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Destroying Photos Becomes an Art – Best Photo Glitching Apps on IOS


Glitch art forms part of an eccentric new form of photo crafting that utilises visual bugs, or artifacts, as well as a number of analogue type errors, which traditionally would be considered undesirable to provide otherwise perfectly good conventional photos with a special style causing each creation to appear completely unique. The effects imbues photos with nostalgic effects that could possibly remind persons viewing it of the long lost VHS era, or even unlock a completely unexplored and new visual frontier that enable artist to express themselves via a new set and form of creative tools.

The new art style of glitch effects already entrenched itself to become a long-term permanent fixture in the world of photography and visual creativity, despite it currently is still considered as a niche art form. The apps under discussion below represent the best of its kind currently on the mobile market and can consider it a worthwhile addition to any modern photographic artist’s much-needed creativity toolset.


Decim8 is currently available at just $0.99 and it is the name would suggest provides artists with the capacity to turn completely great photos into unrecognisable piles of pixel mush. The app incorporates 27 unique glitching filters, all of which visual artists may choose to apply simultaneously. Budding glitch artists will do well to remember that the app utilises a layered approach, with each effect applied in a successive order and players can be swapped from front to back to create completely unique effects, where each layer provides the budding artist with completely tweakable parameters. If an artist runs into a visual version of writers block the app offers up a number of randomising buttons that surprisingly may result in an excellent final rendering if mashed a sufficient number of times. One of its greatest features is the capacity to save presets of particular glitch combinations a user falls head over heels for.

Hyperspektiv users can download the app for $1.99, and it too delivers 27 wacky glitch filters. The developers provided the app with a unique feature that allows its viewfinder to act as a conventional X/Y control of the parameters for each filter effect. Newly aspiring artists can simply slide their finger to the right causing the filter to of ever faster, or alternatively slide the thing upwards to create an increasingly intense effect. The great benefit of the above features is the capacity to record video as users play with the X/Y sliders in order to create a far more dynamic clip as an end-result.

A Great Weight Loss App


With few exceptions, the world across each holiday season represents a time of tremendous gastronomic overindulgence. Conversely, with the festive season just past and the New Year presenting us with another opportunity to start-off with a clean slate to sweat and starve away the extra pounds gained over the holidays. However, since we’re all reasonably aware that starvation diets bring about unhealthy and temporary relief from weight gain, an app that keeps us on the straight and narrow while eating correctly proportioned meals is always of great help in conjunction with a decent exercise regimen.

Amid a narcissistic generation, to be socially acceptable looking good became one of the key components of success along with having each latest tech gadget. This makes it the perfect opportunity to use your latest smartphone tech gadget to shift those additionally collected pounds.


LoseIt!, Is a true gem and has become one of the most popular in the marketplace and with good reason. The app analyses all elements of following a healthy lifestyle, assisting users to meticulously track all aspects in their quest to improve their personal health. Initially users will be required to enter a few personal details, provide an outline of their health and dietary goals before launching into action.

Users receive a succinct, easy to follow regimen detailing their nutrient requirements, as well as their step count, on top of which they balance the always-crucial calorie count to their even more crucial financial means (budget). This app provides you with a complete overview of your exercise regimen, lifestyle, and dietary requirements, if you are committed to changing your culinary ways.

It integrates with other fitness apps like Runkeeper as well as Nike+ in order to centralise all your inputs and provide an accurate picture on which direction you’re moving when looking at your lifestyle on a wider scale. The basic app is available for free on both iOS and Android with the premium version available at $39.99, where the seriously committed health lifestylers will enjoy a number of extra features such as a detailed meal planner amongst others.

Must Play Android Games in February 2016


February once again sees the various iStores leading with a rich serving of brand-new mobile gaming apps and titles so brilliant and entertaining that they absolutely just have to be played. Android leads the way with one of the most exciting titles in a long time called Downwell, with the whole mobile gaming community going absolutely apesh** about it at the moment.

Downwell became an instant smash it amongst the masses after its first release on iOS and PC platforms and now the Android crowd can join in on the deliciousness of this game. Uncommonly Downwell sees a vertical portrait orientation on the small screen, where players dropped through its narrow gaming screen while blasting enemies and collecting upgrade items as you progress. Upon reaching the end of each stage players will be offered a selection of power ups to assist them through their next high-speed level, with each of the stages becoming increasingly difficult. Players only benefit from a tiny number of game lives of which they will lose a life each time they sustain serious injury.

Downwell 1

All receive all the coolest items they could possibly wish for in any game, such as Gunboots, murderous jellyfish, blocky spectrum graphics, in conjunction with precise control elements and in excellently rated enemy AI that ensures Downwell’s awesomeness. A great part of its success is the continual ice the decisions you’re forced to make, with limited gunboot ammo that can be re-quipped whenever a player lands on top of an enemy or object. Game play offers a constant risk versus rewards calculation, since a number of enemies can cause significant damage should you land on them. Game play offers incredibly rewarding difficulty levels when successfully completed, offering players a rare opportunity to enjoy themselves in a game the court all the plots perfectly sorted.

Alto’s Adventure, is at the moment not quite officially available yet on Android; however, it is released today on 11 February and players are guaranteed to play and love this game. It delivers a snowboard side scrolling game with one of the greatest soundtracks of any gaming title on Android featuring significantly gifted artwork. The game sees travellers head down mountains while collecting coins and making massive jumps to gain speed boosts, with equally significant penalties for failures.

Speed – A Tool To Test It


Smart device sales are booming, showing massive increases in sales each year in sectors such as Smartphones, Tablets, and netbooks. These devices potentially all have one great central issue on which they either fail, or succeed admirably and that remains the speed and stability of the network they connect to.

Current day high-end smart devices all feature blazingly fast hardware, but for the greater part the speed of the network they connect to determine the functional speed of the device, which basically means higher network speeds equals faster devices. Since high network speeds are crucial to optimising the performance on these devices a decent reliable and accurate speed testing tool forms part of any formidable smart device’s toolbox.


One of the most accurate and stable of these apps arrive from, internet speed testing apps are fairly simple; however, amongst many tested just a few perform well universally on all devices to deliver accurate results time after time. Of the numerous apps tested few besides the software remained stable and reliable regardless of how many times the test was performed on different networks.

The above statement may seem fairly obvious, which may be correct in densely populated cities that offer stable, high-speed networks across the board irrespective of your location; however, whenever you leave these well serviced areas mobile 3G and HSDPA may at times be far slower in rural areas. At these times, it is essential to have the correct tools to identify the issue that is holding up the speed on a smart device’s functionality.

Speed Test will give you accurate reliable results regarding any form of Internet connection, including ping to determine distance from the server, latency, upload, as well as download speeds. An easy to use clearly visible tachometer display up and download speeds live as the testing occurs, with a clear succinct summary at the end of the test. The app will display the ISP information and server location, with a number of additional options available in its settings that allow users to specify the units in which each test is to be displayed.

Large Phone To Phone File Transfers – SHAREit

SHAREit app

Transferring files across a cellular Internet connection can be a frustrating, long and tedious task, while direct connections in contrast present a far speedier solution, but becomes a nightmare filled with incompatibility issues between two differently branded devices.

Users can certainly tap two iPhones or Samsungs together to share and HD video; however, try sharing large files to PCs, laptops, or even between Samsung and LG phones. This is where leading PC vendor Lenovo’s free SHAREit app enters the picture, it allows users to send and receive files between all iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Windows devices close enough to link via Wi-Fi direct.

The SHAREit app even transfers multiple files to an entire group of friends, forming equally well between any device able to install this incredibly handy little tool. SHAREit forms part of Lenovo’s newly promoted suite of DoIT applications. The range also includes other handy tools such as SYNCIt that performs backups of phone contacts and personal data, SECUREIt to keep user phones virus free, with two paid camera functions called SEEIt and SNAPIt, CLONEIt provides an easy and convenient method to move from your old phone into a brand-new phone.

Android users can install and use all non-camera apps for free, but SHAREit elevates itself head-and-shoulders above the rest my delivering a formal comprehensive and compelling Wi-Fi direct sharing solution than any other app offering similar functionality. The app shares all types of data files at roughly 200 times maximum Bluetooth speed without requiring USB connections or using expensive mobile data.

SHAREit has to date seen in excess of 400 million downloads from users in 200 countries and world regions, and has been tested to be the fastest of its kind worldwide. The app provides a simple and easy cross-platform file transfer solution requiring just a tiny footprint on any user’s device. Anybody that regularly shares files between devices or even just to your own PC or laptop quickly find this little app absolutely indispensable and incredibly quick, with near zero failure to send or receive errors.

History Eraser – A Tool To Stop Tools From Stealing Your Info


Smartphones have become such first little tools that are virtually indispensable, use daily for calls via cellular service or VoIP, surfing the net, send and receiving emails, texting via SMSs as well as a plethora of IM services, with loads of other functionality; all combined into one stylish looking package. The downside that forms part of all this exceptional functionality is that it records user activities in a variety of separate folders and files including your search history. The searches are stored in cache and can take up a substantial amount of valuable storage space, increasing over time to eventually start affecting your device’s performance.


History Eraser helps combat this annoying but persistent problem; however, the History Eraser app combats this by working as a giant eraser by helping users empty out their device’s app cache. The data contained in the app cache may contain sensitive personal information that users may not wish to accidentally and unknowingly share with nosy, stealthy prying eyes.
Comprehensively clearing out the app cache in the browser history, clipboard, Play Store, Gmail, call logs, MMS, SMS, YouTube search results, Google search, as well as Google maps provides an added level of security. This comes in addition to its freeing up valuable storage space sucked up by unnecessary and outdated cache data that can reach volumes 10 times larger than that of the actual app itself.

This in turn will once again speed up the device itself as well, which presents a total win-win scenario, particularly when one considers what a device’s storage space starts to look like after a year or so and having installed and uninstalled numerous applications. Some of which will definitely run simultaneously, all also simultaneously attempting to sort through tons of outdated and non-applicable data until these still active apps eventually find required data from amongst all the junk.

After opening the app users are offered the opportunity to select those histories they wish to have deleted, or use the option to clear out everything in a single pass, which clears away all app data. Users may even select certain apps they wish to always have the cache automatically cleared out after each use, this functionality assists to prevent data theft by toolish third parties. History Eraser has proven to be extremely reliable, by doing exactly what it promised to do in its sales blurb.

A Handy Smartphone Tool Everyone Should Have

Automatic Call Recorder1

Every so often we all had the experience where we wished we could record a telephone conversation for one reason or another, be it evidence, security, proof of record, and sometimes just a very funny conversation, as well as a multitude of other reasons. Call recorders have been out there for nearly as long as smart phones have been in existence; however, this kind of functionality is now available in a fully or even semi-automatic format to prevent a user having to fumble around to start a call recording in the middle of a conversation.

Automatic Call Recorder is the highly unoriginal but very apt description for the application that provides this incredibly useful functionality. It allows its users to record any phone call if they so wish, or even allowing them to set up exactly which calls they wish to have ignored or those that must be recorded and saved.

Automatic Call Recorder

At the completion of each recorded call the user will have the option of adding notes or sharing the conversation. On Android versions 3.0 and over the app offers full integration with Dropbox as well as Google Drive in order to synchronise saved conversations to cloud storage.

The developer generally recommends that users first try out it’s free version before purchasing a fully featured paid app, since its call recording function remains incompatible to certain handsets which may result in recordings that suffers from inferior sound quality. It offers the ability to record from different audio sources or even utilise its auto-on speaker mode to overcome any potential voice quality or recording issues.

All recorded calls are automatically stored in its Inbox; however, users can at any time change the Save To target folder to include external SD cards. Users can determine a preset size for its Inbox, with the possible number of saved recordings limited only by the size of the user’s available device memory. Users can even opt to activate its Call Summary Menu to provide a number of options that will appear at the end of each recorded conversation.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the available options since the app offers a near endless variety of customisable settings that will cater for just about any pre-determinable eventuality.

Microsoft Delivers Impressive Smartphone Apps


The most oft heard objection against owning Windows OS’d phones is most certainly not the operating system which has proven to be quite stable and user-friendly, it was simply a lack of depth in its featured app selection when compared to that found on the virtual shelves of iOS and Android App stores. This objection can as of late be laid to rest, since the situation regarding lack in variety of selection has been comprehensively overcome in the last couple of months, with a mass influx of some of the best content available anywhere in the mobile market. The second most popular objection is the lack of a full feature set compared to the offerings found on its two main rivals in the mobile market. At the time it was largely a factor of it being the newest OS, and as such its marketplace received reduced attention from developers since their main concern was to get a fully featured version in the two competition stores. This too has changed as is clearly apparent in the apps discussed below, which represents some of the best quality to be found anywhere.


Microsoft Arrow Launcher for android delivers an excellent barebones skinned interface for those preferring an alternative to the standard bloated Android deliverance from most manufacturers aside from Google’s Nexus Smartphones. The app, designed to simplify any user experience, seems to have struck a sympathetic chord with android users since its launch has seen in excess of 1 million downloads. The message comes across clearly that users prefer to bloat their own devices without any assistance from smart phone manufacturers loading useless and undesirable content. It offers a clear simple design that provides easy to all apps, while offering extremely usable background choices and assistive reminders.

Movie Moments, an app originally meant for Windows 8.1 mobile devices, became equally applicable on PCs featuring our Windows 8.1 OS, unsurprisingly the PC version offers a little more functionality than its mobile peer. However, the mobile version allows its users to quickly and easily create and edit fun one-minute videos, resplendent with background music and titles. Its task, made slightly easier on larger screened device still offers full functionality even on reduced acreage screens.

Cheap Home Security & Free Paid Apps Daily


Modern Western civilised society operates on the premise that its inhabitants choosing to partake in all the many benefits offered by its near endless technological advances are required to pay for them. However, in many instances inhabitants unnecessarily place themselves under tremendous financial stress due to peer pressure, below are two methods to alleviate some of those financial stresses that you as an inhabitant of Western civilised society might be paying for unnecessarily.

Alfred home security IP cam application now delivers personal home video surveillance in an entirely affordable way, preventing you from having to splurge a couple of hundred bucks to acquire a home security surveillance system. All it requires to operate is a cheap old phone with an operational camera that you might have chucked in the back of a drawer somewhere, and Alfred comes to the rescue. The creators focused on making surveillance and security via their Alfred app as cheap as possible by utilising the user’s existing hardware, with further assistance from a setup process that is simplicity itself.


The only items required is your new daily phone, the Alfred app, and your old phone, together with a valid Gmail account to use for its login. The app then uses the camera on your golden oldie phone as a security cam, while your daily phone serves as the viewer. This is doubly effective since even the oldest cameras on mobile phones are superior to all but the most expensive IP cams, insofar as video quality is concerned. The Alfred surveillance app allows the setting of multiple cameras and viewers, with users able to switch between individual cameras in under three seconds.

In a further money-saving move, a new android app now provides you with the opportunity to win one paid app for free each day. The new app, titled Promo Codes offer each day’s winning members a gratis promo code that allows them to receive a paid app of their choice at no additional cost to themselves. Even if you fail to win, you will receive a link to the Google Play Store’s paid section to view what you could have won.

Once users have downloaded and installed the Promo Codes app they can click on a button reading, “I’m feeling lucky” to reveal the lucky winners and losers in just an instant. Users receive just one opportunity to win each day, fortunately tomorrow is just around the corner. Its current inventory of paid apps for free, includes top end titles such as Franco Kernel Updater, Nova Launcher, Today Calendar Pro, Relay for Reddit, Impressions, Focus, Shuttle, Progression, as well as Twee.

Mobile’s Most Anticipated Games of 2016

Magic Kingdoms

At the start of 2016, gamers are presented with brilliant new possibilities due to the efforts of a slew of top line developers adding incredibly high quality content to the virtual shelves of online mobile gaming stores. The games discussed below represent the best of the best, breaking new ground in graphics, storyline, and player control, offering higher levels of interactivity and far greater bang for your buck in mobile video gaming entertainment.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms is another highly anticipated upcoming release from Disney and will be available on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The children and now adults entertainment giant Disney has for generations been known for its out of this world attractions and resorts, and soon it offers players the ability to build their own Magic Kingdoms on smart phones and tablet devices. The new Disney title is according to company resources expected to release early in this year. Fans can look forward to interacting with legendary iconic characters, or completing quests in order to save their theme park from evil villains while building up their very own theme park entertainment attractions.

The latest and perhaps one of the greatest yet survivalist MMORPG games, Durango offers players a look at a world based on dinosaurs coexisting with humans, where players in order to survive will need to build, hunt, as well as develop their tribes in an open world framework. Durango became one of the most anticipated games and a of years ago after a teaser trailer; however, it went silent for a while but has now started to resurface offering newly released information and a number of screenshots of this stunningly visualed new game.

twofold inc. will soon deliver to players a brand spanking new puzzle game from the creators of the renowned strategy title Rymdkapsel. Players must not let the minimalistic appearance and simplicity of twofold inc fool them, since this famous indie team has in the past on several occasions displayed the exact know-how to create quality gaming entertainment. In twofold inc, players start scrolling through a playing field in order to make a path with a clear the way by unravelling tiles.