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iPad 9.7 Inch Pro

iPad 9.7 Inch Pro

Apple has recently announced that an all new iPad Pro will be the next big launched to continue their iPad range, meaning the new, smaller iPad will be released in lieu of the next iPad Air 3. Here is all you can expect from the latest device Apple has to offer.

At first glance, the iPad Pro 9.7 inch is identical to the current iPad Air 2, giving the user the idea that the same body and screen have been used. However, various changes have taken place regarding the design. Instead of just 2 speaks at the bottom of the device, users can now experience a surround sound effect with another 2 speakers added to the top of the device. The camera has also been adjusted and sticks out a little from the flat surface on the back. This might be a big annoying at times, but the additional room provides a better lens and is now been upgraded from 8MP to 12MP, meaning better picture quality. Additionally, they have also added a flash, which ensures low light pictures come out better and include a lot more detail. The front camera has also been drastically upgraded as it moved from a 1.2MP camera to an impressive 5MP.

iPad 9.7 Inch Pro Features

The 9.7 inch Retina glass display provides many of the same features found on the iPad Air 2 display, which already provides an impressive range of feature regarding how well it shows, the impressive touch reactions is still part of the screen, but Apple has added an additional feature called True Tone, which is similar to that of night mode, but it adjusts to the environment you are in and what you are doing on the iPad. For example, if you are reading on the iPad it will adjust the whiteness to be easier on the eyes, while also including a soft touch of yellow to reduce straining your eyes while doing anything else. This doesn’t take any colour effect away from the display abilities, but instead provides a more enjoyable experience, no matter what you are doing. The feature is options and can be adjusted to just how strong it should adjust the display settings.

iPad 9.7 Inch Pro1

The iPad 9.7 Pro features the same options found on the current 12 inch Pro, which means the split screen options are available, and users can access all of the impressive features offered by the current iPad Pro. Apple has also already designed a keyboard for the new device, making it the perfect replacement for anyone using a laptop. The 9.7 inch Pro also includes the connection part on the left-hand side, which allows keyboards and all other 3rd party devices to be connected within seconds without using Bluetooth, wi-fi, or any other form of connection.

The new iPad Pro features an A9x processor, which makes it more than fast enough to get to the apps, features, and everything else you need within seconds. On paper, the new iPad is also a lot faster than the iPad Air 2, which will only begin to show when more hardware demanding features become available. However, for someone who uses everything the iPad has to offer, the additional processing speed will definitely be handy. In fact, the faster processor comes in close to the iPad Pro 12 inch despite only have half the ram, which is currently the fastest device offered by Apple.

As mentioned above, the new device isn’t all that much different from the current Air 2. So why would you buy one? Well with the apps and mobile technology moving forward at its current rapid rate, chances are the Air 2 will only be able to keep for a limited time. This doesn’t mean it will become useless, but for those who enjoy the ultra-speed of the current devices, might find themselves disappointed as new releases come out. For example, comparing an iPad 3 to an iPad Air 3, you will already see a major difference in speed as the normal iPad 3 doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with all the latest iOS updates and apps. It still works perfectly, but regarding speed, you are sure to notice a difference between the devices.

Android 7.0 (Nougat) Features

Android 7.0

The latest variation of android software was released in test mode only a few days ago. The latest update provides many additional features and options for users to enjoy, which came with the latest Note 7 release. The latest software once again provides all Android users with a huge range of additional abilities to use on their devices and get more out of it in day to day use. The update is still in Beta mode and has to be released to testers, meaning it might not be available to all users just yet, but the features and abilities are sure to get you excited for what’s to come later in 2016.

Android 7.0-1

The very first change you’ll see is a new wallpaper, which might not be a huge upgrade, but it does mean users can expect a whole range of new wallpapers to choose from in the standard library. One of the major changes occurs with the notifications menu, which drops down when you slide your finger down from the top of your screen. The options at the top of the screen take up a lot less space and are displayed in a much neater manner. The options will still include the usual quick settings and can be pulled down once again to access the full range of options and features available. The full menu bar can be accessed faster by dragging it down with 2 fingers as well. Android has also changed the notifications itself to a full side to side view instead of the center screen variation as we see it today. The colours include an elegant white and gray, making it look a lot neater and accessible.


As far as the actual notifications go, the bar categorizes them for easy access. For example, all your emails will simply appear as new emails and the number of unread emails, drag down on the email notification to see each email and have the ability to reply or forward the main directly from the notification bar. Holding onto the app notification with a long press will result in app settings being shown for the app that offered the notification from which you can choose how the app provides notifications or turn them off altogether.

When you receive a message, and it shows at the top of the screen, you have the option to reply instantly without opening the app. However, this might seem very similar to iPhone users as it has offered this feature for many years, but then again, why not have the same on your Android device. This feature is available for any notification ranging from a normal text through to a replay via one of the apps.


When it comes to contacts, you also have many additional features and options. Since Android and Google have made it possible to link your contacts to media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, you now have the ability to block people on certain apps or remove their names from your friends lists all together, which also results in them being removed from your contacts list and them not having the ability to communicate with you whatsoever.

Android 7.0-2

Night Mode

Night mode is yet again another feature that’s been brought over from Apple devices. Basically what this does is, it changes the colour of your display to a yellowish colour, which still provides all the colour features of the display, but all the whites are easier on your eyes and tend not to be as sharp. The feature can be accessed from the notification bar, and once again of you press on it for long, it provides the options where the settings can be adjusted.

Data Restrictor

The data restrictor is a great new built-in option that allows you to take full control of how much data you use per day. This is actually a smart feature that will restrict certain apps from downloading big files while your daily limit is low. The feature is accessible via the notifications bar and once again its settings can be reached by holding long on the option. Here you can set the limit and the apps that need to be restricted in order to keep to that limit.

New Note 7 Features

Samsung Note 7

While millions have expected the new device to be the Note 6, Samsung has surprised us by launching the Note 7 instead. Samsung claims this is to have a single number across their devices, meaning all their devices will now be in sync by following the same model numbers. The Note 7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and the standard S7 will move on altogether from this year.

The new Note 7 was released earlier this month and has impressed many with the new features available on the new Samsung phablet. This is the second major release by Samsung just before Apple is to announce their latest iPhone 7 device. The latest release from Samsung has impressed among all users with its slightly bigger screen and many new features to enjoy and all this before the latest software update is released. So what makes this the new golden smartphone to have?

Iris Scanner

Starting with the obvious, the Iris scanner has been a major highlight for the device even before it’s been launched. Samsung might not be the first to provide this feature, but many have said they are the first to do it right and provide a real security option. The scanner is seen in the top left-hand corner, just above the Samsung logo above the display. Setting it up is easy, simply enter the settings and follow the instructions, which includes 2 circles where you need to line up your eyes while holding the device about 30cm from your face.

eye scanner

Open your eyes wide and let the scanning begin. The feature works amazingly fast and users will be able to unlock the device this way even in low light. What’s more, it unlocks your phone by lining up your eye with the circles that appear on your lock screen. If you don’t want to use the feature right now, simply enter the password. Samsung has also included the fingerprint sensor with the new device, which can be used at the same time. This means you can unlock your phone in 3 ways, including the Iris scanner, a password, or fingerprint scanner, which can all be combined and used at the same time.


While the design seems to have been the less spoken about an aspect of the device, Samsung sure has managed to create yet another highly impressive device regarding style. The phone features the same dual edge feature as shown on the Samsung S7 Edge. In fact, Samsung has not included any non-curved display options, so if you’re not a fan, best you look for another device to purchase. The phone features a double curve, which includes the back of the device featuring the same curve as the screen.

Samsung Note 7-1

Samsung has also ensured their latest device features some of the strongest design features that are sure to keep your device looking its best at all times. This includes an ultra-strong back cover made from aluminum alloy along with Gorilla glass 5, which is sure to protect your phone from drops of 1.5 meters directly onto concrete. Users can also feel safe around water and dusty rounds with the new Note 7 as it also features the amazing water and dust resistant features seen on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung has also ensured the new mobile device doesn’t fail the tests like the S7 Active has. The Note 7 is the first to provide this feature among the Note range.


One of the first things you’ll notice about the new S-Pen is that it’s thinner than before, but still very easy to use and hold. Samsung claims to have refined the pen to make it a lot more realistic while also offering a better shading opportunity while drawing something. The company has decided to take all the most popular drawing and writing apps and placed them in one convent location called the Samsung Notes, which allows you to combine drawing with writing and even typing. Removing the S-Pen from its slide out will present a pop-up on the display from which you can choose from quick options and features, including a few options you are sure to enjoy such as creating GIF files within seconds.

Best Dating Apps


Dating in the 21st century is much different than what our elders explain with stories about how they met their partners. Meeting someone new doesn’t happen which going out or going to a single club anymore, even though places like that are still around. The latest way to meet someone is with online dating options, making it easy to find someone close to you, getting to know them via chat, and meeting up once you are both ready.

Social media platforms have changed what’s attractive and how people determine what they want, which fits in perfectly with online dating profiles and how you present yourself. Everyone has a Facebook page, Twitter accounts, Snapchat and all these other ways to connect to friends and invite others to see what they are all about.

Some dating apps allow you to meet people on the other side of the world, check out profiles, and send them messages. These apps also let people from all over see your profile and send you messages to which you can reply and get to know the person on the other side. Here is a list of the best apps that let you chat with people close to you and also connect with those from around the world.



Skout is one of the most popular dating apps available on all smartphone devices. Users can create profiles by simply signing in with Facebook or your Google account. A few steps are required, which includes information about you that others can see, what you would like visitors to know about you, and a few pictures of course. The app uses your current location and provides the profiles of those around you. However, browsing through the profiles is endless as it keeps going further from your current location as you scroll down. Users also have the ability to “travel” for a small fee in points the app offers. This gives you the opportunity to see profiles from anywhere in the world by typing in the city you would like to visit.

The app also includes various notifications, including who checked you out, who has added you to their favourites, when you have unread messages, and much more. The app also includes a like and dislike feature that gives you access to profiles from which you can choose who you like. Should you like someone who has selected like on your profile, the app will notify you and provide the option to start up a chat with that person.



Tinder is the most popular dating app and millions around the world are using it to meet new people, see what’s available out there, chat, and possibly meet up with people at a later stage. Using Tinder is very easy to use and also available on any mobile phone and PC. Users need to have a Facebook account before a Tinder account can be opening, which will confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that your account is not fake. Users can browse profiles, see their information, look through photos and choose to like their profiles, send them messages, and much more. There are many options when it comes to your account, which stops unwanted people from sending you messages or bother you repeatedly.


WeChat is available in various parts around the world. This is a much simpler app to use but doesn’t require all the information you need to provide with the apps mentioned above. In WeChat, you can simply create a quick profile that consists of pictures and your status. There is no other required information and signing up takes a few seconds. This app also provides the profiles of people chose to you and will include the actual distance they are currently from you. The greeting messages are limited unit the person accepts your chat request, but that’s about all the app has to other. However, for an easy conversation opportunity that doesn’t require all your information, WeChat is the best app you can choose as the app is 100% free and allows you some control by letting you choose who you chat to, who can see your profile, and much more.

Best Apps to Watch/Download Movies

Internet speeds have increased in huge volumes over the last few years. Mobile devices offer LTE, which can easily stream and download movies within minutes. The most popular apps to do this include iTunes, which comes with a price to watch movies, but also doesn’t allow downloading. A few years ago this would have been preferred, but since mobile devices now offer vast storage space, many people would prefer to download movies and keep them for later. Movies are also great to keep on your device for when the kids are bored or feel like watching a movie while visiting family or friends.

Many apps allow you to stream and download movies, some come with a monthly fee, others charge per movie, and there are even some that will allow you to do everything for free. The following apps are available for any iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. Simply go to the app store and search for the app’s name you are interested in downloading.



Netflix is one of the most downloaded and popular movie and TV series apps available. Users can access the huge range of shows and movies, including the latest additions. Users can access the shows and stream them directing to your PC, Smart TV’s, and mobile devices with an app. The service is available for a flat fee of just $7.99 per month and will increase depending on the number of devices you choose to connect to your account. There are no additional fees for watching movies and series and the amount of things you watch in a month is completely unlimited. Downloading is not possible, but shows can repeatedly be watched. Netflix also includes information about what you’ve watched and what you are busy watching, meaning you can always continue from the last point you left off.


ShowMax is right up there with Netflix, the service is a lot like Netflix, but includes different shows and features. With a single account, you also have the ability to use it on up to 5 devices without any additional fees other than the monthly $7.99. The shows are available on Smart TV’s, Smartphones, and of course your PC. The features are very similar to that of Netflix as users can also see what they’ve watched and what they are still busy watching. The app is easy to use and updated on a regular basis. An interesting aspect about ShowMax is that they include the most popular shows from your country, meaning you get to enjoy all the incredible international shows while also keeping up to date with shows you enjoy most.

Bobby Movie Box
Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box is available to iOS users only. Users have the ability to access their favorite shows and movies for free. Once again, only streaming is available and like most free apps you can expect adverts. However, if you only watch movies from time to time on your device and don’t really see a point to pay for it, Bobby Movie Box is a great addition to your apps on your device.

Newest Movies HD

Judging by the name the developer was hoping to provide members with a vast range of movies and TV shows and offer them for free. However, the app only includes cartoons and kids movies, which makes it useful in a whole other way. Having this app on your device is perfect for kids, the interface is easy to use, and only a few adds will pop up while searching. The cartoons and movies are offered in HD and will definitely allow members to take full advantage of giving their kids shows and movies to enjoy.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a great addition for all users. This is not a streaming or download app, but instead it provides all the movie information you could possibly need. Just type the name into the app and watch as all the movie information appears. This information includes the release date, genre, actors, and much more. The app doesn’t require much space on your device but contains all the info you are always looking for when you try to think of the actor that played in a particular movie.

Best Android Apps August 2016


We have reached yet another amazing list of apps to tell you about for the month of August. Our team has come up up with many new amazing finds that can be used on your android device, no matter what’s brand or how old your phone is. The apps are not all new but have impressed us the most in terms of usability and features. We’ve selected our best few and hope you find them as useful as we have. The list below is in random order and includes various apps that offer different options and features to suit all. Here is our list of best apps worth downloading from the Android store for the month of August.



Backdrop is a wallpaper app with a difference. The images have been designed by the developers and actually move on your screen as your switch between pages. The app comes with various settings that let you change the background according to holidays, time of year, and much more. The app is updated daily with new pictures and themes, which let you take full control of what your phone features. The wallpapers can be downloaded or applied directly from the app. You can also like the best ones and find them easier when looking for something fresh on your display.

Native Clipboard

Native Clipboard is a copy a paste app that makes texting a lot easier. Many of us have certain things like our address that we are forever copying and pasting to avoiding having to type everything each time. With this app, you can simply double tap on any text box and have a window appear in front of your keyboard. Each time something is copied it is then added to this board. You can then save it, so it’s always there or creates new entries that makes it easier to share the same info. Once the board has been opened, you can tap on the text you want, and it will automatically type it into the text box, all you need to do then is press send.


Portal is the easiest way to send files between your PC and mobile device. Once the app has been downloaded, simply visit the website and register your free account, scan the barcode with your phone to allow commutation and you will find a green bar at the top of your screen. Just drag and drop files to this bar and send them to your phone. The app will hold onto any files received from which you can choose other places to store it. The app is very easy to use and has made file transfers a lot easier with the added benefit that no USB cables are required.

Native Clipboard

Solid Explore File Manager

Solid Explore is a file manager that put everything in one convenient app. You will be able to manage all your files here, including deleting those you no longer need, searching, sending files on various platforms including email and social media. The app can also manage your cloud accounts, allowing you to see duplicates between your phone and could accounts. This is a great app to keep control of your storage. The app also includes mods that let you choose themes and special icons for folders.

Monospace Writer

Monospace Writer might seem like a basic note app at first, but once you get into the features and options of the app, you will be amazed. The app can be used for normal notes, but it’s also great for longer writing such as a novel. Instead of having folders you can save all your files with a hashtag. This means you simply search with the hashtag to find your files and the app will automatically group all the same tags together. Writing options include almost all those you would find with Microsoft Word.

This concludes the apps for this month for your Android device. Be sure to download the ones you find most appealing and check out what additional options and features they have to expand the features on your device and make it a lot more enjoyable.

Best iPhone Apps August 2016

iphone logo

Yet another month has passed since our last update on the most impressive apps for iPhone users. Our team has once again come up with a great selection of apps that we’ve tested on our own devices, meaning we have tested them on our own on a day to day basis. The apps might not be all new, but with so many available, we’ve taken the time to test many and chose the ones we found most impressive.The list below is not in any order but are equally impressive. Some of these apps might not be available for older devices such as the iPhone 4. However, all other devices will be supported ranging up to the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.



Waze is a Google-owned app that combines navigation and a social aspect all in one. The maps are shown in both 2D and 3D and are free for both iOS and Android users. The social aspects allow drivers to work together and notify each other of accidents, traffic, police, speeding cameras, and much more. While driving, various notifications will be presented that have been reported by others. Should the event no longer be there, you can give t a thumbs down to remove it or a thumbs up to let other on that route be notified of the event? The app also goes further to show you all types of things along your route. This includes restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, and much more. The app works well while in major towns as more users can be found there, but while on the long road you will still have all the benefits of navigation.


Is easy to use news app that lets you literally flip through the latest updates. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can set it up to only feature the news you are interested in. There are many different filters to choose from, and the app can also notify you when major news takes place. A short description will be included with each article and will be featured in full once you tap on it.



The pocket is a great app for those who see things online, but don’t have time to read it at that moment. Pocket will add a feature to your Safari browser that lets you save any page or link. The best part about it is that when you open the app all your save pages will be there, and you will not need to refer back to Safari to read it. The page will open in the app and also include thumbnails to make sorting much easier. The app can also be synced across devices, meaning you can save a page on your device and access it on your PC at a later stage.



Soundcloud has become one of the most popular apps for music. It features a massive range of genres and something for everything to enjoy. However, the most impressive part about it is that you can be same music to your account and access it as many times as you’d like. People who enjoy the same music as you also have the ability to follow you while you can also follow others. Searching for music is easy, and the full track is available here, meaning you don’t just get a sample till you pay for it. This is also a great place for those of you who are DJ’s, sing or create some other type of music. It’s definitely a great place to make a name for yourself and get followers from around the world.

This concludes our best apps for August, we trust that all our readers will enjoy at least one of the above-mentioned apps and discover the rest of its features. We will soon have even more apps for you to enjoy and make your device even more useable. All the apps can be accessed in the Apple App Store on your device. These apps can also be enjoyed on iPad devices.

Latest iPhone 7 Rumors and Release Dates

iphone logo

Some of the biggest news in the mobile world over the last few months has included the Samsung S7 and the iPhone 7. The Samsung has been released, and many people are highly impressed with the device and everything it offers. The curved display has been a major success as it offers many additional options and features. The screen is simply amazing, and the device is super fast.

While many might have enjoyed everything Samsung has offered with their latest smartphone, there are millions looking forward to the latest iPhone that is expected to hit the market within just a few weeks. It’s expected that Apple will announce their latest creation within the first week of September 2016 and make it available to the public by the middle of September 2016. There have been many leaks about the device and what’s expected from Apple. However, for the most part, Apple has managed to keep the facts about their new phone a great secret, leaving their fans wondering. However, predictions have been very accurate in the past. So let’s get right into it and tell you all you need to expect from Apple.

iPhone 7


The shift from the iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 design has been a major plus for iPhone fans. The smoother edges makes it easier to hold the device while still offering all the features. The iPhone 7 is expected to hold this design, but with a few noticeable changes. The antenna lines running over the edges and over the back of the phone will be less and will flow more with the design of the device. The body will still be the strong metal case featured on the iPhone 6 and 6s devices, but is expected to be thinner, which is also why the 3.5mm earphone jack will be removed, and speaker holes will take up that space for better volume and sound quality.

The home button is also expected to be more sensitive and provide users with more options. Much like 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s devices, the feature will be presented on the home button. This means a soft touch would provide a certain action while a hard touch will do something else or offer more options. The button will still be located in the center be flow the screen, but might be flush with the surface of the phone, meaning it won’t be an actual button.

Screen sizes are also expected to change. The 7 plus will have a 5.5 once screen, making it just a bit bigger, but keep the device the same size, meaning less of a border around the device is expected. With the standard headphone jack gone, earphone will be connected via the USB-C port at the bottom of the device. If you might be concerned that other earphone can’t be used this way or that you won’t be able to charge the phone while listening to music. However, adapters will be available to cover the port of a 3.5mm jack and also to charge while earphones are used. There are also rumors that Apple will include wireless Beats by Dre earphones since the 2 companies have joined forces in some regards.

Dual cameras are highly anticipated with the new phone, which has been featured on new devices such as HTC. However, since iPhone offers live images, the dual cameras will be able to make this a lot smoother and provide much better quality. There has been an iPhone case leak that shows space for dual cameras on both the 7 and 7 plus. The new iPhone will be 100% water proof. The company has been working on a compound that protects all internals of the device from water. There has been no mention of how long it can remain underwater or how deep, but from what’s been said, it’s expected to be the most reliable yet.

There have been various creations of what people think the new iPhone will look like. Most of them are highly impressive and are sure to get people excited about the new phone. It’s been almost a year since we’ve started following the what new phone could be, but at the end of the day, we will just have to wait a few more weeks and see what it’s all about.

iPhone 8 Rumors

iphone logo

The latest iPhone 7 might not have been released yet, but surprisingly we have already found rumors for the iPhone 8 by watching what Apple has ordered. With this information and various leaks, we can get a fair idea of what to expect with the 2017 iPhone release. The new phone is expected to be one of the most impressive and also feature the biggest changes when it comes to design, features, and just about everything else since it would be iPhones 10th anniversary.

The iPhone 7 has already made a huge impression with its leaks and what’s expected, but ultimately we don’t expect a major change when looking at the iPhone 6S. By the looks of it, the phone will have some minor tweaks that are sure to improve it and make it a lot more impressive, but the design itself remains about the same as it is now.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, however, is sure to impress on a whole new level. Many were hoping Apple will include a curved display with the iPhone 7, which doesn’t seem to be an optional all, but Apple has been working on curved screens and cases, meaning the iPhone 8 is sure to have a curve some kind. An almost oval design has been thought of, but we are expecting a similar design to the current Samsung S7 Edge.

The iPhone 8 will also once again feature a glass back much like we saw on the earlier iPhone such as the 4 and 5. Apple will make this glass a lot stronger, and the back will also feature some kind of curve, which is sure to give the phone an amazing look.

Home Button

Apple is sure to change the home button, which will eliminate the need for so much wasted space below the screen. The button will become part of the screen and also feature 3D Touch. However, there are also rumors that the iPhone 7 will feature similar technology. The button will still feature 2 options, such as a soft press for home and hard press to see other open apps. It could also include more options such as shortcuts.


Since the home button will no longer take up that much space, the company can include bigger screens. The 2017 and 2018 iPhone is expected to have a wider and longer screen, taking it up to 5.8 inches. This won’t make the device much bigger as less of the case will be shown, and the screen will be curved as mentioned above. The current 1920x1080p will also be upgraded to 1920x1310p. The best part about the display is that Apple has order OLED screen which has true black coloring. The screen has the ability to switch off some LED’s, which also saves battery life. The only reason they won’t be switching to OLED with the iPhone 7 is because these screens have a higher burnout rate, meaning they don’t last as long. Since the screen will be featured on the iPhone 8, it gives the technology time to become more refined.

The iPhone 8 will also feature Gorilla glass 5, which is currently the most durable glass for a mobile phone. There have been many tests around this glass, and it’s been highly impressive. This will ensure your phone stays safe, and your display doesn’t scratch or crack for just anything. So far, the tests have shown that it can withstand drops onto concrete from 1.5m, which is way beyond anything of today. The gorilla glass 5 will also be featured on both the front and back of the phone.

Wireless Charging

This is actually an aspect that Apple has been working on for a while. We might see some of it with the iPhone 7, but will definitely be perfected on the iPhone 8. There are 2 ways this could work, firstly, they could include an accessory that simply needs to place your phone and the device and it will charge without the need of a cable. However, the second option is the most impressive. Apple has been working on a similar concept as mentioned above but also includes charging while the device is near the device, but not actually touching.