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Acoustic Ruler Pro -0.99 (Florian Student)

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a ruler in your pocket all the time? Well now you can! With the Acoustic Ruler Pro [0.99] from Florian Student you can measure anything, anywhere! To measure with this app you need an iOS device with a built in mic. Then you need headphones with a mic or without a mic (it doesn’t really matter there). This app is sort of hard to explain in writing. The best way to understand how this app works is to watch the 2 videos that the developer made about the 2 measuring modes. Below are the 2 videos and a quote from the App Store on how the application works.

How it works:
The app works by clocking the time delay of the emitted sound waves. There are two different operation modes: a single device operation (with headphones) and a dual device mode for measuring the distance *between* two devices. Read below to find out which modes work on your iOS device.”

Single Mode

Dual Mode

As you can see that’s pretty amazing! I feel that the videos were the best way to explain how the application works. This is definitely a must buy! My final rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Most of the time the measurements have seem to be very accurate. You can go download Acoustic Ruler Pro for just $0.99 from Florian Student here.

Idyllic – 1.99 (FatCow Games)

In a world of crime, genocide, and developers that integrate in app purchases there is little room to relax.  Even our gaming experiences are stressful like Gears of War 3 or RAGE. Idyllic by Fatcow Games fills that hole with relaxing tilt-based gameplay that is easy on the eye and aesthetically pleasing to boot.
First things first, this is by no means a vertical jumper like DoodleJump and its millions of clones. You jump horizontal in Idyllic which can be a bit trickier as more precision is needed but is a welcome change.  Similar to its predecessors the gameplay is in fact infinite so you are getting your moneys worth by investing 1.99 in it.  But where it differs is in the character upgrades, upgradeable powers, mini bosses and coin collecting.

When you first start off the gameplay is a little slow and it takes awhile to get to where you feel comfortably challenged by the gameplay. In fact, most of my main deaths occurred early in the game because I tend to over tilt.  The reason why I say early in the game is because there are checkpoints in the shape of houses placed randomly along the course of the game. The game saves your progress there and whenever you die or accidentally lose battery power you always restart at that particular part.  That means no drudging through the same platforms over and over again to get back to the point you were before. I haven’t got far enough to really test the infinite gameplay aspect of the game but rather than spending all of my life playing Idyllic I’m going to take the developers word on this one.  After you bounce on a platform it changes from evil to good. Apparently you are on a quest after you find your world in pain to restore your planet to the way it used to be.  Later in the game it of course speeds up and gets harder to be sure you’ll land your jumps successfully.

At each checkpoint you can buy upgrades with the coins you find randomly strewn about the level.  These upgrades vary between increasing the value of your coins and allowing you to double jump in the game.  This adds a extra element of replayability to the game as you will have a extra objective rather than just jumping around aimlessly.  Your two basic abilities are power smash and flap.  With Power Smash you can come crashing down on a platform or enemy to procure coins reminiscent of Mario.  Flap allows you to grow wings and float over to a platform in case you misjump.  These abilities recharge over time and one of the upgrades is in fact to reduce the time it takes to recharge.

The music is fantastic and has a deep relaxing melodic feel to it that draws you into the game.  The graphics are good particularly the backgrounds which feel like they had a lot of work put into them. Overall this is a great casual endless jumping game that really drew me in and had me playing for quite some time.  If you have some spare change on your account there is no better place to spend it than on Idyllic. I give it 9/10

“Reckless Getaway” Review- Guilt-Free, High-Speed, Car-Wrecking Fun!

Reckless behavior will get you many undesirable places in life like the bottom of a toilet, top of a building, and being chased by twenty cop cars.  In this game being reckless is your main goal and destroying tons of cars with a awesome maneuver will certainly put a smile on any ones face.  With lots of content including 17 levels, 2 game modes, and 2 different cars the fun wont be coming to a halt anytime soon.
The main catching point that got me hooked on this game is the floaty physics.  Sure some people like down-to-earth physics that make games play like a rock but the physics in this game let it have that extra element of unpredictability.  The two modes I mentioned before are Getaway and Wreckless.  Getaway is basically the main campaign of the game.  There are 4 different sets of levels each consisting of 4 levels each.
These sets of levels have their own backstory and their own environmental theme like the dessert for instance.  You unlock new levels and modes by earning stars in the previous levels. A star meter fills up depending on how many coins you pick up along the route and how much destruction you caused while driving….recklessly.  Hidden along the level are little sub routes that deviate from the main course of the level.  Often you will find way more coins and quickly elevate your star total if you can find them.
The second game mode, Wreckless is designed for the more destructive type.  You are outfitted with a big rig and in order to gain the stars mentioned previously you have to destroy as many cars as you can which as you can imagine is amazingly fun.  In both modes there are various power ups located randomly around the track.
It’s the star rating system that really gives the game good replay value but after you complete everything  there is little else substantial to work your way up to besides the GameCenter achievements.  Fortunately the overall fun of the game makes up for that discrepancy and works this game to the top of my favorite games list.  I highly recommend you check out this awesome and action packed game.

Overall Rating
Price: 2.99
Replayability: 8/10
Content: 8/10
Difficulty: Ranges per each level but is by no means a difficult game.
Overall Awesomeness Factor: 9/10
Percent Chance you will enjoy it: 90%
Ratio of Explosions to Overall crashes: 34/12
Chance we didn’t make up these statistics:  1000 to 1

Best of the Best- Our Pick for the Best Games in August

 I think we all can agree that this August has been an awesome month for game releases and many of my favorites have gotten sequels that drastically reinvented themselves.  There have also been alot of other unique releases that deserve mention as well.   Ladies and Gentlemen this is..The Best of the Best!

Pocket RPG-(Crescent Moon Games) 0.99

Though  released on the iPad before the iPod, this Wednesday it was made Universal. Pocket RPG is now fast becoming our favorite game with three different characters and tons of exploring and looting to do you’ll be spending all your free time with this amazing game. App Store Link

Mega Mall Story-(Kairosoft) 3.99

 If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be the manager of a mall then this game is for you.  It puts all the elements of business and turns them into something extremely fun.  You can build shops, invest in the surrounding community and expand your very own mall.  Pick this one up today! App Store Link

Jetpack Joyride-(Halfbrick) 0.99

There’s no doubt about it that Halfbrick has done it again. This has got to be one of the best releases all summer. Do whatever you have to do to get this game. You won’t regret this purchase. This is truly a fun and addictive game. By addictive I mean you will literally be hooked on this game for hours and hours and hours… well you get it. Go download it now! App Store Link

Edge Extended- (Mobigame) 0.99
Based off of the success of the very first Edge Mobigame went and made a sequel to that game. This definitely feels like a true sequel and is true to the originals length and complexity.  To read up more on this game check out our Review of it.
 App Store Link

Contre Jour- (Mokus) 0.99
A blend of game and interactive art this breathtaking puzzler is one of the most innovative games we have ever seen.  With a blend of Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and other games mechanics you’ll surely be entertained! App Store Link

Infinty Field-(ForzeField) 0.99
This is the first dual stick shooters that has actually stuck on my device for more than a week and is perfect for those few fleeting moments you have during your bathroom breaks and when your teacher is looking the other way.  All in all I highly suggest you try this game out for the low asking price of 0.99.  I promise you wont be disappointed. App Store Link

Temple Run- (Imangi) 0.99
Endless runners are a well done genre in the App Store but this game takes a turn where few other dare to go….3D.  You are frantically running away from the angry temple guardians who feel you violated the sanctity of their temple. By swiping you jump, turn and slide around all sorts of obstacles and passages. The replayabiltiy is off the hook and I have once spent 2 hours straight playing the game.  I highly recommend you try this for the low cost of 0.99. App Store Link

Zen Wars- 1.99 (

Zen Wars is based off a old arcade classic called Rampart which featured multi-phase tower defense gameplay. There are 3 different phases to every one turn you get in the game regardless of the mode.  The first, the combat stage is where the player has about 15 seconds to fire on the opposing forces defenses and troops. Then you can rebuild your ramparts and walls to beef up your derisory.  The final stage is where you can place down cannons in the available enclosed space.  Now the catch is that you cant just put your defenses down wherever you want you have different shapes that are offered up each rebuilding period that you have to fit together to encircle your fortress. In your territory you can have up to three fortress which one of which you have to have completely encircled.
The game comes packed with 3 different modes including a campaign mode.  In the campaign mode you are put in the middle of  certain scenarios that you have to overcome.  Then in the survival mode 4 of those levels in the main campaign are available for unlimited play.  Then comes the coup de grace the multiplayer mode.  A total of 3 players can battle it up over Gamecenter trying to be the last one standing. A interesting feature is that voice chat is included so you can chat with people and make alliances in order to get farther in the round. For example if you want to win a round you can team up with another guy so your chances of winning are improved.  Then after hes dead and out you can disband from the team and test your might against your former allie.  Its definitely alot more fun against real people but the campaign mode is still good for practicing and developing your strategy’s for online.
Overall this is a great strategy game that is very fun to play and one of the most in depth strategy games for the ipod platform.  I highly recommend this game, 4.5/5 stars!

Alien Space Retro-FREE(OwensGames)

Vector graphics are one of my favorite types of graphics you can see in a game.  Though I was not born anywhere near the 80’s when they were most popular I still appreciate the beautifully minimalistic design.  Alien Space combines that with a unique blend of dual stick shooters to make this a very intriguing game.
This game is actually the second iteration of another app released by the same developer except with a change of graphics. 
It is not clear what the main story of the game is but thats where you let your imagination think something up. Besides you cant just daydream about the cute girls at your high school 24/7!  The game comes packed with 30 levels and a nice survival mode.  You have the option of buying 4 new weapons and a extra game mode called Lost In Space.  The extra game mode is particuluarly interesting as there or no enemies or weapons and you have a extremely damaged ship that even the slightest collision will cause it to blow up.  You are located in the worst possible place to be with a damaged ship;a asteriod field.  Your energy is constantly depleting causing you to search through the field to find life giving crystals in order to stay alive.  
The gameplay is usually fast and frantic and perfectly fits into that 5 minutes of rest time before being bugged by a idiotic coworker. You are always on the move either blasting enemies into smithereens or dodging asteriods when escaping from your opponents.  Asteriods can be broken for credits and health so its always beneficial to try to hit them as well.  The controls are very tight and responsive and dont hinder the gameplay. A feature I especially liked was the fact that you can choose one light weapon(faster firing/light damage) and one heavy weapon(slow firing/heavy damage) before each level.  Currently there are 6 weapons with various levels of upgrades that affect the look of the weapons fire.  In the level you can then choose which one to use and switching between the two of them in mid-battle is a cinch.  Another nifty option is that you can change the games color scheme from the option menu.
Overall this is definitely a steal for only 0.99 and definitely eats up the time that you could be doing something productive with.  Next time you are looking for another quick 0.99 fix this should be on the top of your list.
Link :