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Facebook Encrypted Messages and Live Video

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and has been around for years. There are many different uses for the service, which is still 100% free to use. With its massive user base, Facebook has not only become amazingly popular for businesses, but also for users who are marketing their own videos and vines.

The Facebook market keeps growing on a daily basis with a new business opening, new members joining, and new apps and other servicing using it to advertise what they have. Facebook has been updated many times in the past and has managed to make their services a lot safer and user-friendly at the same time. The latest addition includes both features and security, which once again makes it more useable, enjoyable, and easier to connect with your friends.

Facebook Encryption

Facebook Encryption

The most recent addition to Facebook Messenger provides encrypted messaging. Many of you might not know what this is, but it’s actually quite simple. This is the highest level of securing your messages at the moment. Those worried about someone spying on your chats or hacking your accounts will no longer need to worry about anyone but you seeing private messages.

The encryption allows only 2 users to see the message. This means you and the person receiving the messages. The messages will only be displayed on one device, meaning a message sent from your phone will not appear on any other device that has access to your account, so logging into your PC to continue the chat will mean you need to send a new message to the person.

The feature also includes timed messages, which will only me available to the recipient for the selected amount of time. This starts from just 10 seconds, but also includes much longer times, depending on your choice. Once the selected time has run out on the message, it will automatically be removed. With this new feature, not even Facebook will be able to access the chat or see its content.

Live Video on Facebook

Live video broadcasting has become more popular on various social media platforms. Facebook now also provides the same feature and allows you to create live video that allows your friends or members from your page to watch you live.

Currently, the feature is only available for iPhone users, but will soon be available on Android as well. To create a new live video, you can click on status update and hit the broadcast button at the bottom (person with 2 rings). Once selected, you can choose privacy settings that determine who are able to see the videos. These options start from the public but can be set to personal as well, meaning only you can see the video.

The feature will send notifications to all that are allowed by the privacy settings, meaning they are able to join the live video. Those logged in will appear on your screen where they can comment. You will have the ability to read these while in live video, like the comment and even respond.

Pokemon Go – Faster Level Up

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the latest and greatest game that everyone seems to play worldwide. The game has attracted, young, old, Pokemon pros, and even those who are completely new to getting to know the different characters and what the game is all about. The game uses geolocation that provides a gaming opportunity like no other. Players get to actually catch Pokemon in the real world by using their smartphones or tablets. This means walking down the street could result in finding a unique Pokemon, which also makes it a game with some exercise benefits.

The game has managed to break various records when it was released. Nintendo released the game only a few days ago and it has already managed to increase their stock by more than 50%, resulting in more than $10 billion in growth. The company has released many games with Pokemon of which Pokemon Go is their biggest and most successful.

Pokemon Go 1

The game is free from both the iOS store and Android. There are optional purchases within the game, but these are not required when you know where to go and get the things you need. So far, the only reason you would have a reason to spend money on the game is when you need Pokeballs or have run out of other supplies.

However, as mentioned, there are other ways to get other these needs and find the things you need to level up and advance through the stages of the game. The best way to do this is to gather a group of players and create a level up party. Drive or walk to a destination where various Pokestops are available within a smallish area. These are common within shopping centers, busy parks, town squares, and even churches. Finding an area with as many of these locations would be ideal.

To level up fast, gather all the items around the area, but also place a lure at least Pokestop. Catch the Pokemon that appears and watch as your points increase and get you closer to the next level. More Pokemon will react to these lures and a popular area, which is why we strongly recommend using this method to boost your points without taking a cent from your pocket.

If you need other items such as Pokeballs or supplies, wait at the Pike stop after catching the Pokemon that appear. This will provide new supplies and Pokeballs once the Pokemon have been there. In busy areas, you will be able to repeat this feature and get everything you need. Choosing a location with many of these stops in a small area, allows you to move around and get different types of supplies.

Using the method mentioned will not only ensure you level up a lot faster or that you will find some amazing Pokemon, it also ensures you get all the supplies you need within a short period of time. Doing this on a regular basis ensures that you always have everything you need to make the best of the game.

What We Know About Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7

Many of you reading the heading would wonder what’s happened to the idea of the Note 6. Well, you’re not alone. The company seems to have decided to skip the Note 6 and jump to the Note 7, which could be to get their Samsung Galaxy and Note launches to represent the same mobile (Galaxy S7 and Note 7).

Samsung is expected to release the actual reason in New York on the 2nd of August this year, which is also where and when they will be releasing the latest Note 7 device. There are many possibilities for the latest device that we are sure will impress as Samsung has always managed to. The most reliable rumors include a number of impressive features, but as we all know, these could be included or simply not. However, here are the latest rumors we’ve heard about the phone.

Samsung Note 7 -1

Firstly, the screen is expected to remain at the 5.7 inches is currently is. This was expected as a bigger screen, means a bigger phone that makes it a bit too big and more in line with a tablet. The current screen size is huge but is still perfect for a device that can be carried around and handled with one hand (if your hands are a bit bigger). Security feature will also definitely be upgraded and since the Note devices always outshine the Galaxy, we might just see the first Iris eye scanner security device. This means the phone would scan your eye to identify you and unlock the phone.

There has been talk that the Note 7 might have the same curved screen as the S7 Edge. However, we aren’t sure this would actually happen as it would make the devices a bit too similar. The Note has become popular as the business phone from Samsung as users have a stylus to navigate through the device and pin on very specific items around the screen. Another factor that comes into play with the Note 7 having a curved screen is how the stylus would be incorporated with the screen and what new options will be available. However, we doubt strongly that Samsung would only allow a screen size and stylus to be the differences between 2 of their latest devices.

The phone is also expected to feature complete new software. Samsung has always used TouchWiz to keep their phones unique while also offering Android software and apps. The company might just get rid of TouchWiz all together and bring in a new form of software to once again make their phones completely unique, but could also present the same problems many users experienced with the earlier Note devices that presented issues and glitches with TouchWiz while it was new.

As mentioned above, the phone will be presented for the first time at the New York Samsung Note 7 Unpack event. The phone will be available to the public later in August, which might not provide the company with the numbers they hope for as the iPhone 7 is due in September.

Amazing Camera Apps for your Phone

Camera Apps

Your phones camera is a powerful device that many simply use to snap a picture of something pretty or take a quick selfie. However, there are actually many incredible things your camera can do other than taking photos. In this article, we look at some of the most impressive features and abilities that you might not have known about.

Sky Map

Sky Map

Sky Map is an app that will amaze you and your friends. The app tells you everything you need to know about the stars and where they are. Turning the app on and pointing it at the sky will show you the stars you see and provide information on them as your scan the sky above. The app also works during the day, allowing you to always learn more about what’s above you.

Security Camera

Having an old iPhone, iPad, or iPod lying around could actually act as a security camera that will alert you, and allow you to see the video live. The best part is, this app is free. Simply download the ManyThing app and install it on both your old and new iPhone. Set up to old iPhone as to how you want the device to react and it will notify you on your current device. The phone can be used to pick up motion and record for a certain amount of time, users can view what the camera sees at any time, or it can be used to control devices. Such as a lamp turning on when the camera picks up motion.


PhotoMath is one of the most incredible apps that can help you solve any math problem. The app simply requires a photo of the problem, which will result in it showing you the answer, but also how to get to the answer. This is a great app to use when kids need help with homework and you’ve forgotten everything you have learned in school or when you need to solve a few things, but don’t have the time to sit and work out things the way you learned in school. The app is easy to use, and amazingly accurate.

Apple iWatch Now Remote for GoPro

Apple iWatch

GoPro is one of the world most popular recording devices that can be used many ways. Some simply use the GoPro as a recording device while driving, while others take advantage of the durability it offers by taking it on extreme sporting adventures to record every move. These cameras can also be attached to drones that record you from a birds eye view, offering a whole new way of seeing yourself in action.


The latest update on the GoPro, has allows the Apple iWatch to connect to the device allowing users to use it as a remote. However, there are many additional features that become available with the device, including the ability to control a drone while getting the best view on all the action.

The app update has only recently become available, which allows users to connect to the Wi-Fi-equipped GoPro with their iWatch devices. The app will provide all the features you require to stop recording, start recording, ad a video bookmark, and much more. All this can be done from the lock screen on the iWatch, giving users quick access to make changes to start a new video.

The watch can be used as a viewfinder as well. Before hitting the record button, look at the screen to see what the GoPro camera would record. This allows users to adjust the angle, make needed changes to the camera, and much more before recording.

The app has been updated to allow users the ability to scroll through content on the GoPro, copy files over to the watch, view videos, pictures, and more straight from the iWatch. This makes it easy to quickly check how the last trick looked and how it can be improved. With these new features and options, you no longer have to hold the GoPro on you to get the best shot. Simply place it somewhere to get the best shot and use the watch to see what it has captured.

The technology is expected to become more user-friendly and offer more features as both the iWatch, the apps, and GoPro devices are developed.

Samsung S7 Active Fails at Waterproof Test


The latest release from Samsung has managed to impress with its new features and abilities. The fact that they have finally managed to provide the first waterproof Samsung blew everyone one away, even before it was released. However, there have been multiple tests on the device that suggests it might not be quite as waterproof as Samsung has made it out to be.

Samsung S7

Youtube are full of these tests that compare how well phones do underwater, drop tests, and even some tests that are completely useless such as freezing the phones or dropping them in boiling water. The new S7 Active is now available to customers around the world, meaning the testing has begun and a few issues have come to light.

Firstly, the S7 and S7 Edge seem to actually hold up to the waterproof statement. The phone easily stays in water for over 15 minutes and still comes out working perfectly. However, there have been some reports that the speaker gets damaged and doesn’t seem to provide the same volume quality as before, even after it has dried out for a day or so.

The S7 Active has the same waterproof rating as the S7 and S7 Edge which is IP68. With a rating this high, the device should be able to handle 5 feet of water for around 30 minutes, which both the normal S7 devices passed. However, with the same test, 2 S7 Active devices have failed. It’s understandable that 30 minutes in water might not happen all the time, but the rating of IP68 suggests that the phone will be able to handle it. Evidently, the S7 and S7 Edge has managed to pass these tests, but the S7 Active with the same rating hasn’t.

This shouldn’t be a reason to not buy the S7 Active as water damage will be covered under the warrant. However, if you drop the phone in the water and forget about it for 30 minutes or more, the worst it can result in, is waiting for the phone while it gets fixed.

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Animal Pant

Smartphones and tablets have become popular with all people, including kids. These devices might not be used to communicate with other people, but rather to learn and play educational games that develop their minds. There are many apps that provide different gaming options for both girls and boys, which includes various themes, game styles, and learning opportunities. The following list will provide the some of the most popular games for kids, which can be downloaded on multiple devices including iOS and Android. These can be played on both smartphones and tablets, making it easy for kids to enjoy at any time.

Animal Pants

Animal pants for a great app for toddlers. The app will provide various animals where kids need to choose the correct pants and feet for the animal. There are 12 different types of animals and the background will feature where these animals live. The app is available in multiple languages and will assist in early development in literacy.

Funbrain Jr.

Funbrain Jr.

Funbrain Jr. provides various games opportunities that will enhance education for all pre-schoolers. The app comes with basic learning methods but can also educate on a higher level and kids progress. From numbers to learning alphabet can be achieved with this app. The games include bright colors and fun games such as popping the bubble with the most numbers or build alphabetical pipes to fill the pool shown on the screen. The app will assist where needed, but also provide kids with advancements in these areas.

Kids ABC Letters Lite

This is a great game to use when kids are learning what each letter looks like. The app will enhance learning on a pre-school level, but also in earn years of school. The app shows the letters and provides various games that will help kids remember the letters, their sound, and what words they are used in. A puzzle game has also been included where kids get to put these letters together and have fun while learning. The app can be purchased for a low price of just $3.99 from the app store for both Android and iOS.

iOS 10 What to Expect


Apple has always managed to impress with their latest devices, which is partly due to the reliable software they have developed. We’ve seen many upgrades take place on our devices, which makes the better, faster, more usable, and provides additional features. Even though iOS 8 and iOS 9 didn’t bring much difference, when it came to testing iOS 10 beta, we were impressed from the very first moment the device rebooted.

iOS 10

iOS 10 has not been released to the public as it will be used on the iPhone 7. This means we can only expect the update later this year after the iPhone 7 has been released. However, with the beta software, we can see a few of the features to come, not only to the latest device but also all those that support the latest update. Here we look at some of the features and new options of iOS 10.

Installing the new software now might be risky as it might consist of bugs and glitches as the software has not been tested. However, we’ve decided to test the software and provide the latest features and updates expected. The software was tested on the iPhone 6s Plus, which will work the same on the 6s.

As mentioned above, the changes are visible from the very first moment. Picking up the phone resulted in a reaction where the screen came on and presented the lock screen as I had a passcode set. If I didn’t, it would have signed into my home screen instantly. This means the lock screen that has been there since the beginning has now been removed, making access to your apps instant.

The 3D Touch features also provide a lot more options for all the apps. For example, the mail app will provide more information and allow users to archive mail without opening the app. The home screen shows more options with mail, making everything easier to use and quicker to access.

The control centre that appears when you swipe up has been simplified as it came a bit too full with the latest features presented. The pop-up in a bit bigger than usual, but include all the current options while also featuring additional information about these options, such as the wi-fi currently connected to.



Millions of people around the world have become a lot more health conscious and want to lead a better life by eating right, getting the right amount of exercise, and living a better, more positive life overall. There are various app options that will provide you with the needed features to improve your diet, track your exercise, keep track of things you eat and how much energy they consist of, and much more.


Most new devices such as iPhone and Android provide standard apps that will provide the basics, such as tell you how many steps you’ve taken today. While these are useful, for someone who is trying to lose weight or watch their intake, there are apps that can go into a lot more detail about what you eat. These include apps such as MyFitnessPal.

The app can be accessed on iPhone, any Android devices, and PC. This allows you to keep track of the information on the app, no matter where you are or how you are connecting. The developers have made all the features easy to use on both PC and mobile while including all the features you need.

Firstly, the app will track what you eat, but users will need to input the food after a meal. There are many features that allow you to select exactly what you’ve eaten and how much of it. The app will also recognize millions of brands, which gives you an accurate calorie, fat, and energy count. Things that are consumed regularly, such what you have for breakfast most mornings, can be saved in the quick menu. This means you can reselect the item to quickly add it and provide an update on info.

The app also comes with a few amazing search features, especially when consuming bought products such as a snack bar. Users can enter the name of it, or simply scan the barcode of the product. This makes entering the things you eat super-fast and easy.

Exercise can be manually entered or the app can track your steps for you. Using other apps such as Nike Running App that provides the calories burnt during your run, can be entered manually. The app can communicate with fitness devices as well, including FitBit, info from Apple watch, or just about any other fitness devices available.

Portable Battery Chargers

Portable Battery Chargers

Portable Battery Chargers
The idea of having a long battery life on your phone has been a request for a few years now, but mobile developers seem to focus on making the phones faster, thinner, and including technology that takes up more space on top of it all. This is why many companies have come up with new ways to provide longer battery life or the ability to charge your phone while on the move.

There are many options when it comes to recharging or supplying your phone with an extended battery so it will last longer. The most common options include a battery bank or a case that attaches to your phone and provides additional charge to your battery as it runs out. Both of these options are great, but with the latest technology, you can go so much further without having to charge the phone or the battery pack.



Not many people know about the solar option for your phone. Some of these come with a battery back, which is charged with a solar panel and there are cases that have a solar panel attached to the back of the device. The only problem with the battery pack is that you would need to carry it around with you, which isn’t always possibly. The case option provides the ability to charge your device from the sun without needing anything else. This will charge the phones battery directly by simply packing the phone face down in the sun. It doesn’t charge very fast but is fast enough to assist when you need it most.

Battery Pack Travel Cases

Charging your phone while traveling has always been a mission all on its own. This is why many airports now offer charging stations, which are great, but can’t always be reached when you in a hurry or don’t feel like sitting around. Many of the latest luggage options have a power bank built in, which allows you to charge your phone with a USB cable. This means you don’t have to carry anything with you, or have a case on your phone. Simply plug in the cable to your device and into the USB slot on the case and charge your phone. The battery pack comes in many sizes, which will determine how many times it can charge your device.