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The first thing anyone does, after cracking open the box and having peeled off the plastic from your brand-new top of the range Smartphone is start downloading the necessary software to expand its capabilities and make it your own. Any intelligent Smartphone user soon learns to compile his or her own list of evergreen standby and favourite apps to take their personal smart tool to the next level. This is especially true with a rapid rate of development in hardware technology, as these smart devices continually develop and expand the potential of their capabilities and are currently already capable of so much more than the standard software allows for. Despite the fact that we will compile our list of favourites and standbys there is always room for improvement, to allow even further expansion of its capabilities, so this personal list should always remain dynamic and fluid. The apps below will hopefully deliver new meaning and add or extend the capabilities of your personal smart devices.

When considering the sheer amount of time users spend reading on their smart devices, scanning and scrolling through an endless word list. Amongst these words even a diehard bookworm must certainly at times come across words that might be unsure of the meaning or definition or might be just plain curious about. Define can now provide a method of looking up any word in any app, by simply highlighting the specific word’s text and then tapping on Copy the bring up an inconspicuous notification which users can then tap on to reveal the usages and definitions of the word in question. Users can even download one or both of two available dictionaries, namely Livio and or Wordnet in order to provide an uninterrupted service when off-line. To further expand its capacity it will even reference the Urban Dictionary whenever connected online.


Shuffle My Life has recently made major waves on Reddit, the app was discovered by a group of people who were the epitome of what the app is attempting to address, and its major purpose is to break people loose when they are stuck in too much of routine and their lives have become entrenched in a rut. Anyone that during their spare time sits around without a clue of how to keep themselves busy or find something new to do if they had to leave the familiar surroundings of their office or home will benefit from downloading this app and follow its recipes. The great thing about Shuffle My Life is that it lacks complexity and it’s so simple to use, users don’t need to think about what they want to do next. Users simply need to choose one of the suggested items and act on it.

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