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Facebook Lite for Android


Ever needed more space on your phone, but have no idea where to start removing. Some apps are massive and take up a lot of space and usually end up being the ones most used such as Facebook. However, there are now a few ways to get all the features and still keep in touch without taking up massive amounts of space on your device.

The Facebook Lite app is a great option for these purposes or when you are in areas with poor signal. The app only takes up 1mb of space and allows fairly fast refreshing even when only 2G networks are available. This means you would save a massive amount of space and have a faster browsing experience overall.

Facebook Lite for Android

Most of you might be thinking the picture and video quality will be much lower. Yes, the quality have been lowered, will you be able to see a difference? Well, no not really, unless of course you zoom in on pictures. The app saves most of its space as useless menu options have been removed. These options are mostly interacted with while on PC, meaning mobile users are unlikely to use them.

If you take full advantage of everything Facebook has to offer, there are other ways to save space on your device. Instead of the app, why not go to the Facebook page on your mobile browser, log in, and create a shortcut on your home screen. This option is available for both Android and iOS devices. This takes even less space that the Facebook Lite app as only an icon will appear on the home screen, meaning it uses a few kbs.

The shortcut option will take you straight to the latest feeds and trends as it loads the page each time you open the app. This could be somewhat more data demanding, but for those connected to wi-fi, you’ll never be sorry with the change. Users are offered all the features from the main Facebook, but it appears as an app as Facebook is HTML5 friendly.
So if you thinking about moving away from the normal Facebook app for the reasons above or any other reason, consider these options and take advantage of a new way to connect.

Hulu for iPhone


We’ve all become attached to some time to streaming software over the last couple of years. It’s cheap, easy to use and offers a massive range of TV shows that you no longer need to wait to watch.

Hulu is one of those streaming networks that offers the U.S. market the best possible experience with all their favourite shows, which can now be enjoyed on iOS devices that allow a lot more function than just another app.

Hulu for iPhone

With the Hulu app, users have the ability to stream the latest shows, enjoy movies, filter through different shows and enjoy HD quality on iPhones and iPads. Furthermore, the app can be used as a remote with Smart TV’s, meaning you no longer need to use the TV remote and try to find the shows you want with the direction keys, which can become rather annoying after the first few letters.

The new app provides various options such as reading up about new shows, finding out that new on the network and even setting favorites to watch later. The app provides a great function to new Hulu members as well as those who have been on the network for a while.

The service is available with a free month trial to all new members that join. After that, a flat subscription fee of just $7.99 is required for full access to the network. However, some ads will be featured. To take advantage of the package with no ads, users need to select the $13.99 pm package, ensuring a much greater viewing experience.

Hulu is currently one of the most popular streaming networks available. Other popular ones include Netflix and ShowMax among many others. With later iPhone devices such as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, users will be able to take advantage of the 3D touch option, giving users the ability to do quick searches and perform all sorts of other tasks.

Using your mobile device as a Hulu remote works great. The app allows full control by offering the full menu and programs on the phone or pad. Once you’ve found a show you want, hit the wi-fi share button at the top, choose a device, sit back and relax.

Share Youtube Videos to Your Smart TV


Youtube has been around for a while now and has made it easier to find videos and enjoy fantastic quality, but did you know you can share these videos directly from your smartphone to your smart tv within seconds?

The latest app for all smartphones provides a sharing feature that can be linked up with gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation or with smart TVs.

We’ve all experienced how annoying it can be to reach for a video using the on-screen keyboard and remote to navigate to each letter, especially when the video has a long name or you doing multiple searching one after another.


Youtube on smartphones has been great and almost easier than using a PC to search for the best and latest videos. With the app users have the ability to log into their accounts and access their previously viewed videos, recommended and subscribed channels, making it much easier to access everything on one screen. The app is 100% free and allows all types of new features to be accessed.

One of these functions is the smart share option. This option is is displayed above each video played, allowing users to share videos instantly to their media devices. Tapping on this share icon will pause the program currently shown and automatically open the Youtube app on the TV. The video selected will automatically be loaded and played as per your request.

Users then have the option of playing following videos by using the remote or still using the mobile device. Both controls will allow fast forward, rewind or seek to a particular part of the video. The mobile app also provides the ability to minimize the video currently played, allowing users to search for another video or just browse through while the current is played on the TV or gaming console.

The app is available on most devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and more. Tablets can also connect with these devices and offer the same options. To allow these devices to connect, ensure they are on the same network. Access the app on a mobile device and hit the share button (looks like a screen and Wi-Fi signal bars). The app will automatically search for available devices and display them on your screen. Choose one and enjoy the videos.

Unified Remote Free Version

Unified Remote1

Unified Remote provides a unique PC remote with an app on any Android or iOS device that allows users to complete various tasks without the use of a keyboard or mouse.

Many people use their computers as entertainment devices to store movies, music, family photos, and more. However, having a computer in the lounge might seem like a superb idea, but when it comes to having the keyboard and mouse lying around, the idea naturally falls away as it becomes a burden to have all these devices, which is precisely where Unified Remote becomes handy.
The remote is available on both iOS and Aroid as a paid or free option. The free option provides basic inputs and a few remotes to choose from, including the PC remote. Once the app has been downloaded, ensure the software for Unified Remote is installed on the PC as well. This is a small program that can be downloaded from their website (

Unified Remote

Open the app and tap on settings to search for a device, your computer needs to be connected to the same network as the mobile device such as a home wifi network. No particular network configuration or home groups are required as the software on the PC will communicate with the app automatically, meaning no setting up.

Once the devices are connected, users will have a massive range of options to choose from. Tap the remotes tab at the top. Here the first option is basic input allowing you to use your mobile screen as a trackpad to control the mouse pointer on the PC. Various options are available such as quick scrolling by using 2 fingers, left and right click, selecting multiple files and even copy and paste. Keyboard options are also offered that will become automatically activated once a text block has been chosen on the computer. This opens the mobile keyboard, which can be used to type on the computer, making it easy to search, make notes or type messages without an actual keyboard.

The app can access files remotely, which appear on the mobile device, allowing users to keep watching a program while searching through files to open, tap on a file and the software will open the program or file on the computer.

The paid version includes many more options and features that make things easier, but most importantly, the paid version provides over 90 remotes allowing users to controls TV’s, AC’s, DVD players, and much more.

What to Expect from the Samsung S8


Samsung Galaxy S8 to be released mid-April 2017. With the impressive design of the S7, here is what to expect from the design team at Samsung. The latest mobile device from Samsung might strike many as an iPhone look alike. The edge is much different as per usual, due to the curved screen. Then again, these comments are based on prototypes, making it hard to deliver a comment on looks and actual size.

Samsung S8

The device is expected to feature impressive options and internal feature, which would be a bit more accurate as small details have been released. Firstly, display sizes are expected around 5.2” with an incredibly clear 4K display offering resolutions of 4096×2160. The S7 already supports amazing quality with QHD, leaving only the 4K option above current achievements. Gorilla Glass 5 will be fitted with the new device, making it even harder to break in case of a drop. We’ve already seen the incredible strength and abilities with the Gorilla Glass 4, which was a good match but not quite as durable as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The latest device is expected to offer a 4,200 mAh battery allowing greater battery life you might think, but the new screen might require a lot more power to drive it’s incredible abilities. The latest Snapdragon Qualcomm 3.2 GHz Octa-core processor, which would obviously be incredibly fast, but not sure how efficient it would be to battery life.

Camera quality seems to be getting a major upgrade and new features. The front camera is expected to feature an amazing 9.0MP while the back camera would be a 30MP offering optical stabilization, facial recognition, geo-tagging, laser autofocus, and HDR.

The mobile device would also include all of the features on the current S7 while also offering a 5.0 fingerprint scanner, wireless and rapid charging, a mini projector, retina eye scanner, and much more. Users can expect the latest device to come with dual SDcard readers and internal memory of 64gb, 128gb, and possibly a 256gb option to be launched with later models. Currently, the S8 is due to be introduced in a selection of colors including blue, gold, white, and black.

Samsung S7 vs. iPhone 6S Plus


Technology seems to be reaching new levels each time a new device is launched. Each come up with new ways to impress and find new ways to stay ahead.

As many of us know, Samsung and Apple’s iPhone has been in a head to head battle for the last few years with their mobile phones facing off against each other. Both offer incredible features and advantage over the other, forcing the choice to come down to the users and which phone’s features, options, and abilities they like more.

iPhone 6S Plus

For many users, speed is what it is all about these days. Without getting technical, you can be sure that both these devices are well ahead of their time, meaning they can complete daily tasks and even bigger, more complicated tasks without even wondering. He iPhone comes with the smaller 16gb option, which is cheaper that the 64gb or 128gb the phone is available in. Samsung has kept to the bigger devices and offer 64gb and 128gb. A major iPhone downfall is that no SD memory card slot is available. This is to maintain the phone’s safety and the Apple’s network virus free.

Display wise, users might already know about the Samsung Edge screen  as it has a curved edge, additional features and options along with QHD that provides resolutions of 2560×1440 pixels while the iPhone offers 1920×1080, which is still full HD quality. The iPhone offers 3D Touch, making the phone a lot more useful that the curved edges on the Samsung. The iPhone’s display actually measure the pressure applied and provides various tasks and tricks with this option.

Both devices come with a 12MP camera that is already much better than previous devices. The Samsung seems t have the advantage with quality, but that could be due to settings as specs on both devices are highly impressive and very identical. The iPhone once again offers an advantage with live pictures. Instead of a standard phone, the live option will capture a mini video like image that brings the picture to life when pressed on.

There are many more aspects that can be visited with these amazing devices, but let’s face it, at the end of the day, it’s all about what you prefer and desire. Both devices are incredible and well worth having.

Apple’s Latest iPhone SE, is it Worth it?


Apple’s iPhone SE is finally here. So is it worth holding onto the iPhone 6s, waiting for the iPhone 7 or getting the iPhone SE in the mean time?

We’ve all seen the iPhone 5c, which is basically a cheaper version of the iPhone 5. Apple has once again launched the SE model that is available on sale for just $399. Users looking for a new phone with features from the 6s are now able to purchase the SE and take advantage of those features at a much lower price.

The SE uses theiPhone 5 case, but that’s the only iPhone 5 add-on you’ll get here. The rest of the phone is brand new and provides the features of the iPhone 6s. Users can expect the latest A9 chip that has been used to power the highly impressive iPhone 6s. This means you get all the incredible speed and features of the 6s, but is a smaller 4-inch display with iPhone 5 case.

iPhone SE

So what about the camera? Well, that has also been upgraded to feature (like Apple would say) the most powerful camera in the world. The SE impresses with amazing picture quality as a 12MP camera has been fitted and has the features of the iPhone 6s, meaning live images are available to capture motion photos for memories that come to life. With this power camera, video up to 4K will be available just like the iPhone 6s.

So great price, amazing features from the iPhone 6s, so how can it be half the price? Well, those currently using an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus will see no mention of the 3D Touch feature has been mentioned, which is exactly what makes the iPhone 6s so expensive. This is the latest powerful feature created by Apple to add more functions.

Up to this point, I would not recommend putting away your iPhone 6s and getting an SE, but if you are currently looking to upgrade to a new device and the 6s is a bit too pricey, the SE is a brilliant direction to look into. The iPhone 7 will once again have a massive price tag, once again making the SE a great option. Besides, with Apples fantastic trade-in option, users will be able to trade in the SE for a discounted price on the iPhone 7 due release in September.

Apps Not Worth Having


There are so many apps available that seem to provide all types of additional advantages and features, but are they really worth the effort and space on your device?
Well, as it turns out, many of them are not really needed and don’t offer many additional features to your device, in fact, many of these apps cause a disadvantage as they run in the background and take up vital space and memory.


Facebook provides various features that require constant updates as your friends upload their comments and share pages. As we all know, Facebook also has many other notifications such as birthdays that end up using a lot of data, battery life, and memory even when it’s used in the background only.


Facebook can be accessed with a shortcut on your home page that allows you to instantly connect and see the latest updates, but firstly, doesn’t take up any space apart from a few Kb’s for the icon. The shortcut appears just as the app, but a lot more useful with the HTLM5 website offered. Users will be able to access the latest news feed as they have been posted, unlike the app that always seems a bit confused with the order things appear in.

Clean Master

Rumour has it that deleted apps leave cache behind long after they have been removed and that you require a particular app to clear off the wasted cache. The first part is correct, old and current apps create cache while in use, but an additional app to remove it is definitely not needed. Users can open settings, go to settings, storage and hit the clear cache button. Doesn’t seem difficult right?

Apps like Clean Master do exactly that, but also take up a significant amount of memory and battery life to do so. These apps usually run in the background to “perform” the cleaning process and keep your phone “health”.


Anti-Virus apps have fooled many standard users. Google and their Play Store have highly secure software in place to pick up on any apps that might have additional harmful software. An anti-virus app with not provide any additional security unless you are an advanced user that downloads APK’s and more that do not appear on the Play store. However, as an advanced user, you should also know that harmful apps are easier to remove without anti-virus software.

Icon Packs for Android


Changing the look of any Android device has become much easier over the last few months with the fantastic selection of apps and options. Users are now able to change the look of their phones with different app icons that changes the appearance of each app to a unique theme and allows you to choose the best look to suit your style and background. Some are similar, but then there are also those that are way out there, bright and simply amazing.

Here are some of the best customization packs to choose from that includes much more than just a typical theme change or background picture.


Polycon hits high on our list for its fantastic icon selection that can be applied to any icon on your device. Currently, they provide 500 icons to choose from but have also included standard Google icons to give users the edge.


With this massive selection, you can choose from well-designed icons with rounded edges to ensure each page looks unique and sleek. The app also provides a request feature, for example, if you have an app that doesn’t go with any of these offered icons, you can request it. We aren’t sure how long this would take to complete, but having custom designed icons are kind of cool.


CandyCons is also highly impressive and offers a few additional features to choose from. The download size quite a bit bigger, but for many it would be well worth the free download. Users can change icons, apply wallpapers, and much more within the app.

There are over 1,000 icons to choose from that is updated on a regular basis to ensure users get to change whatever they want with new icons and more extreme wallpapers. The app offers an impressive selection of icons that can be used with any theme or background. A request feature is also available for newer apps.


VIT is our favorite with its selection and fantastic design. There is over 2,000 icons to choose from that appear in an amazing white stone-line way. The icons appear in 3D, which simply makes it look beautiful. Users can also choose various wallpapers and combine theme colors bring out the overall look and create quite an amazing look.

Best Android Keyboards

AI Type Keyboard Plus

Most people prefer to just use the standard Android keyboard, which isn’t bad until you’ve seen what amazing designs and features are available.
Android has always offered an incredible range of customizations and features to choose from with apps. Many have explored various keyboards and other features but were disappointed with the results. Here are a few well-worth trying keyboards that are sure to impress with its options and customizability for each user.

AI Type Keyboard Plus1

AI Type Keyboard Plus

There are a few great additions to AI Type Keyboard Plus that allow you to change the keyboard each site you change your theme or background on your favourite chat app. The keyboard comes with over 1,000 themes to choose from and includes all the standard options on the Android keyboard. However, many more emoji’s are included.
The keyboard comes at a price of $3,99 but interested users will be able to select an 18-day trial period. If you choose not to purchase the keyboard, it can still be used, but a few features will not be available.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is a keyboard well worth its small $1,49 price tag. The keyboard is relatively new to the app market but has managed to impress with the features offered. Users can take advantage of the latest features including swipe type, a night mode, various colours and the ability to resize the keyboard to suit your needs. Anyone can use the keyboard as it supports over 60 languages, multiple emojis and lots more. Users won’t be able to use the app for a trial period, but with the different colours and features, the purchase won’t be one that you regret.

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard is a must try according to all reviews. The keyboard offers a range of impressive features that includes the swipe chat that allows much faster typing. Users can also choose from over 40 themes or simply design your own, which will be one of the most popular options for sure. The keyboard has one of the most impressive predictions ever seen, which takes some time to train as you chat, but once it has grasped your style, you’ll never go back. The app is free but offers in-app purchases for a more enhanced typing experience.