gym.

One of our favorites is the 7 Minute Challenge app that comes at a low once off cost of just $2.99. The app has been designed to give you a full, powerful workout in just seven minutes. Many also use the app to warm up before going to gym as it covers a significant part of your cardio training.

7 Minute Workout Challenge app for iOS

The app doesn’t require any additional equipment, meaning users can use it anywhere and at any time. Users can progress through levels and choose from different fitness levels, which have been designed to build you up to a fit point or keep you healthy on an advanced level.

Each training program offered has been recorded and taken pictures of, allowing users to follow step by step or watch a quick video while training is underway. The program includes breaks and safety tips along with the workout coming up next. There are in-app purchases available as well, which are not required, but optional bonus workouts for additional workouts and targeted muscle groups.

Many users seem to download the heart rate app also. This app works with your camera and flash to read your heart rate, which has been proven to be highly accurate. This app is completely free and offers support for all iPhones from the 4 right through to the latest. The app provides various helpful information such as healthy ways to better your heart rate and become fitter, which works hand in hand with the 7-minute challenge app.

The heart rate app is recommended for all users as it is always useful and interesting. Users will have various options that are logged to be referenced to later. The app is easy to use and only requires a few minutes to provide an accurate reading.

There 2 apps work well together ans users can learn and excersice with the 7 Minute challenge and keep track of progress with the heart rate app.

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