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Hassey Enterprises’ Dynamite Jack Goes Universal!

Hassey Enterprises’ Dynamite Jack, released back in late June, just got an update last night, and what an awesome update it is! Instead of releasing a totally separate app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, the devs over at Hassey Enterprises decided to show some love for their fans, and made Dynamite Jack UNIVERSAL. That’s right, now all of you who already purchased the game are able to install and play it on the small screen. And those of you who don’t have an iPad can now enjoy the game as well! 
For those of you who don’t know, Dynamite Jack is a stealth-based action/adventure title that has you blowing up rocks and enemies while trying to escape an underground cave system. It’s easily one of the best stealth-based titles I’ve ever played, and has LOADS of content. Check it out;
– Single Player Campaign Mode;
Containing 28 challenging levels, each with 3 different objectives (like beating the level in a certain amount of time, collecting all of the cartridges in a level, kill all the enemies in a level, kill ZERO enemies in a level, detonate 30 bombs in a level, beat the level without using keys, and much more!) and 3 data cartridges to collect in each stage, as well as a leaderboard for each level!
– Map Builder;
Build your own maps for the game, and share them via Hassey’s server. – This is even included on the smaller iPhone+iPod Touch screen! 
-Community Maps;
Download maps made by other users! This lets you download maps from iPad and PC users as well! 
This makes for near endless replay value, and some very challenging Campaign Mode gameplay.
If you’d like to know more about the game, check out our 4.5/5 star review, take a gander at the trailer below, check out the developer’s website, or head on over to the AppStore, and pick up this fantastic game already! =oD
**NOTE** – You will also be given a free PC/MAC/Linux code to download the game for your computer through the game! GET THIS NOW!! =oD

Rayark’s Cytus gets it’s Version 2.0 update!

Every now and again, an update comes along that totally changes how we view a game. Aside from the usual bug fixes, Facebook+Twitter additions and little tweaks, there’s the rare occasion that you’ll wake up one day, and see an update that you didn’t expect, and that completely changes how you view, or adds to the amount of respect you have for a developer. 
Today was one of those morning. Waking up at 5AM (damn neighbors locking their dog outside), I did my usual morning routine, and then opened up the AppStore to see a couple of updates. One of which was for Cytus. Not even knowing that an update for Cytus was in the works, I clicked on the icon, and was extremely surprised to see the amount of changes and additions that have been done for the fabulous Version 2.0.0 build. 
Here’s a list of what’s new in Version 2.0.0;
>As much as people enjoy the game of Cytus, there seems to be quite a few things that remain unanswered; Often people wonder, what is the robotic icon for? Is the background story really relevant to the game? You will be finding the answers in the new release of Cytus Version 2.0.0
>Cytus Story Mode unfolds before you
>The world outlook of Cytus has always been there, through implementing the new chapter select menu, gamers will better understand & be irresistibly drawn into the world of Cytus more than ever. 
>From Version 2.0.0 onwards, Rayark Inc. has a plan that is bold & experimental; with every 100,000 paid downloads, a new chapter, including 10 new songs, will be unlocked. The complete story of Cytus consists of 10 chapters, 100 songs thereof can be played as a whole, as long as the plan goes through in terms of having all 10 chapters unlocked.
–Having attempted to execute such a plan, we intend to dodge the commonly used IAP song packs in the contemporary music genre. We are relying on each and every gamer to spontaneously promote Cytus to others for its quality content as well as friendly price. Together, we have a chance to make Cytus the one and only; a classic music game with a hundred songs to play!
>9 new songs, including a hidden track of our most popular song.
>Technical Point system for those who want more of a challenge.
>New user interface to introduce the magnificent story of Cytus, including the new chapter select menu with 3 chapters, the story will expand in the future!
>New explosion and sound effects.
>GameCenter achievements 
That’s right. The background story is being brought out more, more songs, a new Technical Point system, new sound effects, GC Achievements!!! Sensory overload! =oD
Also finding out that new chapters and songs will be unlocked if the game sells well, instead of having the song packs come out as in-app-purchases was a huge surprise. Though I’m not too optimistic that the game will hit 1,000,000 paid downloads and have all 100 songs unlocked, I am still hopeful. So get out there, check out the update, and tell EVERYONE you know about a wonderful little music game, priced at $1.99, and already including a buttload of songs, that has the potential to have 100 songs sometime in the future!
Rayark has also been kind enough to contribute some promo codes for Cytus for our first ever BIG ASS PROMO CODE GIVEAWAY! So if you don’t have Cytus yet, and are a broke… broke… like so many of us out there, make sure you check our Twitter page every day for the next week while we hand out promo codes (we’re up to 95!!!) starting tomorrow (the 8th) and lasting until next Tuesday (the 14th).

Witching Hour Studios TBS Title, Ravenmark gets a new campaign!

Witching Hour Studios fantastic Turn-Based Strategy game, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, has just gotten a new update, and what an update it is! Check out what’s new in Version 1.08;
>The Deepwood Dragoons campaign is now available as an In-App Purchase! Players can purchase this campaign from the Campaign Menu for $1.99
>An option that increases the speed at which the Battle Phase plays out is now available via the Options Menu. A 3X Speed Option is available as an In-App Purchase.
>The first missions of the Ravenhood and Suneaters campaigns will now be accessible by default. Players no longer need to complete preceding campaigns to ‘unlock’ these campaigns. 
>A button to Restore past transactions has been added to the Options menu. This allows users who reinstall the game to verify and unlock previously purchased items from the AppStore.
WHS Account (Witching Hour Studios Account)
>Players may now create a WHS Account which synchronizes mission progress across multiple devices. This will not interfere with iCloud sync.
>Players who complete Ravenmakr missions while logged in on their WHS account will be eligible for future benefits. This will be elaborated at a future time.
>Facebook Connect is now available and supported, but it optional.
>While connected to the WHS Account, the game may prompt the player to post his success to his Facebook wall.
Gameplay Changes
>The difficulty of Ravenhood Mission 9 (the ‘Sunsoul Mission’) has been reduced.
>Reduced the amount of time it takes for the World Map to fade in and out at the start of missions and dialogues. 
>After completing the last mission of each campaign, the ending dialogue will now lead the player to the Campaign Menu.
>Dwight has grown stronger. His Pit Fighter ability now also gives him (his parent Element) 4 additional health (on top of the original 20 bonus armor). He also gains a new Active Ability called Low Blow. This change is retroactive and is applied to all Ravenhood missions he appears in.
Yup, HUGE update! But aside from the gameplay changes and the addition of the WHS Account, the new campaign is a big deal! For those of you who have had Ravenmark from the beginning, you know how great the developers are with content updates, though none of them have previously included a new campaign through IAP. However, the previous 2 campaigns that were added could very well have been introduced to the game through IAP, especially with how large they are, and how much content they added to the game. So seeing Witching Hour Studios finally charge for additional content is a great thing. Hopefully this will result in them getting some more money so that they can keep developing games for the iOS. 
With as great as Ravenmark is, I can only imagine what the developers over at WHS have learned since it was released. Ravenmark completely blew me away when it came out, and is still easily one of my favorite Turn-Based Strategy games on any platform. If you’re interested in reading more about it, feel free to check out our review, or visit the Official WHS/Ravenmark site. You can also watch the trailer below, it shows some great gameplay, and gives you an idea of what this amazing game delivers. I’d love to see more releases come out of WHS in the future, and this update is definitely a step in that direction. Let’s just hope it works out for the best. If you don’t yet have Ravenmark, be sure and head on over to the AppStore and pick it up! Priced at $4.99, and being Universal, containing some HUGE campaigns that offer up some incredible challenge, you won’t regret it.

True Axis’ Jet Car Stunts goes UNIVERSAL!

One of the very first games I ever bought for my 2nd Generation iPod Touch was True Axis’ Jet Car Stunts. Released in November of 2009, it’s gone through quite a few updates, but none of them have been as highly anticipated as the Version 1.5.0 update which hit the AppStore late last night. 
Jet Car Stunts now runs at a solid 60 Frames-Per-Second and includes Full Screen Anti-Aliasing for smooth edges on the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3. This is all to help make the main reason for the update even better. Jet Car Stunts is now UNIVERSAL. That’s right, you can now play JCS in native resolution on the iPad!
If you’ve yet to check out Jet Car Stunts, you should know that it won Apple’s Best Game of 2009, was TouchGen’s biggest surprise of 2009, was Touch Arcade’s best iPhone and iPod Touch game in 2009, as well as receiving numerous other awards and rankings. The game has 36 incredibly well designed tracks, and 3 separate gameplay modes; Platforming, Time Trial and Ghost Racing. It’s been one of my favorite games since I first got into iOS gaming, and now, with this recent update, I’m looking forward to playing through it all again on my iPad. Be sure you check this one out, it’s a fantastic mix of racing, platforming, and flying, and offers up an insane amount of replayability. 

Major Mayhem [Adult Swim + Rocket Jump] – FREE

Adult Swim has published some fantastic games over the last year. Monsters Ate My Condo, Bring Me Sandwiches!!, Snoticles, and more. But recently, a little title that really just seemed to really slide by a lot of gamers, Rocket Jump’s Major Mayhem got a huge, and I mean HUGE update. 3 new gameplay modes, a crazy amount of weapons and equip items and one of the most requested features, GameCenter achievements (100 of them!) have all been added to the game. Major Mayhem has also gone free, following the freemium trends with the hopes of recouping some of the costs of development. Not to worry though, as this has got to be one of the best paid to freemium conversions to ever happen within the AppStore.

Back in November of 2011, Rocket Jump released Major Mayhem. Being published by Adult Swim, and having a bunch of advertising done on late-night TV, and across the net, it was pretty surprising that the game didn’t really sell too well. Maybe it was because gamers were hoping for some more strange and goofy games after Monsters Ate My Condo and Bring Me Sandwiches!, maybe they were let down by Shadowngun and EPOCH, and didn’t really want to take another chance on the cover-based shooter, but whatever it was, Rocket Jump dove back into the game to try and make it stand out in the AppStore, and recoup some of their losses at the same time. 

One week ago, the Version 2.0 update went live, and I, along with others, were thoroughly impressed with the new game. 3 new gameplay modes, TimeBomb, which has you trying to get the best score you can in 60 seconds, Arcade, which has you go through the levels in random order trying to get the best score you can, without getting any health drops throughout the game, and Survival Mode, which has you trying to survive a whole world without any continues. Not only were new modes added, but a whole gang of power-ups, weapons, and cosmetic equip items were thrown into the mix as well. 
On top of all of this, the game was converted to a freemium title, with the hopes that more players would pick it up for free, see how much content the game has, and how incredibly fun it is, and want to support Rocket Jump by purchasing the game’s new currency. Those who still had the game on their device when the update hit also got 20,000 coins, which would have cost them about $1.99 with the new IAPs, as a little thank you. However, not many people did still have the game on their device, but luckily, the IAPs are very unobtrusive, and are not required to unlock or purchase anything new in the game. You’re able to unlock every game mode, and purchase every new weapon and cosmetic item just by playing and progressing through the game. 
Back when the game was originally released, a lot of players were upset that there weren’t any GameCenter achievements. These have also been added to the game, and not just a couple, a whole mass of achievements and objectives were included. Now, you can try and unlock the 100 GameCenter achievements, as well as try and grab all 150 and the game’s objectives. Set up like Jetpack Joyride’s objectives, every time you earn 3 or 4 of them, you gain a new rank. You’re also awarded with a random prize for every rank you reach, as well as 50 coins for each objective you complete. With the GameCenter achievements, you’re given even more coins, depending on how many GC points the achievement is worth. 

Major Mayhem’s move to freemium is easily the best I’ve seen happen with any game in the AppStore. It’s obvious that an incredible amount of time, effort, and work has gone into making Major Mayhem one of the best cover-based shooters available on the iOS, and it’s incredibly surprising that all of this was done for free, with the hopes that people would purchase IAPs. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now would be the perfect time. Rocket Jump has definitely proven that they are in it for the long-haul, and know exactly what it takes to go above and beyond to create an outstanding video game. 

Rik Schennink’s missile defense title, Eve of Impact, goes Universal and Newtype’s Aerial Combat game, Fractal Combat gets a graphic makeover!

Eve of Impact, the fantastic missile defense title from Rik Schennink, has just been updated to Version 1.3.0. What’s included in this update you ask? One of the most requested features, that’s what! iPad support! That’s right, Eve of Impact is now a Universal app, and you can view this amazingly beautiful title in full resolution on the big(er) screen. 
That’s not all (tell em what they’ve won, Jon!), iPhone retina graphics have been tweaked, and the gameplay is now a little more strategic. In previous versions, every asteroid on the screen was heading directly for Earth. But now, there are various asteroids which are not on a direct collision course for the planet. This should help scores rise and game length increase quite a bit. 
Eve of Impact has been my favorite Missile Defense title since it was released. Hopefully in the future more modes will be added, but right now, priced at $0.99, it’s one game that has the extreme potential to never leave your iDevice. If you’d like to know more, check out our 4 star review, watch the trailer, check out these screens, and head on over to the AppStore and discover one it’s best kept secrets. 
Also recently updated, and definitely worth mentioning. Newtype’s amazing aerial combat title, Fractal Combat, just got a graphic makeover, faster gameplay, new sound tracks, and iCloud support! The first time I laid my eyes on the screen shots for Fractal Combat, I knew I had to have it. Once I got it, I knew I was addicted. The aerial combat is some of the best I’ve seen on the iOS, even, in my opinion, better than Sky Gamblers. If you haven’t bought Fractal Combat yet, you should. It’s got some great developer support, with on-going updates, each time making the game even better, is Universal, and has the insanely low price of only $0.99, when it could easily have a price-tag of $4.99. 
Check out our 4.5 star review, watch the trailer, and, like Eve of Impact, jump over to the AppStore and PICK UP THIS AMAZING HIDDEN GEM!! You won’t regret it. 


So, along with the fairly large list of releases this week, developers have gone ahead and released some great updates to games you might already have. If not, check out this list, and grab these if you don’t already have them! They’re all fantastic games, with developers worthy of supporting. 

Version 2.0;
>A new game mode: Flight School
>15 hand crafted levels that really ‘flow’
>A few new additions to the bird family
>Hello shiny Retina Display! 
>Night flights
>iCloud Support (even syncs your game between the iPhone and HD Versions!)
>Revised menu
>New languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch

Version 2.0
>100 achievements! – GameCenter enabled or available off line
>150 mini mission objectives
>3 new game modes; Timebomb, Arcade and Survival
>Heaps of unlockables you can earn in game
>5 new and awesome power ups; Air Strikes, Super Ammo, Invincible Robo-Major and more
>13 new weapons; Magnum, Plasma Riffle, Power Weapons that can shoot through objects and more
>40 new and amazing costumes and hats
>iPad retina support

Version 1.01
>Minor Bug Fixes and Memory Issue fixes – 
If you have an iPad 1 or 4th Gen iPod Touch, this helps the game a LOT on your devices!

Version 1.1.0
>A new character
>A brand new animated CG intro; just play Stage 1-1 to see it
>Smoother gameplay for everyone
>Jetpack bugs are all fixed
>Lots of tweaks and bug fixes

Version 3.0
>Old School Mode – 72 levels, 3 lives per character. Are you old school?

Version 1.4.0
>New powerful weapons
>Maximum level cap increased to 70
>Resolved crash in Chapter 3 on Hell difficulty
>Resolved issue causing occasional excessive load times
>Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Version 1.04
>Universal Version; Now you can enjoy the game in Native Resolution on your iPad
>19 new elements; 11 new tree species; 8 new glowing gems provide new colors for pixel artists to enjoy
>7 new backgrounds
>3 additional new missions for a total of 30 puzzles to solve

Crazy Hedgy’s much anticipated 2.0 update hits the AppStore TODAY!

Cybertime’s first iOS title, Crazy Hedgy, is by far the best 3D Platformer available for the iOS. The tilt controls are perfect, the graphics are fantastic, and the gameplay is beyond outstanding. Over the last 6 months, fans of the game have been waiting for the 2.0 update to hit the AppStore, and today, our patience has been rewarded! Check out what’s new in this MASSIVE Version 2.0 Update for Crazy Hedgy;

With this new update, Crazy Hedgy has also gone on sale for $0.99! So if you don’t have this amazing 3D platformer yet, now would be a perfect time to pick it up! Don’t miss out on this amazing game!!
Once a new trailer for the game is posted up, we’ll be sure to share it with you all!

RobotRiot gets updated with iPad 3 Retina Support, More Levels, GameCenter, and more!

Robot Riot, a 2D side-scrolling sci-fi platformer from Glowing Eye Games and Retromite that was released in September of 2011, has just received a much needed update. With Version 1.2 the game has received Retina support for the new iPad, new levels, new power-ups, new bosses, enhanced visuals, upgraded sound quality, bluetooth arcade support, as well as GameCenter support. Although there’s only one leaderboard, and no achievements, hopefully the GameCenter support will be expanded in the near future. But with the inclusion of retina support, and the new content, Robot Riot has come back into play as one of the better platformers available for the iOS.
If you haven’t heard of Robot Riot yet, it revolves around a repoing robot who’s out to take back ships letting the captains know that IT AIN’T NO JOKE IF YOU DON’T PAY THAT NOTE! (BLAAAA haha… sorry) Anyway, the captains aren’t too happy about this, as you can imagine, and you’ll have to fight your way through various enemies and go through loads of backtracking, unlocking of doors, and avoiding loads of hazards throughout each of the ships sections. At the end of each ship, you’ll face off against the captain in an epic boss battle before moving on to the next one.
Originally, Robot Riot only had 4 ships, and about 10 levels, and with the game being as good as it was, players were begging for more. Even though the developers listened, the game now only has 5 ships and about 15 levels, but this is a giant step in the right direction. Hopefully Robot Riot will gain more attention, and that will push the developers to continue adding content, making it a fully rounded out game. For $0.99, it’s definitely worth checking out, especially considering the gameplay, graphics, level design, controls and physics are all top-notch. If you’re still on the fence, you can head on over to Kongregate and play the game in their Web-Based Unity Player. If you’re a fan of platformers, this is definitely a game that will make a great addition to that ‘Platformer’ folder on your iDevice. So be sure and check it out!

Squids Sequel – Squids: Wild West Announced

Squids, the action RPG from The Game Bakers, is getting a sequel; Squids: Wild West – to be released this summer for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Players of the original Squids received an update yesterday that included 3 of the sequel’s missions (along with a new helmet, new enemy and new achievement; Ninja Bluff). If you’ve yet to hear of this fantastic Action RPG, head on over to OUR SQUIDS REVIEW and find out why this amazing game got a score of 10 out of 10.

From the press release:
SQUIDS follows a band of unlikely heroes who must protect their idyllic underwater kingdom from the destructive black ooze settling over the seas. Set in the western kingdom of Seawood, SQUIDS Wild West takes the group into deeper, more dangerous waters as they regroup against oily crustacean enemies and search for a fallen comrade. They’ll help the feisty Calamary Jane save a besieged frontier town, explore native Squid lands and a volatile mine, and start to understand the evil they’re up against — but not without paying a terrible personal price.

SQUIDS Wild West will be a Universal App with more of the gorgeous cartoon art, jaunty music, and humorous storytelling that made SQUIDS a fan favorite. Like the original, SQUIDS Wild West combines tactical RPG-inspired gameplay with the convenient interface of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Although turn-based battles are easily fought using an Angry Birds-style “flinging” mechanic, SQUIDS Wild West provides a much deeper challenge than the average mobile game. Strategy and skill are required as players use environmental elements, the Squids’ strengths, and enemies’ weaknesses to succeed. With devious new enemies, four new playable characters, and nearly twice as many levels as the original SQUIDS, the upcoming sequel also has many fun gameplay surprises — including seahorses that you can corral and ride into battle!”

If you’ve been on the fence, Squids has dropped in price from $2.99 down to $1.99 to celebrate the new update. It’s hit the #1 spot on the RPG charts in 65 different countries, and has been downloaded over 1 million times, retaining a 5 star rating within the AppStore after thousands of iTunes reviews. Needless to say, it’s not too often an iOS game has a 5 star iTunes rating after thousands of reviews, or hits the 1 million download mark. If you’re a fan of adventure, RPG, action, or even physics games, chances are you’ll love Squids. Be sure and check it out. And we’ll have more info as the news becomes available to us about the sequel, as well as a review after it’s released.