Best Apps for Photo Editing

best photo apps

Smartphone have evolved a lot in the last few years regarding screen quality, apps, features, and cameras. Most people don’t own a digital camera anymore as their smartphones take just as good pictures if not better. However, many people enjoy changing certain aspects to images they have captured and find it difficult to find an app that provides the best features for their Android devices. There are many apps to choose from but a lot of them do not offer the features desired, and when they do, it doesn’t seem to do exactly what you want it to. Here are a few of the best photo editing apps available for Android devices.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro (Free)

Bonfire is quickly becoming a popular photo editing tool that can provide all the regular features such as filters and standard editing tools but includes a lot more of these features to begin with. The editor includes all the most popular such as HDR, black and white and lots more, but becomes unique with its special filters such as the realistic watercolor paintings that have various stroke options as well as settings to create the perfect, life-like photograph.

Photoshop is one of the best tools to use on PC to edit and create images. They have now also included an app that offers all the most popular features of the primary program. This allows users to take advantage of a massive list of features that provide a professional finish along with amazing effects. Cutting, moving or replacing items in the background has never been easier with Photoshop. The app also provides various filters and allows users to take advantage of most features other apps of it kind has to offer. However, when it comes to photo editing software, Photoshop is the one to have.


AirBrush is a great app that will provide great features for quick touch-ups. The app works much like one of the features from Photoshop, but can be obtained for free. With this app, users can apply various filters, but also use the tools to remove marks on their skin or simply to remove a small stain on a shirt.

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