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iPhone’s 3D Touch


With the launch of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Apple once again impresses with new features that set them a step ahead. The 3D Touch feature is a world’s first and provides various useful tools to assist users in everyday tasks.

The 3D Touch feature worlds with most applications on the device and offers a range of quick view options. It’s unconfirmed, but obviously an answer to Samsungs touch ten released with later Note devices a few years ago.

iPhone’s 3D Touch

Apple has taken the extra step and created and entire new display that measures the amount of force placed on the screen. This allowing the developer to set various options depending on the pressure. For example; before a soft or hard tap on the camera app would only open the camera and allow users to take pictures, but now you can tap softly to open the quick menu where options such as take selfie, record video, record slo-mo or take a picture are presented. Thus giving users the ability to access the feature they desire within the app instantly.

The 3D Touch also allows a peek function. This will allow a hover screen to be open when pressing on pictures, emails, websites, Facebook pages and much more. Once again the amount of pressure applied is crucial as users can get a quick view into emails to see content without opening the email. This feature has proven very beneficial while searching for certain files or emails on the device. We are expecting many more features to become available with 3D Touch, which will only make it more useful and enjoyable with future smartphones.

Apple has managed to impress with all of their devices launched over the years. The world-renowned mega company has been a leader in both mobile and computer devices and have managed to stay ahead with some unique features. Android might be bigger, but is supported by multiple mobile companies such as Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Sony and more, whereas Apple has always been independent and offered used amazing features that can only be utilized by those with Apple devices.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

Real-Time GPS Tracker app1

Smartphones have changed the way we look at the world, connect with family and friends and do all sorts of daily tasks, but now you can even use these smartphones to track family members, follow a someone while in another country or simply ensure the safety of children and loved ones.

Android has recently become the leader and smartphones by overtaking the world renowned iOS from Apple. Over 1,6 million applications are available fro Android devices, which includes a lot of useless apps, but also many that make life easier.

Real-Time GPS Tracker app

The Real-Time GPS Tracker app is completely free and only available on Android devices. This allows users to share real-time location details with each other no matter where you are. Using a GPS signal, which is stronger than a data signal, you will be able to track approved family members and see their exact location.

The app provides many settings that can adjust privacy or when someone will be able to track you. With family members and loved ones, the apps allow tracking without the other person interaction. This feature is excellent when loved ones cannot be contacted or while they are driving. The app will update on their locations within seconds once logged in.

As an additional security measure, the app can be used to track children’s location. Once again users can see exactly where the mobile device is where it’s headed. The apps also include the ability to lock the device in case of theft, which will then require a matching password before the phone will become useful again. Users can also take advantage of remote control over the mobile device in this case to remove all data from the phone to ensure sensitive information is protected.

There are a few of these apps available, but not quite as many with all the features offered by Real-Time GPS Tracker that are free. Unfortunately, the app is unavailable with iPhones, which means all users need to have Android devices or access Google Maps on a PC to track allowed devices. We are hoping the developer will create and iOS app that allows users with either iOS or Android to enjoy the features offered.

Best Note Taking Apps – Organizing Life

Color Note

With so many apps taking notes available, it could at times becomes difficult to decide which one is the most adaptable to your style or the required tasks it would have to able to perform. With variety available there are an abundance of different apps for any purposes users can think of or even for purposes not thought off before, and mobile users can be sure to find you specific to their needs or the very best one to be adapted to it. Here are some of the very, android best note taking apps currently available.

Squid is referred to as the best for creativity and enables users to get creative with their notes. For those who like to doodle or consider themselves a bit of a calligrapher even if you are just nostalgic about paper notes, then the Squid app is most certainly the one for you. Squid is perfect for scholars, professionals and students and is uncomplicated to use and allows anyone to add quick notes.

Color Note1

Keywords or definitions in text or handwritten are excellent for studying or getting ideas for a term paper but to enjoy its full functionality it is necessary to upgrade to use this feature. It works well on a phone but is ideal for tablet use. The reasons are more space enables you to draw more and it works great with a stylus. A combination of creativity and note taking.

Color Note has fewer features than the other apps here, but is also the simplest. It’s best suitable for users who are looking for something that is easy to use, fast to call up and super-fast to store in a save place protected by a personalized security code. This option can be used on any smartphone by text or stylist.

Simplenote, is an app that is super lightweight, both in terms of resources and size since it uses only 4.5 MB. Users simply type in any notes, to add tags is uncomplicated and notes can be shared. It is possible to create a Simplenote account. Wit an email address and password users will be able to back up work across different devices.

Great-Undiscovered Apps to Get Excited About


With thousands of app that are totally overrated and not identified to be of much use for Android users there are several apps that are basically undiscovered and shows fewer than 50,000 downloads, and tested they are extremely useful and completely underrated or undiscovered.


Hermit is an app that creates wrappers for websites, which can be used to replace apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all resource-intensive. These apps described as lite Apps functions like all normal apps and appear in the drawer called recent apps and can send notifications but the lone storage space they take up is the space needed for their icon, and what makes Hermit unique is that it uses no more than 1% of your battery.

Hermit could not be described as superbly attractive and had not been updated since 2013, but it remains an excellent way to keep track of recurring irregular tasks that is a struggle for to do list apps and calendars. Creating tasks are uncomplicated and can be set by week, yearly and monthly to keep users on track with thing that could slip their mind such as birthdays, anniversaries and daily reminders are a great ways to list meetings, urgent schedules or any other lists including shopping requirements. Hermit uses an algorithm that comprehends urgency, so even tasks that occurs only once yearly like are reminded off well in advance.

In the case of the app called Instadict it could be the unfortunate name that is the reason for its relative anonymity, but Instadict presents a novel way of looking up words for users. Highlight a word and then copy it, all that is required is that you shake your phone, and the definition is summoned up through mysterious forces. It’s almost like a charmed 8 ball that essentially makes sense, Instadict is amazingly addictive, and once used it is really missed should you change phones. Both theses app are well worth checking out for all Android mobile users and can be located in the Google app store.

Join – a Highly Capable Pushbullet Alternative


Push bullet is an exceptional file-sharing and cross-platform tool that gained notoriety when a yearly subscription fee was introduced and transferred all once-free features to its paid version. While many users were upset with the new arrangement, an app called Join offered mobile users the same and more features than Pushbullet did and all for a one-time payment, join also link all your different devices and are a huge competitor to what once was Pushbullet’s crown.


Pushbullet announcing a paid version of its service appeared fair yet the method the company used to handle the transition is what caused users to be upset. As a substitute of introducing new features for the pro version, Pushbullet relocated previously free features and locked it behind their paywall. These previously free features included universal notification mirroring, copy and paste and unlimited messages. The new price per month is also quite heady at US$4.99 a month, plus upsettingly there was no grace period for existing users to purchase a subscription at a discounted price.

Users had no choice but to pay or look for alternatives and thankfully, a praiseworthy alternative arrived on the scene. Join went live across all platforms recently, including Chrome, Android, Windows 10, web and has already proven itself to be a lot more versatile than Pushbullet. Even though the service is still in its embryonic stage and cannot currently measure up to the pretty offered by Pushbullet’s it is overall a superior service that appeals to mobile users and it’s available at an affordable a one-time payment of US$3.99.

Join offers pushing images, links, clipboard, messages and when tested everything worked with only minor occasional hiccups. All files are shared through Google Drive and stored in a dedicated folder, allowing you to go back and access them at any time from any device.

The service allows you to automatically share anything that is copied to your clipboard, reply to messages from within notifications, set images as backgrounds on remote devices, and pretty much anything else you might wish to do with such a service.

Newest iPad and iPhone Apps Released in March 2016


The newest release apps for iPad and iPhone plus all the new games to hit are now available in the App Store, several can be obtained free and are bound to transform your device.
Shikaku Madness is a new Japanese Logic Puzzle designed especially for iPhone and iPad and is perfect for puzzle maniacs. The game is both challenging and fun and offers 120 unique puzzles to solve and are the best way to give your brain a workout. It is available for free in the App Store.


Driving Advance Car – driving zone Dark released on the 25th of March 2016, enables users to explore new possibilities of their iPhone 6S, which works best with pressure sensitive screens. The game offers a ride in super Cars and provides players to enjoy a super challenge. The new accelerometer technology is set to balance the cars and realistic physics is your shocks recoil. The game is set to offer hours of play and the goal is to compete to be the fastest car driver on robust worldwide scoreboards.

Amazing Blocks on the City is available free and the current version 3.5.1 was released on the 25th of March and is promised to be an extremely addictive game. Players get to explore the new possibilities on their new iPhone 6S as it works best with the pressure sensitive screens and the game is a favourite for all users who loves arcade style classic games. The game mission is to reorder the groups of cubes so they fill rows that care then destroyed. Scores can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. Become the winning hero since the game kicks off with a group of blocks descending from the top followed by a group displayed at the top left corner of the play area for player reference. To win mobile players need to fulfil the requirements in order to proceed. If the blocks pile up and reach the top of the play area, the game ends. Charge into the exhilarating Galaxia for limitless excitement!

Android – Best Streaming Apps for Mobile Gamers


Streaming the action live during video gameplay has become a favourite hobby amongst gamers that use it to build their reputation and social standing amongst their fellow gamers. Live video streaming has long remained a domain belonging purely to PC-based hard and software; however, this old mantra no longer rings true since numerous fantastic gaming video streamers are currently available on mobile. Google Play can offer a number of seriously-excellent android apps that will keep gamers in the midst of the action while on the move. The discussion below serves to highlight the best in each field.


Vortex is currently one of the best mobile video game streaming interfaces that delivers a new look with an interesting twist on video game streaming. Its interface is kept simple in order for streamers to personalise the setup each individual prefers in order to customise their own stream to provide their viewers with a notably improved entertainment experience. Vortex as a company offers no PC compatible sites, but all the streaming services will still allow anyone to watch some of the best gaming action from other PCs or consoles.

Kamcord has proven itself as one of the premier viewers for mobile video gaming streamers and is a truly mobile video game streaming app only provide support for mobile game streamers. As such, there are no League of Legends, DOTA, or CSGO content to be found, but users will find some amazing titles such as the old standby Clash of Clans, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, as well as the undeniably brilliant Clash Royale.

Hitbox, voted the best newcomer to the gaming video streaming app world is currently still in beta testing phase, and despite this the site is gaining popularity hand of the first and could in the foreseeable future become the next big thing for streaming gaming video feeds on mobile devices. The app’s available gaming centred content is speedily pick up, since the site is raking in loads of new streamers out to create a name for themselves while avoiding the overcrowded Azubu and Twitch websites.

Brilliant Android Apps for Every Occasion


The goal is to identify the best apps created for Android users and would have different values for mobile users depending on the kind of app they would use the most. The most favoured apps by thousands of user were identified and will guide readers to several types of apps available at the Google Play Store.


For fitness junkies, their mobile device can be transformed into a personal trainer, RunKeeper provides detailed stats on all workouts and keep track of runs via GPS. The app also enables users to listen to their favourite tracks and personal achievements or progress can be shared with other users. MyFitnessPal is another app used by mobile users who aims to lose weight and offer a counter to add up all calories consumed, which is a great guide to use for getting back into shape.

But it is not all work and no play as several entertainment apps is available and include Netflix, one of the most popular choices available for streaming. The app offers a wide variety of TV shows and films to cater for all users and subscription is very reasonable at $8 a month. Flixster is a great choice for movie lovers and its clean interface guides users to accurate listings of films shown at nearby theatres based on the mobile’s current location.

A huge variety of social apps is available to Android users and the most favoured are Wickr, Kik Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Snapchat, Drupe, Badoo, Meercat and Hangouts. Wickr is ensuring your lines of communication are secure, and the app is gaining more and more respect as users are increasingly searching for privacy that are guaranteed. Wickr not only encrypts your messages to protect them, but you can also set them to self-destruct.

Kik Messenger is perfect for chatters who are looking for simplicity while messaging and the app offer easy to read, sent conversation functions, yet it still allows users to share videos or pictures between friends who uses Kik. Snapchat is currently the most popular for sharing videos or photos and shared content automatically expire once it is viewed but it still leaves people with an option

The Latest Thrill in New App Releases

Faily Brakes

In the continual hunt for the best of its kind amongst the multitude of new apps launched each week the apps below are truly noteworthy and should form a proud new addition to any smartphone user’s selection of Go-To apps, to hopefully establish a long, lasting, highly enjoyable and productive relationship.

Faily Brakes1

PlayStation Video just arrived in the Play Store and this video app fills the gap that currently exists in the PlayStation console owner’s arsenal, albeit a little clunky at times. Users that call a PlayStation 3 or PS4 the nexus of their and media entertainment centre will be mighty pleased to know that Sony finally got into gear to release a PlayStation Video application compatible to a wide range of smart phones not just its own hardware. The PlayStation Video app provides its users with access to Sony’s digital media library containing a multitude of movies as well as television episodes that they can rent or even by from the PlayStation Store. This makes the user’s home console digital media library available directly from their pocket, making everything that they purchase on their smart phones instantly available via their PlayStation console. Strangely, for a company that produces and backs its own PlayStation with software, the app’s support for its own PlayStation Vue television streaming service seems broken in this current version. The strangeness intensifies since the PlayStation Vue streaming service went live throughout the US earlier this week; however, broken software can quickly be mended and it still remains an extremely handy app for all PlayStation devotees.

Faily Brakes, is a brand-new video gaming app that will see most attempts at playing this high-speed game and in a swift and spectacular fashion. In reality any attempt at controlling a car with non-operating brakes will result in several life-or-death nightmarish situations before coming to a standstill. However, in this fun yet frantic game players must try to continually manoeuvre around cars, through trees and across rivers without any attempt at bringing their vehicle to any sort of safe stop, the aim is to continue blasting across the landscape while holding everything together for as long as possible before being ended by a catastrophic collision.

New Apps That Must Be Tried This Week


With the recent launches of the latest generation of top end android based cell phones such as the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge and LG’s G5, there are loads of exciting new, screamingly fast android devices to choose from at the moment. However, users don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest in mobile hardware to enjoy some useful, fun new top end apps, such as those discussed below.

UberEats is a top grade freemium app offering a wide variety of always-ready meals on Instant Delivery via a multitude of vehicles running around numerous major cities at any time. Currently the company is diverting some of its massive fleet of ridesharing vehicles to an alternative task, to deliver food to clients, ordered from local restaurants. Uber’s latest app just reached the Google Play Store and it currently offers users residing in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, as well as Toronto food delivery in a hurry, with additional cities soon joining the list of serviced areas.

UberEats 1

The next cities in line seem to be Seattle and New York. The company is giving their new service the maximum opportunity of success by featuring selected restaurants that continuously offer daily specials the pre-prepared to serve during the lunchtime hours and Uber can deliver these in just 10 minutes. UberEats clients are free to order from a much broader menu incorporating in excess of 100 food joints in each of its covered cities; however, these meals will expectedly take a little longer for delivery since the not pre-prepared. In addition, UberEats users can track their meal via its current real-time mapping, following their meal on its delivery route to their tummy.

ProtonMail, allows its users to speedily sort through their inbox with taps and swipes, with one of its main features the high security offered during daily communications. Especially so in the wake of Apple’s successful stand against an intrusive FBI, which kept the private sector’s encryption privacy debate in the news spotlight for the past couple of weeks. Currently this secure mail service has in excess of 1 million subscribers around the globe, and it just saw its Android app released earlier this week.