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What is the New Home App with iOS 10?


With the latest update to the iPhone software, some of you might have noticed a few changes regarding apps. Firstly, users now have the ability to remove apps that came with the software, this means the standard calculator can be replaced, you can remove the iWatch app if you don’t use it, and much more. With the software update, there also can the Home addition, which can also be removed if you won’t use it. However, Apple has taken the next step to home automation, which is why the app is included.

The app provides a full range of features for your home automation, making it the perfect addition for those of you who already have automation systems or those of you who are planning to include it with your next home. There are actually various building companies that can provide the automation systems that work with the Apple app, meaning the systems required will become part of the build and be hidden away a lot better.

The HomeKit as Apple calls it has actually been around for a while, but with iOS 10 they have managed to improve on it by a huge amount and also included many additional options and features to take advantage of for all users. The additional app is also sure to get more people into home automation, especially with how easy it is to use the app and everything it can do.


The systems that work with the app can also be purchased in stores, simply look for the HomeKit logo on the box, and you can rest easy knowing it will work with your device. Some of these might require a more technical installation whereas others can be installed by yourself.

How to Use the App

Should you already have devices that are compatible with the HomeKit from Apple, you can start using the system right away. iOS 10 also comes with a great new look to their Control Centre, which is the slide bar that appears when you swipe upwards on your screen. Here you will find all your quick settings along with the ability to swipe left and reveal music, and the quick shortcuts for HomeKit if you swipe left again. Here you will find all the quick access settings for your home automation, which includes individual devices or settings you have created.

In the control centre, you will have all types of information, which includes air conditioner settings, light percentages, and much more depending on the devices connected. In accessories, you can press on a light, for example, to turn it off or press it for long to enter more options, which includes dimming the lights with the slide bar.


Entering the app itself is where all the magic happens. Here you can set up new devices, change the settings to some devices, and much more. The HomeKit app provides a huge range of different options, which includes a wide range of devices to ensure all the devices are connected to your device.

Users can also create scenes, which basically changed your entire home to a certain setting. For example, should you have adjustable lights, automated curtains, and automated underfloor heating, the app will allow you to set up these items for hot and cold days, which can be adjusted by simply pressing 1 button. You can set the floor heating to off, open the curtains, and dim the lights to 50% for those evening you just want to relax with a movie. The lights can be adjusted individually at any time without changing your settings.

For the cold evenings, you can change the settings to turn on your floor heating, close the curtains, and increase the lights to 80%. There are many different scenes to create and choose from, which includes a morning scene that will turn on your lights, get the kettle started, and much more at a certain time, as well as evening settings that turns on your lights, unlocks the doors, opens the garage door, and much more when you arrive at home. Want to lock up before going to bed? No problem, simply create a sleep scene, which will lock all the doors, turn off the lights, televisions, and everything else in the house that you have selected in the app.

Best Android Apps Oct 2016

Once again the world of Android has presented us with the most impressive apps for everyone to enjoy. The list below consists of all app types for various devices, which includes smartphones, phablets, and tablets. Some of these apps will fit perfectly into your everyday life while the rest might just not be for you. However, here is our list of best apps for October 2016.

All in One Toolbox


All in One Toolbox is one of the best apps to ensure junk files are a thing of the part on your device. The app provides a great interface, which is easy to use and provides all the features you need. One of the key features includes cleaning your entire phone of junk files, which wouldn’t affect your normal files but will clean out all the cookies, install files, and everything else that shouldn’t be there. It also comes with a speed booster that will end any background system apps that don’t have to be running at the moment, which gives you a great advantage for games or when you just want some extra boost for your device.
Furthermore, the app can also be used to move other apps to your external storage, which frees up a lot more space on your device and makes it easy to transfer apps to another mobile phone. All in One Toolbox definitely stands up for its name and provides you will all the tools you need to manage your device.

Action Launcher 3


The latest version of Action Launcher 3 has brought many additional features and options to your mobile device. This includes having a slide up menu to access your apps, a whole new look regarding layout, which is customizable, and much more. The app also includes the new Google pill and many other options to change the way you access various aspects on your device. This is great for everyone who wants to stay ahead in terms of the latest software and features for mobile devices.

Smash Rocket


Smash Rocket is a free game that is available to all users with an Android device. Once the game has been opened, a blue dot in the centre will represent the earth and a rocket rotating around it. Your objective is to launch the rocket at the perfect moment and send it off to the rocks on the screen. In the beginning, this is quite easy, but as you progressive, through the levels, the rockets will rotate faster, and the rocket itself will begin to spin around in circles.

Writer Keyboard


Writer Keyboard is one of the apps that might not be for everyone. However, those of you that enjoy the look and sound of an old typewriter will definitely enjoy this free app as well. The app changes your keyboard used to type messages in all apps and presents a classic layout of a keyboard, but also includes the sound, which is great quality and provides a whole new meaning to typing a quick message to a friend.



Hyperburner is yet another great gaming app that provides various features to keep you entertained. The game provides a great interface and uses the motion of your finger to guide the spacecraft though the various obstacles headed your way. It’s very easy to play and very entertaining at the same time. The levels do begin quite basic, but increase in difficulty relatively fast, which makes it a lot faster, and difficult to play. However, it still remains among the top of our list for a recommended game that doesn’t require a whole lot of time out of your day.

MayMay Keyboard


MayMay Keyboard is a great addition to your typing options, especially for those of you who use a lot of difference emoji’s while typing. The app provides faces and objects that have been created using only the standard keyboard on an Android device. This means all the items you select from the list presented could actually have been created by yourself. This includes faces, smileys, objects, and much more to boost your typing options while looking for the perfect item to include in the chat.

Android Home Automation Apps


Unlike Apple that brought out their home automation app, which provides various features and options for home automation, Android has left it to their third party app developers to provide the same features and options. However, how do you know which app to choose or if the devices you buy will be compatible with the app?

Well, that is what we are checking in this article to provide a full breakdown of what Android has to offer in terms of home automation. As some of you might already know, Apple’s home automation comes with a label on the box that lets you know if the device will work with the HomeKit app or not. Many home automation companies have gone the same root and have actually been doing it for years, making it easy to shop around and find the things you need to install and control with your mobile device. We have also found that the market is fairly limited when shopping for individual devices, especially if you are limited by one app. On the other hand, you can buy devices that work with different apps, but this means you would need to adjust the items in your home with different devices.

However, some hubs can be purchased that allow all the devices to connect to that hub and then be controlled by your mobile device. There are actually many additional options when it comes to home automation, which can be achieved by simply using the right apps. Developers that create home automation are also working on making their devices open to a wide range of apps, allowing a wider range of apps to use the device and provide more options.

Vera Mobile


Vera Mobile is one of the apps that provide various options for home automation. The app will include all the features and information of connected devices, which can also be linked to remote locations that will be controlled via the internet. All your options appear at the top of the screen, which can be selected to access certain parts of your automated devices. For example, these options include lights, temperature, cameras, and media. The app works well with all devices and makes the changes requested within a few seconds.



AuthomationHD is another app that allows you to control devices in your home. The great thing about this app is that they have included a very useful menu that provides various options and features for your home automation. Firstly, users have the option to setup room, which can be controlled individually. This means you can turn on the lights, AC, and anything else connected to a certain room without making any changes to the house itself. The app works a lot faster than most other, meaning if you turn off a light and back on, the app will perform the action faster than most others.

The app also comes with voice control, making it even more useable. Simply access the voice control by swiping left while in the app and say what you would like to change and to which device. Once again this happens relatively fast and flawlessly. The voice control can also provide additional information about the devices connected, for example, asking it what the temperature is will result in the app telling you the current setting of any connected AC devices. The only downfall would be that the app doesn’t have a widget or shortcut to reaching the voice command feature, meaning you need to open the app before anything can be accessed.



Hal is perfect for those of you who like the idea of voice control with the ability to instantly access the app and change what’s needed. It has been said that the app is a bit more difficult to set up, but it has the ability to connect to a wider range of devices and also comes with more command options. This app also doesn’t have a widget, but users will find it stays in the notification bar at all times, allow you to gain instant access. The app has the ability to connect too many different devices, which can be controlled individually or as a group as mentioned above.

Best Apps for your Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7

The Samsung Note 7 is the latest Samsung device to become available from the Samsung mobile device range. The phablet has definitely managed to impressive with its new features and abilities for use in your private life as well as a business assistance that lets you take full advantage of all the options and features it comes with. However, what are the best apps for the new phone? In this article we will look at some of the best mobile apps for the latest device, some of these might be useful to your world while others might not provide the same benefits to you. However, at this time, these are the best apps our team has found for the phone and we highly recommend you give them a try and see what benefits they provide.



Obviously, one of the first things you would change on your new phone is the wallpaper, in which case we highly recommend WallRey. As far as wallpaper apps go, this is definitely one of the most advanced and must haves. The app includes a huge range of wallpapers that include only high-quality HD wallpapers with various options. Opening the app provides all the different wallpapers on your screen, which you can scan through and set your favourite ones. In addition, the app also provides categories, which seems to be just about an endless list. To set a wallpaper, simply choose the picture you want and press on the 3 dots at the top of the screen and select set as wallpaper. You can also hit the heart button, which adds the picture to your favourites that can be accessed later. The developer also updates their list of pictures on a regular basis, meaning you will never need to use the same one twice.

Battery Percentage


Using the Note 7 to its full potential would mean you have a lot of notifications at the top of your screen, so taking one of them away to make more space for other notifications would be a huge benefit. The battery percentage app allows you to do just that. The phone provides your battery percentage with big numbers next to the battery icon as standard, which takes up a lot of space, the phone lets you take it away completely, but for those of you who would like to still see the percentage and also take advantage of the space, the Battery Percentage app will place the percentage number within the actual battery icon. This ensures you still have all the same information, but with a lot more space.

S Pen Toolbox


S Pen Toolbox is an exclusive app just for the Note devices and provides a huge range of benefits for the Note 7. The app includes various advantages for any user with a quick access box that can be accessed in your notifications bar that can be pulled down from the top. The options include changing how the phone reacts when the pen is removed and placed back into the phone, which could include a sound and even turn off the display. In addition, users can also set up to notification box, giving you quick access to any apps you choose. This box can also appear when the pen is removed, giving you even faster access to the features of the app.

All in One Gestures


All in One Gestures is an app everyone should have as it provides so many additional options and features for your Note 7 device. This includes the actions that take place when you swipe up, down, left, or right. The app comes with a huge range of options, for example, you can choose which of the swipe actions need to be activated. In addition, users can also set up apps for each corner so that when you swipe from the bottom left, for example, Twitter would launch. Users have the ability to full customize the apps that launch, the actions that take place and so much more. The app also has the ability to add shortcuts to your buttons. For example, if you want your notes app to launch when you press the power button while on homescreen, it can be set using the All in One Gestures app.