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‘Tweetland Review’ – Twitter integration taken to the next level

Tweetland is a nifty app that integrates tweets from users of the popular social network into a smashing, car racing game.

The game puts you in control of a car racing past crazy traffic to try to get to the finish line.  Pretty simple, right? Wrong, as users on twitter tweet various buzz words the app translates that into game world obstacles you have to avoid. For example during one of my runs @rap_musicnews tweeted a tweet that involved the word “Meteor”. Sure enough a meteor crashed down in front of my vehicle and I was forced to swerve out of the way. With each level new buzz words are introduced making each level more and more hectic. After each level you can see the tweets that caused you so much trouble and even follow the users that tweeted them if your alright with the fact that they just made you fail the level. You get either a bronze, silver or gold medal for each level and you can rack up more points by crashing into the traffic you are trying to pass.  There are 24 levels and many promised updates supposedly coming soon. 
Controls: 3.5/5
The game utilizes one joystick in the bottom left of the screen which serves its purpose well enough. The reason it does not receive a higher score because at points it really infuriates me. I really can’t really put my finger on why I dislike it but it may be because of how floaty it is.
Content: 4/5
There are 24 levels already included along with a last level that will certainly test your reflexes. They are working on creating a iPad version as well as implementing Gamecenter into the game. Also they will be adding new buzz words along with new levels. 
Overall: 4/5
This is certainly one of the most unique games to hit the iOS platform and is fun as well. Great to play on a rainy day or on the bus. Certainly an easy buy at the low price of $1.99. 

‘Paper Monsters Review’ – Bringing Mario Style Gameplay to iOS

Paper Monsters is a highly polished platformer in the vein of classic games like Super Mario Bros.  The graphics are spectacular and are reminiscent of Little Big Planet.

Gameplay: 5/5
As is typical of platformers your objective is to go from the left side of the stage to the finish line at the far right of the level.  Foreground and background objects are worked into the equation, allowing for a sense of immersion. As you move across the level you run into enemies and natural occurrences that can harm you.  To transfer to another part of the level all you have to do is jump into a pipe which is obviously a throwback to the Mario Bros.  Through these pipes you can travel to the platforms in the background making it a little more complex when trying to get to a specific spot.  You will usually be rewarded for your exploration by a golden paperclip, one of three that can be found in random places around the level.  Also found around the level are gold coins and treasures. Gold coins can be found in present boxes and can be redeemed in the in-game shop. Treasures, are also found in present boxes and if found give you an achievement from Gamecenter.  Another nifty feature is the ability of your hero to change into a specific vehicle once he enters a gold pipe. For example, later in the game you can use a small yellow submarine to navigate the underwater portions of the level.  This vehicle is not allowed to be brought outside of these specific stages. There is also a small endless runner mini game found in the main menu that allows you to collect coins without having to go through a full level. 

Controls: 4/5
You can choose one out of two types of control: Virtual Joystick or Classic Touchpad. Virtual Joystick is a 4 direction joystick that is fairly versatile and tight.  Whenever you touch the left side of the screen it reappears if you happened to lift up your thumb.  This can be fairly annoying if trying to get a jump exactly right, but works wonderful for everything else. Classic Touchpad is my personal favorite because of the fact that it is immovable and to walk you just slide your finger across it in the direction you want to go.  To jump you just tap the left side of the screen and to double jump you tap twice.  

Length: 3.5/5
The game spans a total of 4 chapters which each have four levels making for a total of 16 levels overall.  I have reached Chapter 3 and gained three golden paperclips for each level. So far it has been a breeze to pass through the levels and have never really needed to restart a level due to error. The difficulty never really feels like it ramps up.  A new Valentines Day themed level pack is scheduled to be released sometime in February. 

Overall: 4/5
Overall, Paper Monsters is a great platformer with throwbacks to both Super Mario Bros. and Little Big Planet.  The music and the art direction are superb and really bring together the whole experience. Though it may be a little content light the developers seem adamant to push out new updates constantly. Definitely a steal at $0.99.

‘Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Review’ – $0.99 [Universal]

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion is a dual-stick, first person shooter game where you are matched up against hordes of vicious aliens through a 30 stage campaign.  You can also play these levels in co-op with your friends through GameCenter.
Gameplay: 4.5/5
The object of the game revolves around one fairly simple objective: Kill as many aliens as possible. In singleplayer you are treated to 5 different arenas that each have 5 levels of difficulty to play through. After you complete a level you gain some virtual currency which you can use towards buying new weapons or pieces of armor.  You can also choose to select survival mode for each the arenas allowing you to test how long you can stay alive. This is a great way to earn a large sum of money.  In co-op you can play through these arenas with your friends or choose to attempt to beat one of the three bosses. These bosses are very tough and only experienced players with decent armor and good weapons should even attempt these missions.  There is a max of three players that can join your game.  If they die they are booted from the game if they do not have a revive potion.  Then the remaining players are allowed to keep on playing until they die since all co-op missions are survival.

Controls: 4/5
The controls are two control sticks, one for moving and one for aiming.  You tap the right stick to fire and are allowed to aim while firing which is extremely useful in intense situations.  To change the direction that you are looking in, swipe the screen above the dual sticks.  I have not had any issues with the controls on the iPad but have not had a chance to test it with my iPod yet. They definitely serve their purpose well.

Graphics: 4/5
Nothing to complain about here. The graphics look very professional and are quite good.  They fit in well with the mood the game is setting.

iAP: 3/5
This is where the game loses some of its selling points as it does have a rather large collection of iAP’s. You can choose to buy a material called mythril which can be redeemed for more in-game money or for exclusive weapons.  Though there are a fairly good amount of weapons ripe for picking the really kick ass ones cost a small fortune in mythril.  With packages of Mythril up to $99.99 dollars in price it is rather clear that they hope to make a lot of money off of these iAP’s.  Luckily you don’t necessarily need mythril to complete the game and are really only used for cosmetic purchases and unique weapons.  I wouldn’t put off buying the game just because of the in app purchases as the core game experience is really good.

Overall: 4.5/5
Overall this is an awesome FPS shooter with intense alien action and a co-op mode that lets you join forces with your friends. This is definitely a worthwhile purchase at the small price of $0.99.

Soul Calibur for iOS coming out on January 19th

Soul Calibur for iOS has just been approved by Apple and will be released on the 19th of January. The publisher Namco Bandai, claims that the graphics will be on par with the 1999 Dreamcast version of Soul Calibur. While we’re sure that the graphics will be good, ports of classic games are easy to mess up.  That’s because the virtual controls sometimes ruin the feel the game used to have on the console version.  As soon as we have a pre-release copy we will be sure to inform you the state of the port and what you can expect.  The game will work on any device with the 4.3 update currently installed. 

Apparently there are 6 game modes which work hand in hand with the GameCenter leaderboard system. 
Those modes are:

Arcade Battle
Appears to be a Campaign mode where you discover the story of characters and unlock new ones. It is probably just like the arcade version.

Time Attack
I assume that you select your character and then your opponents character and try to defeat him in the quickest time possible.
Has a Gamecenter leaderboard.

In this mode you compete in a endless tournament against many fighters.  See how many enemies you can defeat before you inevitably die. 
Has a GameCenter Leaderboard.

EXTRA Survival
Apparently this is also a survival mode but what distinguishs it between the other Survival mode is unknown. Has a Gamecenter Leaderboard

Museum is probably where you can check out all the characters you have unlocked and admire them.

In Practice mode you can obviously practice your moves and try to get insane combos going. Should be useful for beginners to the game.

Kiriku, Shanfa, Maxi, Mitsurugi, Taki, Void, Sofita, Nightmare, Asutarosu, Ivy, Hwang Sung Kyung, Yoshimitsu, Lizardman, Siegfried, Rock, Sonmina, Cervantes de Leon and Edge Master will all be included in the game.
Screenshots and Gameplay Video:

Lunar Racer – [0.99] (Noodlecake Studios)

Coming off the success of Super Stickman Golf, everyone had high expectations of Lunar Racer. I think those expectations were met, but it didn’t go much farther than meet them, unforunately. Those who are not fans of racing will still enjoy this, much like the non-fans of golf (me) enjoyed Super Stickman Golf.

You, the racer, start off in a transport ship, along with three opponents. When the light turns green, you are all dropped out of the ship and onto a planet, to which you are pulled by gravity. The difficulty of the opponent racers is just right for what it should be, and even on your first race you don’t feel left behind. Each race lasts about 60-90 seconds and is hectic all the way through. There are powerups to be had throughout the track, which randomly give the player or opponent more nitro, a space car seeking rocket, a spike that can be dropped behind you, a bubble shield, or a space car seeking rocket that hits everyone in front of the shooter. Each time a victim is hit, it gets stopped, whether it be mid air or on ground, and resumes after 1-2 seconds.

The controls are extremely simple and easy to pick up. Nitro is used by tapping the right side of the screen, and to be pulled back to the planet faster, when in the air, tap the left side of the screen. Any game focused on tilt controls isn’t generally asked for, or wanted on an iPad because of the size; but the devs have made the default sensitivity just right. The tilting sensitivity is high, but perfectly done, I had no want to adjust them, whatsoever. Which is a good thing, because, unforunately, there are no customization options, spare the ability to mute the sound and/or music.

Lunar Racer has a total of twelve tracks to unlock, all spread out into different planets/environments. To unlock said tracks you must get a certain total amount of stars. Stars are earned by gettings first (three stars) second (two stars) or third (one star) on any given track. Sadly, two of the tracks can only be unlocked by gettting five or ten wins in multiplayer, which is only local at the moment. So if you don’t have a friend who would help you out, or another device, you’re out of luck. Each track varies greatly by terrain and environment, and gives the racer a whole new experience each race.

If you’re good enough to get three stars on a track in Amateur Tour, you unlock Pro Tour which has much smarter and seemingly faster opponents. The challenge presented in Pro Tour is highly welcomed since the opponents in Amateur Tour get easy to beat after playing for a couple of hours.

Multiplayer is included in the game, but unfortunately its only local multiplayer at the moment. The developers have said, on twitter, that they are working on global, online multiplayer; however. If done right, much like Super Stickman Golf, online multiplayer would make this game just so much more fun, not that it even needs it.

At the start of every race you are given a set amount of nitro, this nitro is a key element to winning a race so you, as the racer, must put it to good use to earn more nitro by doing flips, or by doing perfect landings.

One of the many things that make this game good, is the insanely extensive garage. From what I’ve seen so far, there are at least ten body types, five different colors, and ten different wheels. Comsetic upgrades are bought with coins and go up in price for each successive one you buy. Here is a list of things that you can change with your space car – all cosmetic.

– Body Type
– Body Color
– Canopy Color
– Wheel Type
– Nitro Animation

In order to buy things from this garage, you collect coins which float around in the track, in each race there are 50-200 coins, depending on the track. If you complete at least one of three unique challenges in each track, you get a multiplier which can potentially give you 4X the coins you collected. 2X for completing one challenge, 3X for completing two, and 4X for completing all three. The first time you manage to complete all three challenges, whether it be in seperate races or all in one race, you are rewarded with a bonus round. Bonus rounds put you on a planet with stars all round, and unlimited nitro. An average bonus round can get you around 600 stars. The game also features (although some may not call it a feature) an in-app purchase store with which you can buy more cosmetic stuff, although obviously not needed.

Achievements and leaderboards are done through both GameCenter and OpenFeint, a feature most devs today are putting in their games. Leaderboards show who have the fastest time for each level. Lunar Racer has a total of 22 achievements which can be obtained by doing a specific number of spins, firing a number of rockets, and other feats that can be accomplished by simply playing the game normally.

Varying tracks, a crazy amount of cosmetic stuff to do to your car, and gameplay that will have you wanting for more, are very good reasons to pick Lunar Racer up – now!

Buy Lunar Racer

**Guest Post by Raptor from TouchArcade**

‘Land Air Sea Warfare HD Review’ – Command 3 different kinds of units in tactical warfare

Land Air Sea Warfare or LASW for short is a RTS game that allows you to command hundreds of units in your quest to outwit your strategically thinking AI opponent.  Real Time Strategy games like Starcraft and others have always left me in the dust as there were so many complex features and buildings availble to build. Luckily LASW simplifies the formula and makes moving and building units easy to understand and fast to execute.  Within a good 5 minutes of experimenting I was slowly starting to understand the way the game worked. Instead of writing a good five paragraphs lamenting about what you have to do and can do in this game I have decided to make the review a First Person view on how the game works and what beginners can expect. Let me know in the comments if we should start writing reviews this way.

Round 1- Noob Difficulty: 1 Opposing Force
Total time: 35 minutes

  • You start off with one building, your HQ. From there you can build powerplants, defenses, and factories for land, sea and air vehicles.
  • Powerplants are necessary because they provide you with  power which you need for your units and to build buildings. 
  • It is generally a good idea to build up your defenses early lest the enemy catch you with your pants down. This literallly happened to me because I figured I would leave my iPad alone and let my vehicles be built while I went to use the bathroom. Lo and behold the enemy showed up and messed up a few of my buildings and powerplants. Primary lesson: Defense is the best offense
  • Resources accumulate automatically from your HQ which is a mining station.
  • You can set a specific units to a group so it is easier to select. Comes in handy during battle.
  • Great user interface, works perfectly on the iPad. I can imagine it would be way more difficult to play on the smaller screen of the iPhone.
  • Lots of power units makes for faster advancement in the game.
  • Died by foolishly attacking enemy base whithout any back up units.
Round 2- Easy Difficulty: 1 opposing force
Total Time: 18 minutes
  • Building up Air units early allows you to discover where the enemy is and what the land looks like.  Should be the first factory you build.
  • Ground units are extremely inefective when the base you were planning on attacking with them is on the water…
  • Also if you build a water factory in a pond that doesnt lead to an ocean you basically just wasted your resources.
  • You can upgrade the Tech of your HQ to unlock new units from your factorys and to choose from.
  • The enemy can also upgrade their Tech level.
  • With a new Tech level everything gets more intense because in order to build the new units fast you have to produce lots of energy.
  • It is a good idea to seal off your base from the outside forces with your power units on the inside of the fence.
  • You can buy guns to defend your base with while your main forces are off fighting a long way away.
  • I’m starting to get a hang of the game by now and finish way quicker than my original round. 
Round 3- Hard Difficulty- 3 opposing forces
50 minutes or so
  • While In the options menu you can select certain factors that limit the gameplay. For example, If you select Air Only you can only build and use air units in battle. 
  • Took out the first team(China) rather quickly while they were busy building power plants. 
  • Turns out they rebuilt their HQ in a different area but foolishly decided to place it near to my base of operations. 
  • While I was busy with China, Russia decided to upgrade to Tech 2 and left me scrambling.
  • While it did take forever to upgrade I managed to hold them off with an Apache or two.
  • Started experimenting with the toggles for units. For example you can form patrols or tell your units to explore.
  • Russia keeps on beating up my air support. Luckily I manage to distract them with my remaining land units. 
  • Built up some defensive turrets and had a easier time dealing with them.
  • Its not a good idea to waste your entire air force on trying to attack the HQ.
  • At this point its useless to try to defeat Russia. I had no air force and a severely depleted land crew. Defeat was the only option.
Overall if you are a fan of RTS or thinking critcally then this is the perfect game for you. LASW is hands-down the finest RTS experience on the iOS gaming platform. Though the price may be a bit steep at a whopping $7.99(while sale lasts) it’s truly worth every penny. 5/5 stars.

Countdown to Christmas Promocode Giveaway: Updated

Each day before Christmas we will give away a promo code of an iOS game (apps in giveaway listed below) to two of the contest entrants. We will contact you through the method of contact from which you entered and deliver the promo code into your hands.
If you have won a code you still have a chance to win more throughout the Countdown.

You can enter in three different ways:

  • Tweeting about the site or the contest. Include our account name in your tweet (@TheAppShack) 

Sample Tweet- I just entered the Countdown to Christmas Promocode Giveaway from @TheAppShack!!! Enter here:

  • Liking us on Facebook. (Email us with the name you liked us under)
          • Emailing us at with suggestions and tips for the giveaway or the site in general.

Be sure to follow our Twitter account to stay up to date on what apps are included in the giveaway and who won the latest contest.

Promo Codes you could win:
Flight Unlimited (1 codes) Universal
Commander Pixman (4 codes) iPhone only
EPOCH. (3 codes) Universal
Mage Gauntlet (2 codes) iPhone only (Universal support is coming soon)
Fargoal (5 codes) iPhone only
Saucelifter (5 codes) Universal
Phoenix(10 codes) iPhone only
Cosmic Cab (1 code) Universal
Bridge the Gap (1 code) iPhone only
Holiday Havoc (1 code) iPhone only
More apps will be added to the contest shortly

We thank our sponsors that have generously donated their codes to this awesome contest.

‘Evertales App Review’- Wizards, Beautiful Graphics and Epic Bosses

Evertales is the newest game from Crescent Moon Games, an influential gaming studio that emphasizes collaboration, innovation and unique ideas. They have had several previous forays into the RPG market such as Aralon: Sword and Shadow, Pocket RPG, Ravensword and many others. But in this new mix of the typical formula they have toned down the rpg aspect and turned Evertales into more of a sidescrolling platformer.

As mentioned before you are constantly moving right trying to get to the end of each chapter. Enemies are of course trying to kill you and have various ways of trying to do so. You can pick and choose from three different characters to handle each scenario while in the level.  This can be very useful because it allows you to approach each situation differently. Say you have a drunken dwarf throwing bottles of alchol at you.  You could choose to rush him with the Knight character and potentially risk losing some life or you could use the Archer or the Wizard, both long range specialists to pick em off from a distance.  These different characters allow many different puzzle elements to be worked into the game. For example the knight can barely jump because of his armor, the elf can double jump to reach high areas and the wizard can glide to hard to reach places with his cloak. Combined with the enemies different strengths and attack patterns you will have to be alert to pass through the level safely. Plus there is a gigantic boss fight at the end of each chapter which is always worth looking forward to.

  Once you finish a chapter, you can change your characters armor, buy new weapons or choose to upgrade them instead with “Evercoins”  These “Evercoins” are usually spread across the level in hard to reach places and can be a challenge to collect all of them. You can also choose to buy them through IAP. Though it doesnt feel necessary to buy the IAP the minimal amount of coins you get per level are hardly enough to upgrade a weapon or two. This can be solved by replaying the levels a few times to rack up enough Evercoins.  The graphics are as usual, superbly done and the sounds are just as good.  Controls can feel a bit spotty sometimes but they get the job done.

With only 9 chapters I managed to blow through the game in about two hours.  Even though the actual experience felt great I feel they should have spent more time working on the gameplay and adding new and intruiging puzzle aspects.  Its definitely not a bad game and I recommend you pick it up but to me it feels like something is missing that would make this a truly outstanding game.  I give it a 4/5. (Currently on a intro sale for 0.99)

(Currently out in NZ, will release in the U.S. by 11:00 clock tonight)

Acoustic Ruler Pro -0.99 (Florian Student)

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a ruler in your pocket all the time? Well now you can! With the Acoustic Ruler Pro [0.99] from Florian Student you can measure anything, anywhere! To measure with this app you need an iOS device with a built in mic. Then you need headphones with a mic or without a mic (it doesn’t really matter there). This app is sort of hard to explain in writing. The best way to understand how this app works is to watch the 2 videos that the developer made about the 2 measuring modes. Below are the 2 videos and a quote from the App Store on how the application works.

How it works:
The app works by clocking the time delay of the emitted sound waves. There are two different operation modes: a single device operation (with headphones) and a dual device mode for measuring the distance *between* two devices. Read below to find out which modes work on your iOS device.”

Single Mode

Dual Mode

As you can see that’s pretty amazing! I feel that the videos were the best way to explain how the application works. This is definitely a must buy! My final rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Most of the time the measurements have seem to be very accurate. You can go download Acoustic Ruler Pro for just $0.99 from Florian Student here.

Free for a Limited Time – Funtom of the Opera for iOS

MetalCompass has announced that for a limited time, Funtom of the Opera 1.0.1 for iPhone and iPod touch is now free. Get ready to experience the craziest and most addictive voice activated game to ever hit the iPhone. FunTom of the Opera puts you in control of a fuzzy blue creature that loves nothing more than to see glassware burst. Watch Out! Playing Funtom of the Opera will keep you coming back for more.

Control the musical note with the sound of your voice. Low pitch sounds will make the note drop. High pitch sounds will take it up. Keep the musical note in the dark area long enough for it to fill up and smash the glass. Hit the right tone and shatter your way through the levels, as you break, explode, smash and shatter dozens of objects to proceed through dozens of levels. But you'll have to act fast because if the curtain drops before the objects break the show's over.

Download FunTom of the Opera today and enjoy the most original game that's pure laughs, all for the cost of spare change. FunTom of the Opera has been a top music game in dozens of countries, with 5 stars reviews from top review sites.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
* 8.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Get it now. For a limited time, Funtom of the Opera 1.0.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Funtom of the Opera 1.0.1:
Download from iTunes:
YouTube Video:
App Icon:

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