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Space Grunts

Christmas is over just about everybody have by now received, opened, tried out, and appreciated their new presents and by now should start looking for new ways to entertain ourselves until the end of the holidays. Fortunately in preparation to the start of the festive season developers also launch a whole new generation of mobile gaming applications, below are some of the ones we could not have tried yet but soon will be able to and from this list you will be able to select your own ones to look forward to.

Space Grunts 1

Space Grunts is to be released early in 2016, and is basically a mixture of turn-based and fast paced rogue-like action gaming. It features all the main characteristics of similar gaming titles where resource management is the key to survival, as is survival itself. The game offers a multitude of randomised elements, with the catch being each step a player takes and every action they create is linked to a turn-based grid system. Despite the fact that to date the game has largely seen desktop development, mobile gamers don’t need to start worrying themselves as the game is definitely coming to mobile with advanced boards of the game already making the rounds amongst mobile beta testers. One of the greatest aspects in space grunts is its ability to convey a real-time, action game offering fast-paced play despite it being a turn-based platform.

Rocket Ski Racing is the next upcoming Nocanwin game, and this prolific developer of indie games announced that his newest title will soon be coming to iOS. Game-play for the greater part exactly what the title spells out so clearly, namely strapping on a pair of skis with a rocket booster stirring things up from its place strapped on your back. As if skiing is not a dangerous enough pastime as it is, now players will be able to ski across dangerous icy terrain at a totally ludicrous velocity. The gaming action takes players through numerous loop the loops, with player controls achieved through right and left tilting or virtual D-pad tapping. Players have an option of racing through a gate chase mode, or partake in race events where nine other opponents are out to defeat and make life difficult.

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