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Upcoming Games For iOS Devices

Space Grunts

Christmas is over just about everybody have by now received, opened, tried out, and appreciated their new presents and by now should start looking for new ways to entertain ourselves until the end of the holidays. Fortunately in preparation to the start of the festive season developers also launch a whole new generation of mobile gaming applications, below are some of the ones we could not have tried yet but soon will be able to and from this list you will be able to select your own ones to look forward to.

Space Grunts 1

Space Grunts is to be released early in 2016, and is basically a mixture of turn-based and fast paced rogue-like action gaming. It features all the main characteristics of similar gaming titles where resource management is the key to survival, as is survival itself. The game offers a multitude of randomised elements, with the catch being each step a player takes and every action they create is linked to a turn-based grid system. Despite the fact that to date the game has largely seen desktop development, mobile gamers don’t need to start worrying themselves as the game is definitely coming to mobile with advanced boards of the game already making the rounds amongst mobile beta testers. One of the greatest aspects in space grunts is its ability to convey a real-time, action game offering fast-paced play despite it being a turn-based platform.

Rocket Ski Racing is the next upcoming Nocanwin game, and this prolific developer of indie games announced that his newest title will soon be coming to iOS. Game-play for the greater part exactly what the title spells out so clearly, namely strapping on a pair of skis with a rocket booster stirring things up from its place strapped on your back. As if skiing is not a dangerous enough pastime as it is, now players will be able to ski across dangerous icy terrain at a totally ludicrous velocity. The gaming action takes players through numerous loop the loops, with player controls achieved through right and left tilting or virtual D-pad tapping. Players have an option of racing through a gate chase mode, or partake in race events where nine other opponents are out to defeat and make life difficult.

The Latest App Releases Making Waves


The first thing anyone does, after cracking open the box and having peeled off the plastic from your brand-new top of the range Smartphone is start downloading the necessary software to expand its capabilities and make it your own. Any intelligent Smartphone user soon learns to compile his or her own list of evergreen standby and favourite apps to take their personal smart tool to the next level. This is especially true with a rapid rate of development in hardware technology, as these smart devices continually develop and expand the potential of their capabilities and are currently already capable of so much more than the standard software allows for. Despite the fact that we will compile our list of favourites and standbys there is always room for improvement, to allow even further expansion of its capabilities, so this personal list should always remain dynamic and fluid. The apps below will hopefully deliver new meaning and add or extend the capabilities of your personal smart devices.

When considering the sheer amount of time users spend reading on their smart devices, scanning and scrolling through an endless word list. Amongst these words even a diehard bookworm must certainly at times come across words that might be unsure of the meaning or definition or might be just plain curious about. Define can now provide a method of looking up any word in any app, by simply highlighting the specific word’s text and then tapping on Copy the bring up an inconspicuous notification which users can then tap on to reveal the usages and definitions of the word in question. Users can even download one or both of two available dictionaries, namely Livio and or Wordnet in order to provide an uninterrupted service when off-line. To further expand its capacity it will even reference the Urban Dictionary whenever connected online.


Shuffle My Life has recently made major waves on Reddit, the app was discovered by a group of people who were the epitome of what the app is attempting to address, and its major purpose is to break people loose when they are stuck in too much of routine and their lives have become entrenched in a rut. Anyone that during their spare time sits around without a clue of how to keep themselves busy or find something new to do if they had to leave the familiar surroundings of their office or home will benefit from downloading this app and follow its recipes. The great thing about Shuffle My Life is that it lacks complexity and it’s so simple to use, users don’t need to think about what they want to do next. Users simply need to choose one of the suggested items and act on it.

The Most Significant Apps For December 2015


Below is a list of the best new apps launched during December 2015 to assist android users in making their decision of what new apps to include on their phones. With Google’s play store drowned in new apps during the Christmas developer’s rush to get their latest and greatest out into the extremely busy marketplace, it is easy to not give a second thought to some pretty effective apps that will assist android users in enriching their smart phone experience.

Focus 1

Focus is free from well-known browser designers Firefox assist users in blocking trackers and adds while they browse on their mobile smart devices. It accomplishes this by continually running in the background working to hide or prevent ads from activating on websites and also to prevent trackers from gathering information regarding your browsing habits to be used for analytics, ads, as well as social media sites. The simple action will increase your browsing speed, thereby enhancing your online experience, while it reduces unnecessary data usage by third-party software, which you the user need to pay for.

Storehouse is a popular iOS app that now finally made its appearance on Android, it simply put, sort of brings back the old family photo album. This app allows users still a story with their photos in a manner that chemically duplicated by apps and online photo-bases such as Facebook or even Instagram. Storehouse sorts through a users photos to create interesting stories and pretty collages from videos and photos found on your mobile device. All in a user needs to do is to give their device a bit of a shake to reorganise all their pictures automatically in a new unique layout. After a user save their newly created photo album are free to share it with friends via the usual social media of their choice and is faster than uploading individual photos to social sites and much easier to use.

Cortana, Microsoft’s much-vaunted virtual digital personal assistant, earlier this week officially made its way onto Android As Well as iOS. Similar to Siri and Google Now, Cortana will help do verbal web searches, set reminders, help your text, or call your friends as eminently capable alternative to the previously mentioned Google Now and Siri.

Fantastic Android Gaming Apps Not to Miss This Week

Since this week forms part of the post Christmas lull, it presents the perfect opportunity to test a few new games and these new games deliver the mechanism to fill your free time, all round bliss before the start of another perfect year. The games discussed below may not be flawless, but are certainly more than good enough to spend some precious free storage space on.

Space Jet app1

Jet Space is a great online shooter that recently soared into Google’s Play store, and while there already exists numerous similarly fantastic Android-platformed space themed shooters few offers the tons of multiplayer and online capabilities available in this one. Just launched by Extreme Developers it offers play on a futuristic shooter based entirely online, allowing players to compete consistently in real time with like-minded players from around the world. Loads of daily challenges require completion, with the aim of assisting players to win gaming currency for the in game upgrading of their ships. Players can choose any of the 20 unique ships that will offer upgradable engines, energy shields, hull plate armouring, and weapons, via silver and gold currency earned by completing the daily in game challenges. Further spaceship customisation options such as unique identification details and more than a dozen camouflages to make ships even more attractive and unique. Loads of fair sized maps will keep players entertained for quite a while, before requiring any additional map upgrades.

Minecraft: Story Mode remains one of the better Telltale Games products released this year, the new version made it onto numerous top-10 Android games lists during 2015. All avid followers of the Android based Minecraft stories will be overjoyed with its just released Episode 4, titled A Block and a Hard Place, which leaves enthusiasts with just one more episode of the entire series outstanding. Sadly, Episode 4 ends the saga of the Wither Storm, which easily became one of the most memorable and exciting stories found in the entire series, fortunately the developer revealed that Episode 5 would arrive early in 2016.

Most Significant IOS Apps in December 2015


According to statistical data collected and compiled by Forrester Research the well-known analyst firm, smart phone users spend up to 85% of their active device time engaging in activities via apps. However, in excess of 84% of this same time is spent actively using only five apps that they downloaded themselves and did not arrive preloaded on their smart devices. This is the reason why developers find cell phone users such a tough crowd to break into the realm and become one of the reliable software sidekicks such as Candy Crush, or WhatsApp.

Even after developers convinced users to download their apps, it still seems to be an insurmountable task of encouraging the selfsame users to develop the habit of utilising their apps. Fortunately the developers have not given up on this, a fact borne out by the numerous inventive ideas launched in the Apple Store. The below apps are definitely worth forming a habit about.


Enlight is certainly one of more impressive apps in 2015 in all its iOS representations, it offers the latest in improved photo editing software for mobile devices. The most basic level makes its ease-of-use truly user-friendly; however, the more users start exploring all its various customizable features the better their resultant photo shoots will become.
Dubsmash was technically released in the dying breaths of 2014, but truth be told the lip-syncing app only reached the level of a bona-fide mobile trendsetter during 2015. To quickly gained such popularity it leapfrogged the usual crowd that support early app adoption and leapt directly into mainstream use.

Camera51 became an instant hit on Android, and translated to an equally impressive performer as a newcomer to iOS, to provide a viable and improved alternative to any device’s built-in camera’s software. The app focuses on assisting both experienced and floundering phone camera users to improve their composition and framing, immaterial of whether they might be clicking away at landscapes, people or objects, including selfies.

WiFiMapper, quickly proved itself indispensable to frequent flyers finding themselves out of their depth in searching for a quick Wi-Fi access point that will allow them some basic browsing, texting, downloading, updating, and syncing without breaking their wallets. In this task this app becomes a precious resource, by providing 30 detailed map of all local Wi-Fi hotspots both paid and free access points, including important data that displays the usefulness and speed of each connection registering on their smart devices in their locale.

The Very Best iOS Gamers Apps Delivered During 2015

Snowboard Party 2

IOS users eager to finally have the free time to be able to put their fantastic new 6S models through a bit of performance testing in real-world situations, will be able to assess its capabilities by playing the three beautifully detailed games discussed below.

Snowboard Party 2 is available from the Apple Store at £1.49 and is comparable in quality and fun to EA sports’ SSX 3, and since this developer has to date not made the effort to bring its excellent game to iOS in a number of years players will now be able to enjoy Snowboard Party 2 instead. It’s an absolutely awesome playing game since the developer added improvements containing 150 brand-new levels for players to grind and slide through. Players will also be able to select one of 16 individual characters they can further customise, design, and build up to their personal tastes.

Snowboard Party 22

Buried Town, available from the Apple Store at £0.79, is an extremely fun game that offers light graphics in combination with a text based playing style. The game requires players to fight for their survival after washing up on an island in their canoe. While looking for more surviving members of your crew in a slog across the island you quickly realise a zombie horde has overrun the island. From that moment on, each minute requires you to fight for your survival, by avoiding disease and zombies while getting supplies, building shelters, and continuously working together with other non-playable characters in order to survive.

Moonlight Mah-Jongg is available for £0.79 from the Apple Store and has become a trusted sidekick to provide gaming entertainment to a multitude of users on iPhones for many years. It is one of the favourite brainteaser/time wasters while waiting for appointments or just trying to relax during a free moment of free time. The game graphics is delivered in an impressive 3-D virtual reality, where players can zoom, pinch, or rotate around the tile set on the table in order to figure out the tile layout.

Exciting New App Releases Worth Trying This Week


In this last week prior to Christmas Google’s Play Store is brim full of new apps and games, which at this time of year should thrill or android users as they now have the time to select the last few favourite apps before the rush of workaday 2016 strikes in full force.

Scribblenauts provides creative thinkers with an ideal pastime game that allows players to if they so desire, type in a number of words, such as nouns with adjectives from which the app will then generate a number of items in order to solve puzzles. Ever thought of pink elephants or a hippie in a suit would allow you to complete challenges you are faced with? Now players can give this thinker a good go while they have the time this festive season, relatively logical solutions are necessary to resolve challenges, Scribblenauts retains a modicum of open-endedness, considered sufficient enough to allow for loads of flexibility in your creation.


Habitica, is a fantastic new to-do list that uses will be able to knock off tasks from like a brand-new fantasy hero. Getting everything done in a normal workday can be truly tough at times and especially so when juggling an overloaded work schedule. This type of workday makes it easy to lose focus while using the usual to-do lists and task managers. This app offers its users a thrill found in its fantasy role-playing that offers game hero style levelling, which amounts to a gamified to-do list. In its latest iteration it rewards its users for completing their everyday tasks, including the mundane activity of taking out the trash, or finishing home studies.

Katy Perry Pop offers players an app, built in the typical Glu mold like the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood smash hit. This app allows its users to create their own music careers or remaining under the guiding hand of Katy. Players start-off as a singer in a shop that managed to catch Katy’s ear, two in time develop their own songs, while selecting their characters personal brand and style. Players will also start performing in front of an increasingly doting fan base, while travelling the world.

Photos A Keyboard And Christmas Fun


Newly designed apps executed in a brilliant fashion always makes for a welcome new addition to any App Store and even users that have already crammed their smart devices full of brilliant new apps and games will find a nook or cranny with space still available for that last, just one more fun, useful app as those discussed below.

Facebook has begun rolling out their newly added support to accommodate Live Photos on its latest update for its iOS app. The app allows its users to capture 1.5 seconds of video both before as well as after photo images. Live Photos is currently a joy users are exclusively able to capture on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices. However, Facebook being the dynamic entity it is, quickly responded to now offer the capacity to view Live Photos through its Facebook app loaded onto any iPad or iPhone, with the sole requirement that the device in question has iOS9 or later loaded.


Fleksy updated their brilliant keyboard app with 3-D touch support now offered for Apple’s iPhone 6S, is currently one of the top options in third-party keyboards. The Fleksy app recently received a newly updated version 7.5 featuring numerous excellent improvements. Tapping the Fleksy icon brings up a Quick Action menu that offers the capacity to quickly access the Stickers, GIF, and Settings sections. The list of improvements includes searching Emoji via the Highlights Extension, an additional GIF & Stickers tab, and numerous other additional options.

Santas Rooftop Run will provide hours of delivering stinker gifts in this brand-new Christmas seasonal themed endless runner, with the gift dependent on who was nice and who was naughty. It will have players jumping across reels, dropping smelly surprises or delivering a few jolly presents through chimneys along their way. The game offers simplistic controls that require players to simply tap for a jump or drop your stinkers or gifts. All chimneys marked Nice requires a sweet gift for a good kid; however, chimneys marked Naughty gets a stinker dropped to the naughty little bugger. Players will also be able to collect cookies and milk to increase their scores even further.

Pre-Holiday Season Developments On iOS

Neko Atsume

Below is a must have mix of new creations and developments of trusted existing apps to broaden and brighten any iOS user’s day by turning their chosen device into more useful and flexible day-to-day tool. Any experienced smart device user will find these apps most useful, and where applicable highly entertaining, most users continually seek to improve the performance and range of their smart devices in these apps will accomplish such a task quite admirably.

Since we cannot bend the weather to our personal wills and whims just like Sean Connery in the 1998 rendition of The Avengers, we instead will need to trust in reliable weather apps like The Weather Channel to alert us on the weather’s daily whims. It offers a nicely polished design combine to its extremely useful notification tray widget. In addition, it offers an extended forecast that predicts the weather on an hourly basis. As an added benefit, it’s users will be able to share their regional weather on most social networks, it even offers integration with Apple watches.

Neko AtsumeKitty Collector1

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector offers iOS users and extremely charming iPhone game that encourages players to leave their stuff on their lawns for stray cats to come play with. The game seduces players via the numerous adorable nekos, cute artful aesthetics delivered via hand drawn pictures, and some very clever gaming mechanics to keep its controls accurate and game play interesting. Players are required to purchase in place furniture not their personal benefit but to gather as many of the unique cat creatures as possible. The highly entertaining game will wait you to continue playing, however the game will refuse to allow you.

Dashlane provides iOS users with a password manager app that is a breeze to create strong passwords with, the app will also store any personal information they may wish to keep utterly private. The app allows you to create and retrieve unique passwords directly from a user’s mobile device, or change their passwords with a simple tap. It offers fantastic integration with iOS’s integrated Safari browser, where it will additionally fill in and complete forms seamlessly.

The Best Productivity Apps for iPhones


One of the 21st-century stools that have affected and changed our lives the most is the advent of a truly usable smart phone and with it arrived a slew of apps that allowed it to literally manage a whole life in a much more efficient way than ever before. The current world would be drastically changed if no Smartphone ever existed, the below discussion lists a number of these life changing applications.

TeuxDeux is an app specifically designed for iPhones that is as far removed from common as its name. It provides its users with a quite interesting to-do list that offers a quite unique approach to the manner in which task lists are currently managed. Its users receive a day-by-day breakdown of their task list through an interface that offers a productive, intuitive, simple method of operation


30/30 is an iPhone app second to none insofar as helping its users to let their productivity skyrocket. The app is a time-based task management tool that operates similarly to stopwatches, which challenges players into a race against time which is presented in such a user-friendly manner you cannot help but to accept the challenge.

Flow for iOS delivers a brilliantly designed productivity task manager aimed specifically at tasks requiring the collaborative efforts of a team. The interface is uncomplicated Facebook like and elegant while providing extreme versatility in its attachment and list support.

Any.DO strikes a new blow for minimalism in productivity applications, it represents one of the most minimalist daily to do lists for people that enjoy doing things in a classic way.
Clear is widely acclaimed for its innovative and user-friendly interface that garnered it huge popularity amongst the smart phone crowd. It also offers gesture-based controls that are designed to create new tasks on the fly, easily, and speedily.

Reminder is from the other end of the spectrum with its personalised approach to your own reminders to perform monthly payments, to do lists, and other tasks. It users can set reminders for monthly bill payments and other uses.