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Best 2016 iOS Apps


iPhones are one of the most popular mobile devices available, which requires many different apps and features to ensure all their users get exactly what they want from their devices. As you can imagine, this means many different apps need to be developed that offer different features and options.

We’ve all downloaded apps that simply don’t do the things we want them to but then work correctly for others, making it even harder to find the perfect apps for your device that ensures you will be satisfied with all it has to offer and its features. In this list, we look at some of the most impressive apps of 2016 up to this point some of what might just be perfect what you need.

The Roll

The Roll

The Roll is the perfect app for those who take a lot of pictures and what to know the finer details about the photos. This info includes the date, locations, and all the standard features of a standard library. However, users will also find camera details, including the settings, shutter speed, focus, and even the keywords used for the picture. The app also comes with a unique feature, which will automatically rate your images out of 5. This means you can take various pictures of the same object and see which are the best according to the app. A feature to delete similar images is also available.

Opera VPN

This is the perfect app for anyone who does a lot of searching online. We’ve all see those annoying apps that pop up while you search, watch a quick video or watch a movie on Hulu from outside of the US. With Opera VPN, you can remove all those ads, on any website you search. The app is currently available for free, which is amazing since it removes all the ads.


This is by far the best keyboard to use for your iOS device. The keyboard allows you to access Google, who in chat from where you can share links, reviews, and much more. Meeting up with friends at a place has never been easier as you can search for a convenient location while chatting and share the place and all its details with a single click.

Best Galaxy S7 Apps

The latest offering from Samsung has everyone racing to the stores to pick up one for themselves. The most recent smartphone offering has an amazing screen that has been curved along with many other useful features that will not only impress, but also assist in ways you’ve never consisted.

However, we are all different and require certain features to d what we want them to, which is why we have taken the time to create a list of apps that will best suit your new phone, but also who you are. There are millions to choose from, but we’ve simply selected 2 those that can be customized the most to fit in with anyone.



RoundMe is an app that will provide you with the most fantastic examples of 360-degree content. 360-degree content is the latest offering to the world of cameras and allows you to see around you as you move with the phone. This means you can select a location on the other side of the world and explore it as if you were there. The app is easy to use and offers a wide range of options to bring the best content your way to impress your friends, and to explore on those days when you feel like traveling. The VR headset works amazingly well with this app for an even better experience.


Pulsar is just a music app for most users, but once you go into detail, you will discover so much more is offered with its features and settings. The app has all the standard features, which has been made easy for S7 users. With the curved screen, you will be able to change the way your music appears and how it’s sorted by just sliding from left to right. Holding down on a song will bring up options that can be used to sort your songs or add them to a particular playlist for later. The app also comes with a sleep timer, meaning you can set it to stop automatically playing after any amount of time, meaning it won’t waste battery life long after you’ve fallen asleep. The settings provide users with the ability to change the theme, how everything appears, and how your music is sorted. The pro paid version also includes an equalizer with various settings to get the best sound from your music.

New Android Apps worth Having


New apps are added to the market on a daily basis for all Android users to enjoy. Many simply don’t have any meaning to you, and then there are those that could be exactly what you are looking for, but they never cross your path due to all the other apps in the way. With this article, we will look at some of the latest apps and all those that make the most sense to enhance your device, no matter what phone you are using.


Macdroid is a task automation app that will help you automatically change things on your phone without you having to remember. For example, if your battery reaches a low level, and you want certain apps to be closed to save the battery live, you can tell Macdroid to take these actions. You only need to set it up once, and it will complete these tasks without you knowing. The app has many options, but it is very easy to use. Users can also add other settings like receiving notifications about the weather, what the device should do with missed calls, and much more.

A-Z Camera

A-Z Camera

A-Z Camera is the perfect app for anyone who has a bit more experience with taking pictures. The app is easy to use and user-friendly, but its advantage comes with all the features and settings available. Users will find a menu bar at the bottom of the camera screen that will allow you to change various aspects of the camera. This means you can modify the shutter speed, manual focus, white balance, and much more. This is not an editing tool, but rather a camera that allows you to take the picture correctly so it doesn’t require any editing.


OGYouTube is an app created by YouTube, which looks exactly the same as the standard app and is just as easy to use. However, this app comes with the option to download video right from YouTube. The app will allow you to choose the quality and change the name as well as give you all the details about the video before you download it.



Having a smartphone is great as it does many things for you and simply sends you a quick notification once it has completed the task. Apps will also notify you when a new message has come through on a social media app, text messaging, or when someone has like a picture of yours. As we know, the list of possible notifications are endless, and even if you manage to mention them all, there is still the factor of getting new apps that come with their own notifications.


With PushBullet, you can manage all your notifications in one place, even if you use multiple devices. The app can be used on a PC or on an Android mobile device, perhaps both if you prefer it that way. The program or app will provide you with all the notifications that come through on your devices.

This means you will always be informed about what’s happening on any of your apps without unlocking your device while sitting at work trying to get things done. A small popup window will appear when notifications come through from any of your registered smartphones or tablets.

The app will also provide the option to take action without unlocking the device. This means you can quickly reply to that text or notification by using your PC. The app will let you see who has liked the post on Facebook, or what reminder has popped up. Users will be able to clear the reminder and even set new ones directly from their PC, which is a significant advantage of those who simply don’t have the time to look at their phones while working.

The app has been created to keep you up to date on all your devices, meaning you are always informed and can always respond within seconds. The app is also useful for those days you rushed out the house and forgot to grab you phone. If you have the app on your PC at work, you will still receive all the notifications along with the option to reply or do the things you might have set on your calendar weeks before.

Moments by Facebook


We all know Facebook as it has become a much bigger part of our lives than we are aware. See what friends have been doing over the weekend or sharing something about ourselves has become so easy with the features they have created.

Finding businesses or promoting your own business has become easy and members are able to share their products with millions of users at a time. Facebook has also made it easy to find old friends and to get in contact with current contacts from a mobile device or PC.


They have created another app for both iOS and Android that will assist users with the options to share pictures and videos within seconds. The biggest advantage about Moments is that you can tag friends instantly without needing to go search for them on Facebook.

The app will automatically group pictures together with various filters such as date, people in the photo, and much more. This means you can go into the Moments app and share photos instantly, which would already tag the friends involved.

Users can also take advantage o the app to sort pictures and keep ones together from a particular event, even when you don’t share them. The app comes with various settings that will allow you to keep things in place easily exactly the way you want them.

If your friends also have photos from the event or that relate to those you’ve shared, they will be able to add them to those you have. This allows you to create a fantastic album with all the pictures that were posted by your friends. The app will automatically sort these photos and keep them together, making it easy to track down an image that you want to show someone or share with something on another social media platform.

The app can complete all the same features with Instagram, meaning any posts related to an event you’ve posted can be added to your folder if you want them to be. This means all the pictures from any event can be saved in one place, for each access, giving you the opportunity to keep those Moments close.

Camera Apps for Android

Camera Apps for Android

The camera on your phone is one of the main reasons people buy more expensive devices. Sure, there are many other aspects to consider when purchasing a phone, but when it comes to choosing the best Android device, the camera plays a significant role.

Many apps can control your camera and allow you to take better pictures and enjoy more custom options than the standard feature. Most people only use the standard feature and are happy with it, but for the rest of us, we are always out looking for new ways that improve our abilities with each aspect the device has to offer.

Some apps can provide many additional features that are easy to reach, but can also be annoying at times, especially when you try to snap a pic quickly, but hit the wrong button on the busy screen instead.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera

Footej Camera is an app that offers all the standard features on your device, but also a lot more. The interface is plain, clean, and comfortable to use. Once you’ve opened the camera, only your snap screen appears with your camera view along with small options on the side, and a big red button that will represent the shutter button.

Going a bit deeper into the features, you will find various adjustments that can change your view through the lens of the camera. This means you can add skins, frames, or just adjust the brightness and other settings the app has to offer. The best part about the app is that users will be able to access these options when they choose to, but the rest of the time you get to enjoy a clean screen and just take the pictures you want.


ProShot is also a camera app but also has a fantastic edit tool that will allow you to take advantage of various features when the photo is being taken. The app will offer additional assistance tools such as a level meter that ensure you capture straight images or get that perfect unique 45-degree angle to capture what’s in front of you.

There are various options and settings available that will appeal to all users with which you will soon see the benefits the app has to offer. There is a free trial version available, so be sure to try it out and see what options enhance your experience.

Transport Apps


Getting around these days is definitely a lot easier that it was 10 years ago. These days we have GPS options, apps that tell us when the next train will be arriving, apps for taxi’s, and so much more. However, with so many apps and options, you might find it somewhat confusing at times to know what the best to download are. Here we will go through some of the best traveling apps to use to get you what you need.

Transit App

Transit App

Apple device users can take advantage of the Transit app that will give you the information about any public transport system. The app will provide various options that will offer you the ability to see where the next train is and when it is expected to arrive. The app will also offer the same for busses, which means you will know where each bus is going, what time it will get there, what time it gets here, and much more, long before the bus even gets there.

Uber App

The Uber system is a taxi system that has become extremely popular in over 50 countries. Users can download the app and use it to get a taxi within minutes. The app will also tell you how much it will cost, how long the trip will take, and much more. This means you can work out everything before ordering the taxi, which will also provide your location to the driver that will get there within minutes.

TomTom GPS

TomTom is an amazing GPS system that will provide users with directions for just about any country. The app is not free but comes in at a much lower price than their GPS units soft in stores. The benefit of the app is that users will only need to pay a once off fee, which can be transferred to the next device you get. This means you get to enjoy professional navigation forever with a single purchase. The app also offers a traffic option that is incredibly accurate and comes with a low monthly fee. The service can be cancelled at any time, which results in users being able to take advantage of only the navigation.

Movie and Series Streaming Apps

Movie and Series Streaming Apps

With the latest technology and new apps being developed each day, we how no longer have the need to travel anywhere to get the latest movies and series. Netflix, Hulu, ShowMax, and many others, have made it possible to enjoy all the best Hollywood, Britain, and many others have to offer.

Users can stream all their favorite series and movies directly to their mobile devices, TV’s, or laptops. Users simply need to create an account and choose a payment option, which ranges from $5.00 to $10.00 per month. Some services such as Netflix might ask for a higher fee, which will depend on the number of devices linked to a single account.

Movie and Series Streaming Apps1

However, with costs that small, you will be able to enjoy all the latest series and movies and save massively on other service costs. Most services are available worldwide, but some are aimed at a specific market such as Hulu for the U.S. market.

Users can also take advantage of the latest programs with smart TVs. Register your account with a mobile device or PC and download the app on your TV. This will allow you to stream directly from your smartTV and not have to get any other devices that take up the slots on your entertainment system.

Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android, giving its users the ability to stream from anywhere. This means mobile phones, tablets, and many other internet enabled devices can stream the latest offerings from these providers. The app can also be used to check up on new arrivals such as the latest movies or if they have added new episodes to your favorite series. Most services update on a regular basis and provide both classics and the latest updates.

Enjoying series on your laptop or PC is just as easy. Users will be able to download the software or watch it online, meaning no software is required. Just sign in and you will be able to access all the series and movies offered.

All services provide easy to use menus that allow you to filter movies and get to exactly what you want. There are also search options that will require keywords or part of the title or bring up what you are looking for.

Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder

Many different apps will provide users with the ability to learn a new language, improve their communication skills, and even provide a better dictionary that will enhance your texting. However, with Vocabulary Builder, users will be able to enjoy learning while playing a game and achieving the new levels.

Vocabulary Builder1

The app provides multiple levels and over 1,200 worlds, which are updated on a regular basis with new words. At the beginning stages of the app, you will be able to start off small. The app with automatically learn if you are o a more advanced level and move you up faster to the next step.

The app is focused on providing users with new words of the English language while also showing you new ways to learn words you already know. This means users will be able to find out more about the words you already know and different ways to use them while also taking advantage of new words and how they can be used to enhance your language ability.

The interesting part about the app is having the capacity to challenge other users. These can be friends or just random members online. The challenges have been created to place members on the same level together. This means you won’t go up against someone on a much higher level than you are.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is also an app that will provide users with the ability to learn new words, but also assist in spelling. The app is in the form of a game much like Scrabble, which allows you to challenge other players online. Players can also face off against friends and family.

There are also levels involved with the game, meaning you will be able to play against players on your level. The app is easy to use and playing against the computer is also optional to increase your scores. Words with Friends in a free app and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

There are also many other apps that can assist in improving your language abilities no matter what language you speak. There are many app developers out there that have created amazing apps such as those mentioned above.


Many apps provide cleaning services for your mobile storage. Most promise to clean the device and offer more space while speeding up the device and making it better in all types of ways. However, after testing many of them, we found most only remove the cookies and clear unused space, which isn’t exactly what you are promised or the reason you got the app.

Boost Plus1

We found Boost+ to be different in many ways. The app has been developed by HTC, which is already a good sign as a major mobile developer is behind the development of the app. With boost+ users can finally take advantage of an easy to use app with quick access buttons to clear your device and speed it up.

The app will not only do the usual things that the others do, but it will also clear temp files, which are used when apps are installed. The app will also show you the apps that are never used while giving you the option to remove them. This can already clean up a lot more space on your device as some apps are much bigger than you think.

The app also comes with a feature to close background apps that will boost your phone’s memory and speed it up when you need it. The function will not close apps that have been recently used, but those that were left open and never closed will be closed to save up ram and leave more space for other apps to be opened.

All these options can be set up to clear the phone automatically on a regular basis. The feature will not remove any information on your device such as picture or apps that have been used in the past.

Users will also be able to take advantage of an additional privacy option, which might not have anything to do with clearing the phone, but at least this way you get the feature of 2 apps in one. The function allows you to lock any apps, which will them require a passcode before access will be granted.