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Unstoppable Gorg Landing This Thursday!

It’s finally official. Unstoppable Gorg will be landing on the App Store this Thursday. If you don’t know anything about this game, then you must be living under a box. It’s a new tower defense game that allows you to move your satellites once you place them. Check out the trailer below to get a sense of what I’m talking about.

The game will be released on the following platforms:
Thursday January 19, 2012
PC & Mac (through Steam)
First half of 2012
Xbox LIVE Arcade
Price: TBA
Make sure you keep an eye out for the game once it releases!

Gua-Le-Ni- $4.99 (Double Jungle S.a.s.)

Get ready iPad owners for tons of puzzling fun in Gua-Le-Ni, or: The Horrendous Parade. This new iPad puzzle game comes from Stefano Gualeni and Double Jump. You’ll be able to get your hands on it very soon with it’s release date for November 28, 2011 (NOW AVAILABLE! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT). The main objective in this game is to categorize beasts who are combinations of different types of animals. It’s actually a very intriguing game. The beast walks across the screen, one at a time. The only way to successfully categorize the beast is to use the cubes at the bottom of the screen before the beast walks to the other side of the screen out of view. Let’s say your beast is a mixture of a rhino and a condor (the rhino body part is first and the condor body part is second). This means that you’ll have to arrange the cubes to read rhi-dor. You can spin the cube around with one finger. If you have the cubes in the wrong order or if it’s upside down, then you can use two fingers to lift or rotate the cube. You can also add more cubes (which means more of the beast) for an even greater challenge. As you progress, food becomes a factor. If a beast is hungry then it’ll move faster. This is where you have to feed it a certain item for it to slow down. This is a really interesting game. It’ll certainly have your brain thinking (which is always a good thing). If you’re a little confused about the game then you can view the trailer directly below.

My overall rating for this game is 4.5 out of 5 stars. The interface in this game is very well-done, the visuals are nice, and rotating/spinning the cubes is extremely responsive. My only thing is that starting up the game is a little slow, since the game sort of acts like a book. Remember that this is an iPad only app and it’ll be available November 28th. You can pick it up for $4.99.


Acoustic Ruler Pro -0.99 (Florian Student)

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a ruler in your pocket all the time? Well now you can! With the Acoustic Ruler Pro [0.99] from Florian Student you can measure anything, anywhere! To measure with this app you need an iOS device with a built in mic. Then you need headphones with a mic or without a mic (it doesn’t really matter there). This app is sort of hard to explain in writing. The best way to understand how this app works is to watch the 2 videos that the developer made about the 2 measuring modes. Below are the 2 videos and a quote from the App Store on how the application works.

How it works:
The app works by clocking the time delay of the emitted sound waves. There are two different operation modes: a single device operation (with headphones) and a dual device mode for measuring the distance *between* two devices. Read below to find out which modes work on your iOS device.”

Single Mode

Dual Mode

As you can see that’s pretty amazing! I feel that the videos were the best way to explain how the application works. This is definitely a must buy! My final rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Most of the time the measurements have seem to be very accurate. You can go download Acoustic Ruler Pro for just $0.99 from Florian Student here.

Homerun Battle 3D 2- PREVIEW (Com2uS)

More than likely you’ve heard about one of Com2uS’ most popular games called Homerun Battle 3D! If you’re a fan of the original then you’ll probably be stoked to hear that a sequel is almost here! If you follow Com2uS on Twitter (!/com2us) then you more than likely already heard that the Homerun Battle 3D 2 beta testing has just wrapped up. I was lucky enough to be included in the beta and trust me this sequel is AMAZING! I’m not going to give to much information away because I don’t want to spoil the game, but I will let you in on the new single player mode that I just can’t stop playing. This mode is called Burning. In this mode you get a set amount of time to get as big as a score as you can get. You get scored based on perfect hits, great hits, and good hits. There’s no score for bad hits. Getting combo streaks also increases your score. Towards the bottom of the screen is a burning meter. Each good type of hit raises it until you max it out and get into burning mode. That’s the only mode that I’ll let you know about, but in the beta I found the game to be much more smoother than the first and is definitely a fantastic step up for a sequel. At this moment there’s no word on price or whether there’ll be separate versions for the iPhone and iPad, or if it’ll be a universal app. The game should be out sometime next month (November). So, look out for the game and we’ll have a full in-depth review right around the time that the game is released! You can look below to check out a poster that Com2uS released for the game.

Homerun Battle 2 Beta Testing!

Most people may remember the very popular Com2uS game called Homerun Battle. Well if you’re a fan of that game and you’ve been waiting for a sequel, then you’re in luck! Com2uS will be conducting beta testing for the sequel from October 12th through the 20th. Recruiting started September 30th and will conclude on the 7th. If you’re lucky enough to get in then you should be receiving an email on the 10th stating that you’ve gotten in. You can check out how to apply and all that good stuff directly down below.

Recruiting periodSep.30th-Oct.7th

Result announcement

How to apply
Create a facebook account
Send an email to with below details.

Hungribles FREE Now Available & Giveaway

Great news for everyone who’s been wanting to play Hungribles by Futuremark Games Studio! There’s now a free (lite) version avaible. The free version has 15 levels from the paid version that you can try out first before you decide to buy the game. The free version is also universal just like the paid version. Even though there’s a free version, I say skip it. Just go download the full version today! You definitely won’t regret it for just $1.99.

Hungribles FREE
Hungribles $1.99
If you read the title then you may have noticed that we’re having a giveaway! We have a couple of codes to giveaway for the full version. The first two codes are directly below this post. So if you’re lucky enough to snag a code then kudos to you! The rest of the codes will be given out on our Twitter account. So follow us @TheAppShack for your chance to win more codes if you missed out here! If you do get a code make sure to leave the developer a review on iTunes!
First two codes coming….NOW!

Cowboy Guns- 0.99 (Chillingo) “Who doesn’t love the Wild Wild West?”

Get ready to go back into the wild wild west in Chillingo’s latest adventure game Cowboy Guns [$0.99]. In Cowboy Guns you play as a lonely cowboy who has to fight his way through towns, deserts, and canyons with bandits in the way. Your main goal is to defeat The Crimson Jackals to bring peace to the land. There’s 3 exciting modes to play through: Adventure mode, Bounty Hunter mode, and Survival mode. In Adventure mode you play through a story line facing enemies. In the Bounty Hunter mode you get rewards for defeating the 20 wanted criminals. In Survival mode you erm… basically survive. There’ll be a bunch of enemies coming all over and your goal is to stay alive as long as possible. There’s two controls in the game. The left analog stick allows you to move around and the right analog stick allows you to shoot your current weapon. Between the two analog sticks, your current weapons can be found there. You can only hold up to 3 weapons at once. On the top left side of the screen you have your health meter which indicates the amount of health you still have left. On the top right side of the screen there’s a little icon that looks like a bag. Once you click on that you can find your map and travel to different lands. You can also read about your current mission

that you have going on and upgrade your cowboy. The following upgrades that you can currently purchase are handguns, shotguns, heavy guns, explosives, armors, boots, and new costumes. Items can be purchased by using money that you’ve earned from missions or from the stars that you can collect that are hidden around each area. I’m really digging the game’s graphics and the western style music. The adventure mode is extremely fun and has a great story line. Overall, Cowboy Guns provided a fun cowboy experience and is

perfect for people who are into dual-stick games. I’ve found no issues with the game at all, except it crashed about twice. My final rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can pick up Cowboys Guns from Chillingo for a mere [$0.99]. There’s also a universal version that’ll run on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that you can pick up for just $2.99 by clicking here.


HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice – 4.99 (Telltale Inc)

The long awaited sequel to HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 [$3.99] is finally upon us! HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice [$4.99] is the second episode of the humorous trilogy. I’ve actually never gotten the chance to play the first episode, shocker right! Since I haven’t played the first episode I can’t really compare them to which one’s the best. If you’re new to the series like me then you ought to know who the main characters are. The game follows Detective Hector and his assistant Lambert throughout the series. The Hector: Badge of Carnage series is a point-and-click adventure game where you have to interact with people and objects to complete your tasks. There’s a lot of silly crude humor, so this game isn’t for the young. It’s also not for people who don’t have a sense of humor. So, if you were born without that then you should probably stay far away from this game. I mean it. Even though this is a funny game it’ll require you

to use your brain every now and then to complete the task on hand. The controls are very simple. Just tap anywhere to move around. To interact with objects and people just tap once to do so. If you need to use an item then just double tap to use it. You can gather objects and store them into your inventory. Sometimes you’ll have to combine objects that you’re carrying to get the job done. Throughout the game you can switch back and forth between Hector and Lambert to perform the various duties. If you’re ever stuck, then you can use the hint menu, but I’m afraid to use it… it makes me feel dumb, because of how easy some of the tasks are. There’s not much more I can say about the game without spoiling the story. After playing HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice, I’ve found myself to truly love the series. I definitely need to go pick up the first game ASAP! If you’re new to the Badge of Carnage series like me then I suggest you go play the first one 
before you play this one. You don’t really have to though. You’ll be fine by just hopping into episode 2, but if you would like to know the main plot then you should just start of at #1. Also, if you’ve played the first one before then there’s no way in the world that you can’t pick up this one. Come on for Pete’s sake! It’s Hector!!!! Overall, the dialogue in this game is fantastic and it’s hilarious. The graphics are nicely done and everything seems to flow very well. HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice is definitely worth $5… probably more! My final rating is 5 out of 5 stars. If your looking for a great puzzle adventure game and a nice long game then HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice for [$4.99] is definitely worth your time and hard earned money. Have an iPad? Well don’t worry! You can pick up the HD version for iPad for just $6.99 by clicking here

To-Fu 2- 0.99 (HotGen Ltd.) “To-Fu is back and badder than ever!”

                           There’s no way that I can start the review until I say something about that icon. Now that icon is EPIC! Alright I’m glad I was able to get that out of my system. Now what is To-Fu 2? To-Fu 2 [0.99] by HotGen Ltd. is the sequel to their wildly popular first game called To-Fu: The Trials of Chi which you can actually pick up for free right now in celebration of the release of the sequel! So, just in case you’ve never heard of this game (if that’s even possible) you can go pick up the first one for free on your iPhone/iPod Touch and or iPad. If you’re not familiar with how the game works then I’ll give you a little recap.  In the game you control To-Fu who can stretch. You have to ping, stretch, rebound, and stick him throughout the levels. There’s 3 emblems that you can earn in each level. The first one is completing the entire level in a certain amount of moves or less. The next one is collecting all the Chi in the level. To get the last one all you have to do is finish the entire level by hitting the Fortune Kitty (this is the easiest one to achieve). You don’t actually have to collect all the emblems in one try. You can always go back to each level and try to get a certain one. Now, that I’ve been able to bring you up to speed if you haven’t played To-Fu before or haven’t played it in a while, I think it’s a great time to tell you about all the

 new features and goodies! The first new feature is the Time Trial mode. You’re given a certain amount of time to try to collect as much Chi as possible, with the ability to hit extra time bonuses to give yourself more time. I’m just gonna say that this is a great new feature, it definitely adds to the replay value of this game. There’s also new game features such as the rotating rebounding platforms and the “Super Ping”. The “Super Ping” allows you to break through obstacles. To activate it, all you have to do is hold down where you want it to go for a few extra seconds and it charges into the “Super Ping”! Another new feature is the store, where you can spend real cha-ching (money) if you’d like to. You can purchase new costumes, themes, and you can unlock all the levels in the game. The coolest IAP that I would not mind purchasing at all is the Golden To-Fu. The Golden To-Fu sort of works like the Angry Birds Mighty Eagle. The Mighty Eagle allows you to complete the level, but can only be used once every so hours. The Golden To-Fu works in the same way. It takes you right to the Fortune Kitty and collects all Chi en route. Just like the Mighty Eagle this also has a time limit of once every 8 hours. So if you purchase it, use it wisely! Overall, I found this game to be magnificent. It keeps what made the first one so successful and it builds off of it! The difficulty level is definitely higher than the original, but who wouldn’t like a challenge? The first 15 levels will re-introduce you into the game, with the next 85 levels to be challenging and a blast at the same time! If you’re a fan of the original then there’s no way in the world that you can pass this up. Also, if you’re new to the game I’d advise you to go pick up the original first and play a little bit of that before you play this one. My final rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can go pick up this amazing sequel for just $0.99 (universal app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) from HotGen Ltd.


Anooki Jump- 0.99 (Bulkypix) “Sort of like Doodle Jump, but with Eskimos!”

Get ready to become Anook and Nooki and bounce from ice cube to ice cube in Anooki Jump [$0.99 (UNIVERSAL)] from Bulkypix. Anook and Nooki are two Eskimos who need your help to bounce as high as possible. The mechanics and the game will sort of remind you of Doodle Jump, but the game is completely different. For one thing, there’s no monsters that are trying to make you die. You’re probably wondering how you can play as 2 characters in this game. We’ll it’s actually really cool how you do it. Both of the Eskimos have a health bar. You start the game off with one of the characters and as you bounce higher the characters health that your bouncing with starts to deteriorate. Along the way there’s sort of a “pit stop” I guess you could say with the energized Eskimo waiting. When you land on it, your characters swap out and your immediately thrown back into the game with

the well rested Anook or Nooki. If you fail to swap out, your health will go down and once it reaches the end then it’s immediately game over. There’s a bunch of power-ups in the game that allow you to jump a decent amount of distance such as the star, the ballon, and a few other things that raise you higher up. With power-ups comes obstacles. Some of those obstacles are the bomb that spins you out of control for a little bit which makes jumping hard to do. Another one is the oil spill that gets you stuck in it, which requires you to shake your device to get out of it. There’s also a sort of Jack-in-the-Box that you can land in which can either shoot you straight up or shoot you straight down. So, that can be considered a power-up and an obstacle. In the

end this game is pretty addictive. The only thing I’ll say is that I’m not a fan of the colored world. It’s cool that every time you play the background is a different color, but it would be even better if the backgrounds were actually themed. Also, tilting on the iPad feels clunky, but well most tilting games on the iPad do. Overall, Anooki Jump is a cute game that you could easily spend hours trying to beat your high score by getting higher and higher. My final rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Anooki Jump is a universal app so you don’t have to double-dip if you have an iPad and iPhone and would like to play on both. You can grab Anooki Jump for $0.99 from Bulkypix !

Anooki Jump iTunes Link: