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This Week’s Must Have Android Apps

Ski Safari 2 2

To technophiles new app launches are always like Christmas morning just before checking your Christmas stocking for its contents, with the gift stockings filled with possibility and expectation. Each new app may contain wonderful new features and they may just be the ones to fulfil the slight shortcomings of your current already brilliant app. Your current app causes its own discomfort like a tiny pebble in a very comfortable shoe, due to its absolute brilliance a slight possible feature omission can cause an irritation starting off tiny but growing in size, new apps in the situation delivers a new pair of soon-to-be even more comfortable shoes without that tiny little pebble to boot. Without further ado and herewith below, your potentially perfectly comfortable pair of new shoes.

Ski Safari 2

Ski Safari 2 replays its story as a 2D, infinite runner downhill where players will need to ski their path to victory. Players are constantly followed by a threatening avalanche ready to gobble and grind you up if you’re not fast enough, providing a number of animal boosts and power-up features that appear and help players along their way players are given the option of choosing between two of the eminently playable characters, which offer two methods of transport. Additionally filled with even more excitement, players can opt to join an on-line multiplayer game, start customising their own gear, and several other features. The new sequel application remains downloadable as free play and as always totally family friendly, a number of in app purchases are available to further up the gameplay ante.

Drivemode is a latter-day application launch that attempts to keep its users eyes on the road while using their smart phones during self-drive journeys. Users new to utilising their voices to navigate their way around smart phones will have to bear through a small learning curve in the app’s first few minutes of use. However after having learnt its various controls via touch only its users will easily take and make phone calls, read and answer text messages, control the music content on their smart phones including play, pause, fast forward, next track, et cetera. The app accomplishes its tasks via voice command intermixed and added to by bright colours that are utilised, it ultimately proves to be quite useful and easy to learn allowing its users eyes and attention 90% more time on the road.

Top Augmented Reality Apps

Anatomy 4D1

Two decades ago augmented reality existed in the realm of science fiction writers, moving on to current day it has become a practical and incredible reality. Augmented reality hands the user the power to overlay and build upon the real world with displayed information and additional digital content linked to physical objects and actual world locations. AR allows users to bring static items to for rich life this would include static printed advertisements, or even viewing the trailer of the movie simply by pointing a mobile smart device camera at the movie poster. This carries on with near infinitesimal possibilities whereby new forms of entertainment or interesting landmarks as well as advertising can be viewed by users.

Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D free on both Android and iOS, introduces users to DAQRI , a pioneer of augmented reality one that would like users to introduce themselves to its singularly most impressive tech showcase called anatomy 4D. This AR app will allow viewers to journey on a virtual tour through the human physique. To do so users will be required to print it the target image and point their camera at the image after laying it down flat. The AR app then displays a 3D generated CGI rendering of a human body including all the various organs. Users have the option of zooming to whatever magnification level the might require as well as viewing the object or body from differing angles.

Layar also free on both Android and iOS howls itself to be one of the leaders in the self-proclaimed area of Interactive Print, by allowing its users to see digital content embedded within various source forms that include magazines, posters, advertisements, as well as QR product codes. Once again opening an area with near limitless possibilities to convey advertisements, general or specialised knowledge, assist you to discover here to undiscovered facts of places, items, and landmarks.

A Keyboard App Finds All Photos Its Users Have Ever Taken


Everybody engages in taking digital photos on a fairly extensive basis, accumulating tens of thousands and more digital imagery that relays the story of the person’s life and those who shared special events or special memories. Most of us by taking and the recording of our lives via digital media have at some stage through an unfortunate event or a series of events lost irreplaceable graphical memories in the form of digital photos after a hardware device of some type crashed and died.


Kwilt now wants to ensure that all of these digital images you may to share with others on-line are at the tips of your fingers and they mean that quite literally, because the company has developed and is currently improving on an alternative kind of keyboard for use in mobile devices. It offers its users the ability to gain access to each and every photo they’ve ever stored on a cloud storage space, or shared through social networks.

KwiltKeys is a trailblazer for future mobile media solutions and have been named a game changer by the Photo Marketing Association’s (PMA) Out Of the Box Awards. The PMA awards recognises collaboration and innovation through honouring these visionaries that backed breakthrough technology within the entire spectrum of photography. The company’s new keyboard is the quickest and simplest way of sharing photos from all sources including Instagram, the camera roll, Dropbox, Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, Google+, Petzi Treat Cam, and a number of others to bring all the digital images into one app accessible via the user’s fingertips.

Kwilt was founded during late 2014, currently occupy offices in Ottawa, Canada as well as San Francisco, California, and have become a renowned award-winning innovator of mobile media solutions. Their products provide customers with direct access to all the digital images from their mobile devices.

New Smartphone Apps This Week


The major app stores feel like overgrown jungles at times, with each passing day a host of new apps appear for potential downloaders to sift through, most people want to give them a once over but it’s tough to decide which are worth your precious phone screen space. The below apps are definitely worth giving a thorough once over before deciding if they meet your specific personal requirements and expectations that an app should deliver.


Flashgap can yield truly hilarious or utterly disastrous results, depending on your personal mind-set if you single and if you’re in a relationship it would depend on the mind-set of your partner. As your night you want to remember could turn into a night you might have trouble remembering, Flashgap will deliver the version of the truth you might wish to forget, or erase, or just deliver memorable moments of a fantastic evening or event. Firstly users will create a Flashgap photo album should with your friends and then start snapping pictures that will automatically be added to the album. Every photo will disappear within three seconds after the shot is taken, leaving users focused on enjoying the present event instead of mulling on the snapshots taken. The following day at 12 noon a photo packed album with photos taken of the event by both the user and his friends reveals itself, allowing its users to re- experience the special event from your and the perspective of your friends, to be hidden, treasured, or shared.

Move To iOS provides Android users making the move to iOS with an app they’ve wished into existence for a long time. This was the first Apple created app specifically designed for the Google platform, assisting new iOS owners to wrangle and migrate their existing contacts, photos, as well as any other personal data that might include email, messages history, bookmarks, and calendars onto their new iPhone. Allowing newly joined iOS owners to set up their new iPhone with just about all the data from your old Android device.

Two Trusty Old Dogs Learnt Nifty New Tricks


Firstly Skype in its latest and just released iteration learnt to communicate with and via Android wear smart watches in a truly innovative and very cute fashion, while Google Photos just received its first genuinely major update turning into an extremely powerful imaging tool.


Microsoft added some extremely useful and innovative features into its just launched communication app, Skype version 6.4 currently rolling out via the Play Store. With conversations that can now extend to the wrist of Android Wear watch owners in the form of viewing and replying to messages from their watches by tapping on an alert of the conversation on its tiny screen. Users will then be able to respond to IMs via prewritten responses or even voice, additionally there will be able to sketch out crude drawings on their watch screens for Skype to automatically transform into emoji’s and send. The newfound tricks are quite similar to that offered by Google’s Hangouts available on Android Wear watches. All smart phone users should rejoice in this latest offering from Microsoft since it proves their commitment in its continual transformation and updating of Skype to build into a powerful cross-platform IM service. Additionally Microsoft continually reacts extremely aggressively in relation to its ongoing development of high quality Android applications.

The big Tuesday event for Google was unexpectedly not just about new hardware. The Google Photos app, after its first major update, now supports cross platform sharing of user imagery, while speeding up the search for a specific photo amongst tens of thousands of others through a user-friendly intuitive interface. Users can now clip video lengths, or reorder their albums in a much quicker and simpler fashion made possible by its ingrained powerful tools, while making it easier to share new and old pictures with friends and family. One of the most welcome notable new features must be its shared albums, redeveloped and expanded upon on the back of its current photo sharing facility that even allows sharing between iOS and Android devices.

Android Apps Delivering Free TV

Android Apps Delivering Free TV1

Android users tired of battling with monthly pay-per-view or channel subscriptions that never deliver the content you want at the time you have available to watch it at your leisure without the need for recording devices can now ditch the satellite dish and toss their cable box.

Android Apps Delivering Free TV

All they would require to do so are the correct Android applications, because the greater part of the major cable TV and big broadcast networks offer free streaming applications available to android users. The available list of on-line television entertainment include full episodes screening the most popular television shows that includes names like Duck Dynasty, America’s Next Top Model, About a Boy, as well as Scandal stop.

The best of these apps deliver all of the most popular network shows for absolutely free and with no login required as one would normally have to with pay-TV. The A&E app delivers their signature reality TV shows directly to your android mobile device including populates Duck Dynasty and Flip This House. The app is sleek and enjoys all the correct basics built right in, to deliver a glossy slideshow of the available featured series, presented on a crystal clear menu. Part of the menu is a queue of “Just Added” featuring their latest screened episodes with previews made available via clips. In addition a quite convenient “Watch List” helps users keep track of any episodes already viewed allowing them to start up immediately where they left off.

ABC rewrote history to become one of the very first of the major TV networks offering their own free Android streaming app. The app delivers promo images presented in a full screen format offering translucent overlay menus featuring smooth intuitive menus, making its “Watch ABC” app true eye candy. Users will have zero trouble in finding complete episodes of the media giants most popular feature shows.

6 More Brilliant iPhone Widgets

Hue’s Today1

In second installment of our reviews on several of the brilliant and user-friendly widgets that are now available on iPhones we will spread good news and bring joy to travellers, sports fans, as well as home automation buffs. These fantastic new apps offering these powerful information tools delivers absolutely amazing capabilities that are simple beyond belief to install, activate, and use to enrich our lives and enable us to have more free time for hobbies or even enjoy the information delivered about our hobbies while busy at work, lunch, or even make long boring meetings seem like fun.

Hue’s Today

ETA’s widget collects and combines the users information with regards to his or her most frequently travelled to destinations available at all times at a glance, immaterial of whether they might be walking, using public transport, or driving themselves. Users will always be fully aware of what time they need to leave and/or arrive to make the appointments on time, just tap your desired destination once to open the navigation app which will plan your route for you just a few split seconds. ESPN is known and loved by all sport hobbyists & hooligans, and now their widget will notify users which games are on and at what times they will air, and spoiler alert the widget will even provide final scores for completed games and events, giving users a full sports page in their notification area.

Hue’s Today from electronics manufacturer Philips is the remote controller that offers the capacity to replace some of the remotes needed to control home automation functions. The widget allows the user to control their customised preferred light settings directly from the notification centre in their iPhone, eliminating the need to stumble around a darkened room or house while hunting for a light switch or a remote.

Secure Mobile Communications Apps

TextSecure 1

Increasing numbers of mobile users and companies are becoming more security conscious regarding the privacy levels offered by their cellular communications, with many now insisting that all forms of communication involving the exchange of sensitive information be conducted via secure means. Businesses are legally required to be compliant with the HIPAA act to ensure their client information remains secure, or public figures attempting to keep their private lives to themselves instead of unwittingly sharing it with a stalker or paparazzi.


TextSecure is a free app that can accomplish just that, it functions with the current phone dialler and user mobile number, but will keep the paparazzi, NSA, or the weird geek from IT from hacking into your messages. The app encrypts all over the air communications and keeps them safely encrypted once the message arrives on the mobile device as well.
RedPhone, another free app and peer to TextSecure also works in conjunction with your current contact list and dialler, but allows its users to conduct secure encrypted VoIP calls to other RedPhone users. It also alerts its user when another RedPhone user is calling them so the call can be conducted fully encrypted, and users have no need to worry that they might fall victim to the NSA while discussing their plans to take over the world with Dr Doom.

Wickr a third free app whose developers believe the most secure message is one that does not exist and no-one can prove otherwise if it went poof up in virtual smoke. It offers its users a fully secure texting service than even offers the capacity to manage media. The user sets the time of validity before sending a message and it then self-destructs when that time limit has been exceeded….no not the phone, just the message! This ensures ultimate security, even if the receiver shows it to another person there remains no evidence and the information simply becomes ugly hearsay.

7 Best iPhone Widgets

Until not too long ago widgets and their immense everyday practicality were exclusive to the domain of the dwellers from android land, fortunately Apple set this right soon after the launch of the iPhone 6 larger screened peer the iPhone 6+. With the continual development and improvements of iOS widgets the Today view further improve widget functionality by delivering widgets directly into the Notification Centre.


IOS buffs can access their widgets directly from the notification centre with a single flick of the thumb without the need to back page or tab away from an open app. Widgets improved the lives of their users as well as iPhone functionality tremendously with users having all forms of information instantly available at all times. All the user has to do to join the converted masses is to enable their widgets the questions which of them are the best of their kind, hopefully the below discussion will enlighten and assist.

Fantastical 2 combines all reminders and calendar notifications into a “at a glance”fully interactive instantly accessible widget, where users can thumb-tap dates to instantly access a quick view of your historical future.

Clips works best with its multiple clipboards enabling users to retrieve and add snippets of text. It functions just like being able to access multiple clipboards instantaneously always at ready to paste or copy whatever information users may require with full compatibility between apps and the web.

Pedometer++ shows how many steps or your counted paces for the day, or whatever period users might have chosen to view or keep record of on any given day week or month with a full histogram of activities.

Deliveries provides online shoppers with ability to keep track of and view all of the items you may have purchased and ordered from Amazon, Apple, UPS, or FedEx as well as any other shipped packages you might be expecting, including each package’s last status.

Dark Sky is meant for all the weather watchers, and if Apple’s Today weather summary is not sufficient, Dark Sky gives users an indication what they could expect of the weather during the next 60 minutes based on their immediate location.

PCalc widget provides basic division, multiplication, subtraction, addition, as well as percentages nestled within the Notification Center, with users able to toggle between a full calculator and one displaying only your last result.

TeeVee 3, provides users with a quick view of all available upcoming television shows and the channels they will air on and will only display information about the channels available in your area.

Google Finally Graces iOS With Keep


Over two years have passed since its initial launch on Android, and Google has finally deigned to bring its brilliant note making and taking app called Keep to iOS. This latest re-platforming of the app should give iPhone users good reason to rejoice, since one of iOS users ongoing frustrations when supporting Google’s services on their devices is the tremendous lack of urgency with which the search engine giant brings its latest tools to the iOS.

google keep

The strategy speaks of good logic on Google’s part to assist the company in its goal of achieving primacy in the competitive mobile market, providing iOS users with the latest and best versions of their own in-house developed operating system apps could potentially provide Apple as a company with a Google created marketing advantage, which, while good news for Google is generally terrible news to strictly iOS supporters.

Keep was designed to pool and store all the various bits of information users pool from all over the web into one currently existing central app controlled data base, which offers users an easy to manipulate intuitive interface of recognisably “Post-It”-like notes. The sticky notes can be easily recognised by the user through customisable colours, where the note has the capacity to carry a variety of data forms such as images, audio files, and checklists.

To later enable users to quickly retrieve an idea or memory they had seen and stored by simply searching through their notes guided by colour, type and context without having to revert to a massive web search. Users can also then share their own Keep notes with other people in order to collaborate on shared tasks and interests. Keep also offers its users customisable notifications that may be location or time based to remind them to collect dry-cleaning, buy groceries, or even remember distant relatives’ birthdays. In many aspects offering functionality similar to Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana that is currently available on Android and its own Windows 10 and what Apple is developing into the iOS’s Reminders app and the independent, long time unmatched and brilliant Evernote app.