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The Very Best Android Apps At 2015’s Tail End


The New Year is normally seen as a time of starting out fresh however, before anyone can arrive at the time for fresh news resolutions the previous year need to come to a close during which time will need to find resolutions to as many problems and opportunities as you can. In the run-up to the New Year one first has to get through a long period of short days and long nights where downloading the best apps for the currently ending year is vital to provide you with a good cellular jumpstart to the next year’s resolutions.

Pixlr from Autodesk is a free android app that provide an answer to those of us that wondered how all the millions of festive season picture collages were compiled. Most of them were probably created with Pixlr Express, a photo editor that can do so much more than one ever thought possible from a mobile photo editing app. It arrives with a blister of adjustments and effects that ranges from ridiculously bombastic to subtly artistic, with a range between providing its users with the perfect way to round off their images with a dollop of extra pizzazz.


PicsArt Photo Studio is another free android app where it’s users are required to pay $5.99 for an ad free version. Contrary to what many believe, PicsArt is no Instagram clone. It offers loads of effects such as control over individual layers, collages, drawing tools, app is a valid contender to Photoshop is one of the most incredible photo editing apps ever developed for android. Users wanting to move the smart phone snapshots during elevated level are encouraged to look for this app.

Noom Weight Loss Coach is available free or at $9.99 per month that provides its users with a comprehensive weight-loss program serving as a weight loss coach in their pockets. Their feet due new goals on each day in order to ensure that you reach your personal goals, with customisable suggestions advising users on how many calories they may consume a day and again have to burn to meet your weight loss goal.

New iOS Apps For December 2015


The retailing insanity that accompanies the upcoming festive season fortunately provides for a few days of rest and relaxation at the tail end of the festivities, during which smart device owners could spend a number of fruitful hours if there had the correct apps downloaded and installed. The following list would meet most people’s requirements for some peaceful post-Christmas festivities R&R.


YouTube Kids is a free app that will allow its users to entertain their kids on YouTube without the need for continuous adult supervision and feeling worried about inappropriate video content popping up during their kids’ viewing session. It is YouTube’s official answer to unsupervised children’s viewing pleasure and focuses on age-appropriate subscriber channels, which provides a range of familiar television shows to Minecraft style gaming such as Stampy.

FitStar Personal Trainer is a free app for the health conscious that wish to work off the added kilojoules gained during the and ending Christmas meals and sweets festivities. The app incorporates a range of video workers that will prove to be extremely useful to users that continually exercise on their own while at home. It features a range of options that allow the app to track your personal progress and regularly post additional training sessions.

ShareTheMeal is an excellent free app that allows each one of us to be charitable towards those of lesser fortune without having to leave the presence of our loved ones during the festive season. It is an official contribution from the United Nations that allows the app’s users to share their meals with kids in dire need around the globe, the app allows users to give money that enable charitable organisations to feed a child for a period that stretches from one day for 35p up to one year at a £127.75.

Goldilocks & Little Bear app is available at £3.99 from publishers Nosy Crow, the publisher makes incredibly beautiful apps based on fairy tales. This remarkable kid’s storybook illustrates great animations delivered with a slight twist; whenever the device rotates, the kids will automatically switch between the stories of Little Bear and Goldilocks.

New Apps That Must Be Downloaded Immediately

Square Rave

The apps discussed below are for the greater part brand-new, and provides brilliant alternatives, while in some cases introducing innovative new technologies to make smart phones more a user-friendly and a more immersive day-to-day multi tool.

Focus from Firefox helps users block unwanted trackers and adds while they browse websites on iPads or iPhones. The app continuously runs in the background while browsing on Safari in order to prevent ads from opening on websites and simultaneously stop tracking software used by advertising companies, social media, and analytic s from monitoring your browsing habits. In addition to its obvious privacy benefits but also assists in enabling websites to load quicker and reduce the volume of mobile data used.

Square Rave1

Square Rave is a feverish, frantic, high score pursuing love affair by Adam Hay, a sound designer that has gained vast development experience while working for major brand studios such as Frontier, Travellers Tales, The Chinese Room, and Rare. Gameplay is an all action affair with disco competitions that encourages players to race around a field of morphing squares. The field has a striking similarity to a 1980s disco dance floor. The goal is to reach the temporary safety point before each bar of music ends, only to repeat the process with the fun starting again at the beginning of another stage.

Choices: And the Sun Went out is a modern take where users may choose their own adventure books from yesteryear. It’s basically a fictional interactive magazine that offers new updates each week. The first part of the app tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic world that is bereft of all sunlight. Please take note that in order to complete the story players will be required to subscribe which will allow them to finish and access numerous more adventure stories. Players desperate for a totally fresh and brand-new mobile experience may find that Choices offers exactly what they desire. Gameplay is unique and totally addictive at keep you are hanging onto the controls until way past your usual bedtime.

Brilliant New Android Apps For This Week

swiftkey logo

With the tons of brand-new android apps that it Google Play Store on a weekly basis the apps under discussion is well worth the download and time spent to familiarise oneself with each app and come highly recommended.

5miles offers its users/subscribers brand-new functionality similar to that offered by Craigslist. In essence the app serves as a classifieds service offering its users the capacity to trade or sell items, advertise or look for job vacancies, post personal and professional services, as well as a massive variety of other categories. This app utilises sub codes as well as GPS locations to search for and highlight listings within your nearby area, it also allows its users to post personalised voice descriptions and register via Facebook, even sports a incorporated messaging service.


SwiftKey Symbols delivers to its users a very different and brand-new kind of keyboard, where users will enjoy utilising symbols to communicate with others instead of letters and words. This fantastic little app that can be quite useful for people suffering from communication disorders, in its current format there is still a little simplistic but popular enough to have users already requesting additional symbols.

Snap Swipe Drawer is another brand-new app that provides users with a secondary notification method that offers lots of inbuilt widgets. It functions as a widgets stash, which in turn allows more Home screen space for standard app icons, the app is configurable to become available at any time a user requires it. As can be expected with any brand-new app, there remains a bit of release day bugginess, which is worth living with considering the precious additional freed up screen acreage.

Age of Empires: World Domination, launched as the latest update in the all-time favourite series of real-time strategy games available on Android and continues the saga with improved controls, upgraded and an expanded range of weapons. Players can engage in battles in real time added by legendary heroes, with the ability to choose from numerous civilisations in this virtual world. The may even enjoy reliving epic battles based on history which allows to recreate history by evolving and creating their very own empire.

Android Apps Offering A Festive Season Immersion

Christmas Photo Frames app

In order to get all android users into a festive Christmas spirit, developers have delivered a multitude of new and existing improved apps to the shelves in the Google’s Play Store. All of the apps discussed below represent the best of their kind to hopefully make your Christmas experience a bit more immersive as far as your smart phone is concerned.
Christmas Snow is an app offering a winter wonderland of wallpapers displayed in brilliant high definition graphics that users will absolutely fall in love with. It comes compatible with all of the latest display resolutions to provide android users with a device that is perfectly suited in looks to enhance the atmosphere this holiday season. Users may choose from a multitude of wallpapers that displays images of centre in the background with a typical snowman built in the front of the house and numerous similarly themed alternative images to choose from.

Christmas Photo Frames app1

Christmas Songs delivers an app that will allow its users to not flounder around having to mine any words when joining in the singing of carols this Christmas. The app delivers song lyrics combined with graphical support to all existing Christmas songs. Users will enjoy a feature allowing them to set any featured Christmas songs as their smart phone’s default ringtone. Users will also enjoy the fact that the app requires no Internet connection while delivering full functionality. The app delivers the lyrics full monty to songs such as We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Silent Night, The 12 Days of Christmas, Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Go Tell It on the Mountain, The First Noel, We Three Kings, I Heard Bells on Christmas Day, as well as O Holy Night.

Christmas Photo Frames provides it users with the perfect completing touches to their Christmas photos. Users can choose from a large variety of photo frames that includes options such as a Christmas tree frame, a Star frame to name but two of the multitude available within the app. The app allows its users to edit their pictures for of perfect fit into whichever frame they might choose, as well as three individual photo effects filters to apply to images including options like Black and White or Sepia. The app also offers users the option of sharing them instantaneously with friends and family via social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Top App Picks On iOS This December


Each week sees the launch of dons of new and revamped with new functionality apps entering into the shelves of Apples iStore making it extremely tough to discern the wheat from the chaff. This makes it easy to miss some of the best while being bogged down with something not worth your precious time or the precious space on your smart device. The below apps represent the best of their kind as well as some innovating new ideas that sees the light of day for the first time.

FaceParty allows its users to compile looping video collages placed in a grid consisting of four squares. Users can then record for videos to fill each separate slot where after each of the videos will loop endlessly. It works by simply tapping one of the squares to quickly record a video clip of a memorable moment, repeating the process four times to fill each one of the four squares. The video action offers no zoom, effects, or filters, however users may reshoot numerous times until they are satisfied with the final product, where after they may save their GIF creations to their camera roll or even share them on social media. The app allows its users to swap seamlessly between the selfie as well as the rear-facing camera.


Facet offers a new functionality to lovers of travel videos in that it works similarly to Pinterest. It will serve its users bite -sized video clips recorded at the calls all over the globe each day, where they may view a massive variety of topics ranging from local food trends to popular tourist attractions. Users can then opt to save their favourite video clips to their own Pinterest -like boards or even record and share their personal videos on-line.

Nuzzel has already become many users’ new absolute favourite reading app, and it’s just received a significant update to enable its users to find the stories they wish to read in a more user-friendly fashion. This latest renovation and add-ons provide a brand-new discovery and search feature that provides a user experience that is greatly enhanced. Users simply connect their newly installed app to their favourite social media accounts and this app will Paul the latest stories and news your friends may be sharing the greatest number of times across their networks including any comments they might have made about their stories.

Great Android Reader Apps For Christmas Leisure Time


Hopefully this Christmas after all the excitement of the festivities have calmed down this year we will all have some time off to relax and recuperate from the frenetic pace of life in the run-up to, and during the festivities. Some of us enjoy spending this time to catch up on a bit of leisure reading that they might not have time for in our busy schedules during the year; the two apps reviewed below both provide brilliant alternatives to the well-known reader apps such as Kindle.

Aldiko may be one of the lesser-known readers that you might not have given a try as yet, however it is super customisable and easily accessible as part of the package it also offers a fantastic e-book store. The app offers a simplistic design that immediately and quickly offers you their bookshelf containing a treasure trove of free content; it certainly is a worthwhile alternative app simply because it transforms any half-decent smart phone into a highly competent e-reader without costing its users a single penny.


Most importantly, the app supports all major e-book file types, PDF, ePub, and Adobe’s DRM encrypted book types. Aldiko truly earns its colours with any book type delivered with zero encryption, such as classic books that are currently sans copyright restrictions like Pride and Prejudice and Sherlock Holmes et cetera. Part of its greatness is that it allows users to pull their e-books from anywhere on their Android devices and start reading instantaneously, even from cloud storage sites that includes Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and numerous others.

Aldiko offers it users complete control of how they read the e-books, they can customise just about any setting to suit their personal preferences, including font types, font sizes, font colours, background colours, type direction, brightness, spacing, margins, and a number of others. Users unable to find a comfy reading interface within all of Aldiko’s customisability will in all probability not be able to read with any measure of comfort on any electronic device.

Goodreads offers its users an excellent reference point for book recommendations. Anyone in the market for honest opinions on just about any book they may wish to read, or even share their own personal opinions on a specific title will find this app most useful. It taps into the world’s biggest social network for on-line readers, where they will be able to read reviews in excess of 12 million books contributed by its over 35 million members. Members will be able to build a personal virtual bookshelf on books they have read and continuously bold there to read list as they discover new great books offered by reviews within the app.

Best Home Decor & Interior Design Apps For iOS & Android


Very little in the world manages to shake off those slight feelings of depression and inertia in the short pre-summer months as a few early season home improvements. This counts for any form of home improvement, immaterial of whether one might just consider purchasing a few essential home decoration items or do a complete interior makeover. To accomplish this with comfort and ease of mind the below apps have proven themselves to provide their users with a pretty good preview impression of what their newly refreshed, or refurbished home would look like.

The carefully selected range of renovation, home design, and décor refinishing apps below, having proven themselves over a period, preventing the heartache of losing hours worth of work to an unstable or unproven app.

Houzz is available to both Android as well as iOS users and offers potential amateur designers as well as professionals a wonderful tool, where one can obtain a massive variety of design ideas from a catalogue boasting in excess of 5 million curated image files in high-resolution. Uses have the option of setting a variety of filters in this otherworldly collection, allowing them to rearrange images by room, style, or location with just about any keyword. The app offers its users the capability of saving images of their choice into their personal idea books, similar to pinning pictures in Pinterest.


Zillow Digs delivers another hub of interior design and home improvement concepts, with a catalogue similar to Houzz and additionally offers information regarding home renovation costs and cost estimates, pertaining to product details, paint colours, and a multitude of the interior design paraphernalia to both Android and iOS users.

Wayfair is a user-friendly catalogue containing a variety of furniture items that for its purveyor’s pleasure, so they may select from this well-organised selection of items. All the offered prices are actual real-world prices, and users can even register to purchase items directly from within this very handy catalogue application on both iOS as well as Android devices.

Homestyler Interior Design offers its users to, not only view actual furniture and decor in full 3D in their own homes prior to purchasing them; it even allows the user to engage in complete interior overalls by allowing them to redesign their home interior. The app arrives with a massive collection of HD 3D models reflecting real-life interior decor items to provide users with a sense of their stylistic fit and feel inside their own homes once again prior to any necessary purchases being done.

New Releases Promising Mobile Gaming Excellence


With the ever-increasing flood of new games through the gates of the two main app stores i.e. Google and Apple discerning noteworthy titles becomes an increasingly difficult task, however certain game series have a knack for bringing out the best in a mobile device game. The below list rotates around a number of these titles that seem to improve with every new version and some titles are even totally to the market.


Crimbo offers a bit of a strange Christmassy look on Limbo, and Limbo for those not in the know is one of Playdead’s renowned 2010 puzzlers, known for its dark mood and a silhouetted visual artistry. Then in a sudden flash of inspiration, the developer, Digi Chain Games, realised before anyone else did that Limbo was missing a Santa Claus. Fortunately they immediately set about rectifying the situation in the currently under development Crimbo that has the benefit of the same silhouetted style. This combined with a load of deadly traps hidden in the surroundings, ready to get the jump on dear little Santa with in most cases zero warning.

Glass Road from Uwe Rosenberg will serve up a Board Game Deluge and it promises to be in the App Store quite soon. So far November delivered one crazy month to board game enthusiasts, with the arrival of Steam: Rails to Riches, Steam, Le Havre: The Inland Port, and according to latest reports you might even get lucky with Glass Road from Uwe Rosenberg. For those inexperienced in Glass Road play, it is a tile placement and resource management game to keep from one to four players busy in a glass making Bavarian forest of olden times. Players will need to run their glass and brick works simultaneously while they chop down trees for fuel to keep the fires going etc. Fifteen specialists in glass production will assist players and the cycle repeats to keep the money flowing into their coffers while growing and maintaining a balancing act between the resources.

An Excellent Gaming Runup To Christmas On iOS


IOS mobile gamers have definitely not been left out in the cold this year, with a massive influx of new material flooding in on a daily basis, which for the greater part contains pretty remarkable gaming content. The increasingly high standard of games is not only due to developers having gained massive amount of experience but also due to the general high standard of applications and the competition it creates. The games below offer something for everyone with varying styles of action and skill levels.

Downwell represents the genre of endless fallers in style and distinction, by requiring you the player to guide a little boy on his way down the well by using only the boy’s trusty Gunboots and your finely honed reflexes. The game requires players to unlock upgrades, break combos, and set a couple of high scores in the process while enjoying the infinite reserves of newly generated levels that will have you back at the controls time after time.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons represents one of the highly popular console games that made the fashionable leap into the iOS arena. The first thing striking any new player, after a couple of minutes since your first time entry into the game, is that it is a masterpiece in storytelling that, to be fair, should be played by the whole world. And in question to answer, yes, that means you too and start before Christmas, so get shaking. This critically acclaimed adventuring game is the brain fruit of Joseph Farres, the Swedish film director, that was involved in working with the folks at Starbreeze Studios in order to breathe life into his vision. What sets this endless runner a world apart from all its kindred spirits is the depth of play.

Lumo’s Cat provide mobile gamers with the opportunity to engage in one of the most strange, bizarre, and downright adorable mobile titles in any App Store at the moment. I’m at a loss for words to describe gameplay that involves a combination of customisable cats joined with a bit of tactical napping. This game is definitely for people that always dreamt of customising a cat, wow, you’re strange, but in a good way!