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Best iPhone 6s Accessories

iPhone 6s

The new iPhones are impressive just the way they are, users enjoy the 3D Touch feature, the ability to take live phones, and much more. While all these features are great, we always look for new ways to improve our devices even more, which is why there are many developers out there creating new apps and hardware for our devices.
Here are some of the coolest accessories to get for your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

laser pointer

iPin Laser Pointer

This is a great addition for everyone who gives presentations and needs a small device to point at things while giving the presentation. The laser point is a small device that fits into your headphone jack and turns it into a laser pointer. Users need to download the app, which gives it all the functions you need. A simple, but very useful idea.

Magnetic Charger Cable

Apple fans are well aware of the magnetic charger plug, which makes it very easy to charge the device and it eliminates any chances of it breaking off. The same is now available for your iPhone. Users can get the magnetic cable, which splits right at the plug, meaning the actual plug will stay in your phone and the cable can just be attached when needed. This will aid ensure your phone stays protected as nothing can get damaged or break off in the phone.

iXpand Flash Drive

Getting additional storage on your device is easy with the latest technology in USB drives. The iXpand drive has both a lightening plug for your phone and a normal USB plug for your PC. This allows you to store music, movies, pictures, and much more on your device and always have it with you. The device curls around to the back of your phone, which protects it from damaging the phone in case it drops or gets knocked.

Photo Lens Kits

Users can enjoy the already brilliant iPhone camera a lot more with these kits as they include wide angle lenses that will let you capture a lot more in a single view, the fish eye lens that will allow the most amazing warped pictures, and finally a macro lens that allows you to get the best quality up close.

Expensive Apps

dollar sign

Some app developers out there trying to develop an app and expect it to fetch huge money for their creations. However, some apps are worth it, but there are also many that are just way out there and don’t provide what you pay at all, especially when you consider some of the prices the ask.

Here are some of the most expensive apps available, we will leave the decision whether or not they are worth it up to you.

WaterGlode – $299.99

WaterGlobe is a snow globe that is fully customizable. Users can chat all types of aspects in the app, including snow size, how fast it falls and much more. The picture inside the glide is also changeable to suit the theme on your phone or the current season. Usually, a real snow globe goes for only a few Dollars, but to have the app for a virtual one, it will cost more than just a couple of hundred.


Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 – $299.99

Boffo is a collecting of mini games for your device. Some might think the list would include some of the most impressive games regarding graphics and game option, but no, these are games most people download for their kids for free. The developer states that the price is so high because other games manage to make that much each day and people still pay for them.

TouchChat AAC – $299.99

Is actually a very useful app for people with speech problems. The app will include a voice for you, meaning it can communicate on your behalf and say what you need to. This could have been a great app for millions out there if only it had a lower price tag. Instead, people can now access these features for free on both iOS and Android.

Mobile Cam Viewer – $349.99

Mobile can viewer requires a huge price tag for an app that is free from many other developers. Users can use the app to see live footage of their home cameras or cameras at the office, making it quite useful, but once again at that price, there are sure to be many other options that make a lot more sense.

Google Cast for Education

Google Cast

Thinking about education in school and ways to improve what we learn could be quite tricky for teachers and students of all ages. Learning something from a friend always seems more attractive at a younger age, which is why Google has come up with the perfect apps for classrooms, which allow the students to share all they have learned in their own time.

Google’s Cast for Education is the latest development in education, which allows the students also to take part in what they learn outside of the classroom. Ever wondered how a leaping frog can jump 50 times its own length? Or how they are planning to build bridges that connect every continent in the world? Well, students might wonder about other things, but would also find these types of subjects interesting once presented to them.

Google Cast1

With the new app from Google, students can share this information with others by showing their mobile screens on a larger screen in class. This means the new things you’ve learned will be shown to everyone, whether is something to do with an exciting project in class or something someone mentioned last week.

The idea that students share an interesting fact about the work will automatically educate everyone else including themselves. Teachers are somewhat limited to the amount of information at hand and don’t always have the time to do additional research, even if they did, it’s certain that a student will look in different faces and discover other interesting facts about the matter.

This will provide the entire classroom with vital information, while takes them beyond just studying for the exam, but also understanding better. Students are also sure to share more interest in subjects as they are motivated to check u on these things and present them in class.

The app will be available for all mobile devices and will be able to share information with each other and their teachers. The teacher will have control over what’s being shared on the screen in class, which will allow them to ensure matters stay on subject and can be monitored. This is a new way of looking at education and what our youth learns from day to day.

Apps that Protect Your Phone

Finger Print Reader1

Smartphones have become very expensive, but a must have for all its features and options it provides. The most popular phones include iPhone and Samsung, which has been known to cost over $1,000. This is a lot of money for a phone, no matter how you look at it, which is why protecting the device is so important and knowing the apps you use won’t let you down when it comes to protecting your files and tracking down the device.

Finger Print Reader

There are a few options to choose from, which provide different securely levels and options while your phone is in the hands of another user. However, some apps simply don’t offer the protection you need to ensure everything will remain secret and inaccessible to anyone else.

Finger Print Reader

iPhone and Android have both managed to create one of the most impressive securely systems that most won’t even know you have. The Samsung S7 and iPhone 6S both have touch fingerprint readers that won’t let anyone get on your phone without the correct print. The system works amazingly fast and does not require users to hold their finger there for a certain amount of time. You will find by just pressing the home button while the phone is locked, your fingerprint will be read, and your files will be accessible. However, if you have been working on the car or your finger can’t be presented right now, you can enter your unique 6 digit code.

Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is one of the best apps to have set up in case your phone gets lost or stolen. The app will allow you to remotely activate all types of features that could assist in finding the device or someone returning it safely.

Users will have the ability to track their devices on maps from a PC or other mobile phone. You will also have the option to take a picture with the front and back camera, which could help in seeing where the phone is in the case of misplacement. An alarm can also be set on the device, which will sound even if the device is on silent.

Best Hidden Features for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s users already enjoy some of the best features the mobile world has to offer. However, many users are not aware of all the features the latest Apple mobile device has to offer.
Many users download apps in order to get the features they want but are unaware the device already has these features built in and will not require any additional apps, which just take up more space on your phone. Here is a list of the most useful hidden features for the iPhone 6s range. All these features are exclusive to the 6s and 6s Plus phones, which simply adds to the fact that not many might know about them.

iPhone 6s -1

Edit text

We’ve all typed out a long message only to find there are mistakes or we forgot to mention something specifically at a time. Using the old magnifying glass works well, but it’s difficult to use when it comes to browsing through text and stopping at a specific point.

Apple has added a great new way to stop at a particular point in your text. Since the new iPhone comes with 3D touch, you can force press on your keyboard and activate the scroll feature. This will allow you to move your finger over the keyboard and place the cursor anywhere you want. Release the keyboard and type in whatever it is you forgot.

Quick Message Responses

Reading a text message might be swift and easy, but most of the time we are just too busy to reply, even if it’s just to say yes or no. Apple has added another feature to assist with this, which also works with the 3D touch function. Using the force press on the message you want to reply to, you can get a preview screen of the message, from there you can slide it up and access quick response option, which includes yes, no, talk later and more. Click on the answer you want and it will be sent.

Quick Options for Media Files

Users quickly share, copy, delete, or add their media to favorites by once again using the 3D touch feature. In your library, force touch any picture for a preview and then swipe up. This will open the options from which you can do any of the mentioned tasks for quick access with your device.



iTunes is one of the most popular places to store music, add to your collection, listen to music, and much more. Apple has created this program for Mac and Windows, which allows you to backup your iPhone and get the latest and greatest apps for it.

A few years ago a PC was simply able to add music or picture to your device and users could backup selected pictures, which was great, but made it very limited in features. With the latest Apple mobile devices, you have the ability to share between your PC and mobile phone without connecting it at all. There are many features that iTume will be able to offer you that you might not have known about.


The latest version of iTunes has once again brought new features to light and makes our lives easier when it comes to sharing, purchasing, or simply accessing our files and media when buying a new mobile device or laptop. As we all know, everything about your phone runs through iTunes as it stores your apps backs up your phones, and much more.

Download New Apps for your Phone

iTunes offers all the apps you can access on your mobile device, which means you longer need to look for apps on your phone or on Google. Just plug in your phone and surf iTunes on your PC and download the apps you want. Filters allow you to choose from iPad apps, iPhone apps, and iPad Pro apps. There are also additional filters that enable you to filter the types of apps, enabling you to access the categories you want. Chick on an app and hit download. This can either be added to your device via wi-fi or while the phone is plugged in. Users can also manage apps on all devices, meaning you can set up your screens, and remove apps, or create and edit folders.


Many people use iTunes for music even when they are not iPhone users. However, if you have an iPhone, you will be able to create folders in iTunes, which are shared and updated to your phone. This means you never need to download the songs again, which are on you PC. Downloading a new song on either device si easy and will automatically be added to all your other devices if the settings have been saved to do so.

Travel Apps


Traveling to places you’ve never seen can be very exciting, but also somewhat nerve wrecking, which is why various app developers have come up with ways to make the entire experience more enjoyable by proving you with apps that help book, plan, and search for places. These apps have been designed to assist with each part of your trip starting from the very first moment you decide to travel. Some apps can offer great prices on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Travelers can also use apps to find places once they have arrived at their destination to find restaurants, friends, and anything else they might need.

Here is a list of apps that will provide you with the best features and options to make your travel experience a lot easier and fun. These apps cover various parts of your trip, starting with the planning.



Orbitz is one of the very best apps to find flights, hotels, and car rentals, no matter where you travel to. The app can find the best flights on various airlines within seconds, which can be categorized into price ranges, travel time, or airlines. The app will also offer hundreds of hotels worldwide and provide you with accurate prices and accommodation. Car rentals include various options, which gives you the best prices for the motor vehicle size you want. All these can be booked on the app with easy payment options. The app also comes with rewards, which is earned with each booking. This will allow you to get a discount on booking or your next trip.


Citymapper is the perfect app to get around once you’ve arrived in the city you are visiting. This app provides you with the best and quickest way to get around using city transport systems. The app automatically checks the route with buses, trains, ferries, and more to get you wherever you want to go. The app uses real-time tracking to ensure all these services are on time and that you are will make it in time.

Google Maps

Google Maps will provide users with all the latest coffee shops, entertainment, restaurants, and much more with just a search. Open maps and search for anything you want and find various options closest to your current location. The app can also provide you with travel times and options including public transport, driving yourself, or taking a walk.



We’ve all use the Google images to quickly find things we are looking for or just to remember something we need to get or do. Sometimes it just easier to look for things with images than it is to read a whole article about something that turns out to have nothing to do with the actual item we are looking for.

Meet Pinterest, which is the perfect site for you to enjoy on PC, mobile, or on your tablet. Pinterest is one of the biggest picture platforms available, which allows you to pin things online and share it with your friends. Pinning something means the tincture is added to your Pinterest profile, and your friends will be able to see what you’ve found unless it’s in a hidden folder of course.

Pinterest 1

The app or website allows you to follow others and be followed by people around the world, which allows them also to see the things you’ve decided to share online. These can be pictures of yourself, or art that you enjoy looking at, or even architecture. Pinterest is unlimited with the possibilities offered.

Many use the program to find ideas for weddings when the big day is coming up as Pinterest will show you images that yours have pinned relating to your request. Wedding themes, dresses, cakes, venues and even hair styles can be found on Pinterest. Once you’re ready to pin, you can create a new board called “My Wedding Ideas” or whatever you prefer and place all the best picture in that folder.

Users can also pin other images such as sports cars, houses, and more. Pinterest also offers an incredible DIY range of pictures, which will allow you to make and create just about anything you heart desires. Need to know how to build a pond? Go on Pinterest and include keywords DIY Pond in your search. Many options will come up, which gives you step by step instructions to building the perfect pond. The DIY section is completed unlimited and can provide users with amazing ideas that don’t require much to do. Pinterest can also be linked to your website or users can upload from their profiles and allow other to follow them.

Hidden Features for Siri


Siri has become one of the most impressive voice controlled assistance available for all iPhone users. The feature has been around since the iPhone 4s and has only become better over the years. Apple has added many additional features that make the feature not only more impressive but also able to understand you better and give you faster results. Many users are not aware of the newer features that Siri provides, which is what we will be looking into. All of these features are standard with Siri and will not require Jailbreak.

Best New Siri Features


Asking Siri to remind you about small things at a particular location has never been easier. Simply ask Siri to remind you to take out the trash when you get home, or whatever you need to remember, and a reminder will be created. This reminder will track your location and remind you when it detects that you have arrived at home.

She can also remind you to read a text or reply to someone at a later stage. You do not need to include a time with this reminder as she will remind you when you are not busy. The reminder will have a “later” button, meaning she will remind you again at a later stage. Users do have the option to add a time if preferred.

Siri suggestions can be accessed on your search screen when swiping to the left from your home screen. These recommendations include all the most used apps, the contacts you most speak to, and much more. This feature will detect that you do most and provide new apps and features accordingly. The new search bar on the same screen will offer you many new features as well. This search bar will not be able to search the internet when you type in things like 5 meters, it will provide you with the length in feet and inches.

Ask Siri to find the best route to a specified location. She will automatically look for the best way and method to use, including trains and buses. Once you arrive, Siri will suggest coffee shops, the best places for lunch, and much more to make your life easier.

iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 7

Millions from around the world have been patiently waiting for the iPhone 7 to become finally available. Apple has been very secretive about the device and hasn’t released any info about the new device. However, there are a few experts that have put pieces of the puzzle together to provide us with a fairly good idea of what to expect. Here are some of the most recent rumors about the iPhone 7.

iPhone 71

Firstly, we are expecting a launch with 2 device, which consists of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. These devices will only again feature a smaller screen, and the Plus will have the bigger screen. Regarding the actual size, we think they will remain about the same as the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which is a bonus as the current phones fit comfortably in your hand and are easy to use with the double-tap on the home button. The new iPhone will be thinner as info has leaked that Apple has managed to make the 3D screen technology thinner, which means they will not require the additional space. We are not expecting a massive drop in thickness as this will once again make the device uncomfortable.

The current antenna lines around the iPhone 6s will remain in place, but it is expected to be less. Many say only the outer edge line will remain while others say only the strips across the back of the device will continue to be. We are confident that some lines will be removed without affecting the current signal strength.

With the camera, it can go many ways as technology regarding cameras has changed a lot in the last year. However, there have been rumors that Apple will be added a dual lens camera. This will allow users to capture amazing wide angle photos, get better color balance, and also have the advantage of many more options.

The iPhone 7 might also have a few change to the charging compartment at the bottom of the device. Instead of a lightning charger, we are expecting a magnet charger as found on their laptops and the new iPad Pro. This will allow for other 3rd party devices to be connected quickly and charging to be faster.