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Anomaly Korea Teaser Trailer + Screens!

11 Bit Studios first iOS game, a port of the Tower Offense title Anomaly Warzone Earth, was a HUGE success. Well, soon 11 Bit will be releasing the sequel, Anomaly Korea, boasting a new engaging story, new units, new powers, and more. We finally got our hands on the teaser trailer, after the world was shown at Gamescom, they got around to uploading the video to YouTube so all of us unfortunates that weren’t able to be there could check it out and get just as excited as the live crowds. Welp, here it is;
You can also check out some of these awesome screens from the soon to be released title;

Beautiful, no? Yeah, we thought so too, which is why we decided to post this even though every other site on the net has already done so. But there’s a reason it’s getting so hyped up. The original Anomaly title received universal acclaim, getting amazing reviews from the mass of review sites around the net, and eventually clinching one of the highest ratings for an iOS game on Metacritic, with a score of 95. The bar has been set, and Anomaly Korea stands to be the only title with the possibility to reach that extremely high bar and go beyond it. So yes, we will, of course, be sharing more information as it spreads across the sites like wildfire. =o)

I woke up to find: A WHOLE LOT OF UPDATES!

Alrighty, well. I woke up today, ready to check out some of the new games that hit the AppStore last night; Random Heroes, Critter Escape, Flip’s Escape… but when I booted up my PC, and started up iTunes, I was pretty damn shocked when I saw all the updates that went live while I was sleeping… check it out!
[Mobigame] – Universal – FREE
Version 1.2.0
>Optimized for the new iPad Retina display
>Anti Aliasing for all devices (4XMSAA)
>The old icon is back!

[] – Universal – FREE
Version 1.2
>Brand New World! – The Factory is an unfriendly place where the soot-lump monsters have increased in numbers. This is their food storage and hundreds of friendly Pebbles are locked up, waiting to be eaten! But with skill and timing you can help the Pebbles to fight the monsters and take another step closer to freedom!
>New Pebble: Bluster Pebble. VERY Explosive!

[DotEmu] – Universal – $1.99
Version 1.3
>iPad Version (Now Universal)
[Everplay] – Universal – FREE
Version 1.1
>A New Arena: Sky Temple
>60 New Missions
>More than 30 new equip items
>New Spell Cards
>New Enemies
>iCloud Support (After uploading your savestate it may take a few minutes until it’s completely synced)
[Warner Bros.] – Universal – $0.99
Version 2.1
>New levels in World Pass: The World Pass has been updated with 10 brand new levels
>Back to school Icon & Playground: John Maxwell in the classroom with the all-new back to school playground!
[Spaces of Play] – iPhone/iPod Touch – $2.99
Version 1.3
>New levels designed by the #1 player; Pyjamads
–The HD Version has also been updated with the new levels! – CHECK IT OUT IN THE APPSTORE!

[Rovio Entertainment] – iPhone/iPod Touch – $0.99
Version 2.5.0
>Pencils, apples, backpacks, playgrounds — it’s back to school time! But summer’s not over yet: we’ve got some spectacular surprisees in store! Brighten your day with 20 brand new schoolyard levels, new bonus levels, and a BRAND NEW BIRD!
–The HD Version has also been updated with the new levels and new bird! – CHECK IT OUT IN THE APPSTORE!
[XP] – Universal – $4.99
Version 1.1.0
>New NearbyUI lock icons
>Toggle UI behavior change to enter hide everything mode
>Slider icon tweaks
>Double hit on pad center button to engage all weapons
>Make trackers, markers, and brackets behave properly in hide everything mode
>Give some spacing between missiles, now that they are more likely to launch at the same time with various fire-all-xxx options
>Interface layout changes, including lower right pad of buttons that engages multiple type of modules simultaneously, also autopilot and module radials which can be displayed and dismissed
>Question menu renamed Scanner menu with new access button and position
>Gravity bomb changes
>Gravity bomb and laser now are base ship abilities. Laser is always present but is enhanced by laser modules, Gravity bomb requires at least one module, and is enhanced by additional modules
>Server save
>Expose auto-save slot
>Ability to save to any slot from within game
>Adding many particle based effects
>Various stability fixes
>Fix positioning of interface elements that depend on camera view under certain circumstances
>Upgrade process from old save format that is non-destructive of original save format
>Allow demo version to spend up to 10000 experience
>Icons for player health bars
>Thruster smoke
>Damaged ship smoke
>New planet graphics
>For the player, blur distinction between limit modes and the autopilots they lead to, and related adjustments to camera changes
>Animate NearbyUI lock icon size for time-to-lock and time-to-ecm-expiration
The HD Version of Dangerous has also been released!  – CHECK IT OUT IN THE APPSTORE!

     *Suitable for iPhone 3GS/4/4S, all iPads and 3rd + 4th Generation iPod Touch Devices

[Electronic Arts] – Universal – FREE
Version 2.1.0
>Enhanced HD graphics made for the Retina display of the new iPad
>Multitasking support
>We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes adjustments to increased stability and a few other fixes to improve overall gameplay.
[Sky Jet International] – Universal – $1.99
Version 5.0
>New map released: Arctic Ice Canyon with secret russian SHARK class nuclear submarine 
>Resurrection of the old map Hoover Dumb enhanced and optimized for flight skills perfection
>Now say WOW – New Elite rank AIR MARSHAL
>Special new helicopter KA-85 Kestrel for the Elite pilots with future tech * Predator armor
>Incredible enhancement with helicopters cockpits, now they are transparent, you may see your helicopters inside
>security system updated
>Sounds issue fixed and you can check it right now.
>Chinese localization added
[Craneballs Studios] – Universal – FREE
Version 2.0
–This is the biggest update for SuperRope yet! Thank you for your patience.
>iPad support
>30 missions you need to finish with Multiplier as reward
>Multiplier for higher score
>only one currency (coins) – no worries, we’ll transfer your Funky Stars
>in-game store redesigned and simplified
>heroes and stages are unlocked as you progress in the game
>AND spin wheel!
If you don’t have any of these titles, they’re all worth checking out. And with all the titles that are becoming abandonware over time, it’s great seeing so many titles get updated in one night. 

Rayark’s Live Concert For The iOS Music Game; Cytus!!!

Rayark, developers of the amazing tap-rhythm music title Cytus, has just had the very first live concert dedicated to an iOS title! The event was held at Legacy Taipei in Taiwan 4 days ago, on August 12th. The event had multiple performers showcasing their songs that are included in the game. Naotyu- & Miyu, Yamajet vs. Tom 2, Ani & Vocalists and Cranky x Sta and violinist Teppei Okada, famous for his rendition of the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song, were among the performers that night, playing songs from the game; Les Parfums de L’Amour, Retrospective, the Cytus Main Theme, Hard Landing/Prismatic Lollipops, DRG, Light Up My Love, Cytus Story Album Debut and loads more!
Check out some pictures from the show;
Since chances are most of you don’t live anywhere near Taiwan, Rayark is showing the event Delay-Live on UStream at 18:40 (GMT+08:00) on August 18th!! Here’s some times for those of you around the globe;
United States West Coast: 03:40
United States East Coast: 06:40
United Kingdom: 11:40
Thailand: 17:40
China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan: 18:40
Japan, Korea: 19:40
Australia (Sydney): 20:40
Granted, personally, it’s showing at 6:40 AM, and 4:40 AM back home, this is one show you will NOT want to miss, so set your alarms, watches, iDevices, dogs, chickens, whatever you use to get up in the morning, to go off a little earlier than usual, and you’ll be able to watch the first ever concert for an iOS game! Chances are, if you miss it, it’ll be archived, so you don’t really have to get up that early, or stay up that late in order to see it. =oP
We really hope this helps get Cytus more attention, and sales. It’s definitely our favorite iOS tap-rhythm-music game, and with it’s most recent update that included an awesome story mode and 9 new songs, now is the best time to check out this awesome game. Also, every time the game gets another 100,000 paid downloads, 10 new songs will be added to the game! If Cytus eventually gets 1 million paid downloads, the full 10 chapter Story Mode will be added, and gamers will have an astounding 100 songs to play and master!!! ONE FREAK’N HUNDRED!!! For the insanely low price of $1.99, and NO IAPs to speak of, not only is it our favorite iOS music game, but it’s also one of only a couple that does not include extra music packs only through in-app-purchasing. It has the potential to eventually be the most complete, and content rich iOS music gaming title ever! You don’t wanna skip over it, trust us! 
If  you want to know more about the game, you can check out our 4.5/5 star review written back in June, or check out the Official Rayark Website. You can also watch the trailer below. Then head on over to the AppStore, and pick up this fantastic game! 

Slydris Soundtrack free to download, and Inferno+ dropped to $1.99 in celebration of Slydris going Universal!

Radiangames first non-shooter release for the iOS, Slydris, has just gone Universal in an update that also added some nice tweaks to the scoring system. Alongside this Universal update, the soundtrack for Slydris has been released and is available to download for FREE on Radiangame’s Bandcamp page. If you haven’t picked up Slydris yet, it’s a fantastic puzzler, along the same lines as Tetris, but with enough differences to provide a completely different gameplay experience. You can watch the trailer below or check out our 5/5 star review here on The App Shack! We absolutely love Slydris, and are so psyched to be able to play it on the smaller screen. If you’re a fan of block-shifting, line-erasing puzzlers, Slydris is designed just for you. If you’re more into Radiangames shooter titles, don’t miss out on Inferno+, it just got a new gameplay mode (Scorched, 3 semi-random, timed levels that have you collecting as much gold as possible), and is on sale for $1.99! If you haven’t heard of Inferno+, or are still on the fence, check out our 4.5/5 star review!
Feel free to listen to the Slydris soundtrack below as well. It’s one of our favorite soundtracks from the studio, and definitely deserves a listen!

11-Bit Studios Debut Trailer for Sleepwalker’s Journey hits YouTube!

11-Bit Studios, developers of the amazing Tower Offense title, Anomaly Warzone Earth, have just released the debut trailer for their new Puzzle-Platformer, Sleepwalker’s Journey. Along with the trailer, they’ve also sent out some screenshots, which look absolutely beautiful! Take a look;
Sleepwalker’s Journey is the story of Moonboy, a young boy who’s just been blown out of bed by a huge ‘Lunar Sneeze’. Sleepwalking through his dreams, it’s up to you to move, rotate, shift, start and stop objects and platforms so that Moonboy can avoid all of the dreamworld’s crazy hazards, and make it back to his bed. With numerous environmental puzzles, Sleepwalker’s Journey looks to be one of the most interesting puzzle platformers we’ll see this year. 
Take a peak below at the trailer, and start to get excited for the second 11 Bit Studio’s game to hit the AppStore. If it’s even half as polished as Anomaly Warzone Earth, we’ll all be in for a real treat. Sleepwalker’s Journey is coming to iOS and Android soon. We’ll be sure and share the news as it becomes available to us. =o)

Firi Game’s Phoenix HD Update Gets Bigger+Better!

Firi Game’s extremely popular title, Phoenix HD, has undergone more than a few changes since it’s original release back when it was just ‘Phoenix’, the most major included new ships which completely changed the gameplay, and an HD/Universal build with some mind-blowing eye candy!
Well, yesterday (August 13th) was the official 1 year anniversary for Phoenix HD, and the developers at Firi decided to share a little bit of information about the up-coming update that fans of the game have been eagerly anticipating. 

They wouldn’t divulge much, but apparently the afterburners got a complete overhaul, making them stand out  more for each and every ship because the engines were already disassembled while working on the update. Also, they’re merging two updates together, which means that we’ll be getting some features that were planned for later on in the year even sooner. However, not too soon, as Firi Games wants to wait and see what the iPhone 5 can do, graphically, before spitting it out. But here’s some information they shared a while back about what’s to be included;

>The Pixel Shaders are being used to change the colors in real-time, making the graphics even more amazing.
>A new player ship with the ability to MANIPULATE TIME! 
>New enemy turrets with increased firepower
>New Alpha Strikes
>Revamped learderboards so you can view scores per ship
>New backgrounds
And here, take a look at the new FOCUS VISION effect… if this doesn’t get you excited, I dunno what will!
The new ship’s risk/reward aspect will, like the 3 other ships that have been added since the original Phoenix,  have a drastic effect on the gameplay, giving players yet more skills to learn and master. We’re guessing that the ship will be like the others, available via $0.99 IAP, and with how much each ship changes the gameplay, believe us when we say ‘it’s totally worth it, and more!’
If you don’t yet own Phoenix HD, you can pick it up in the AppStore for FREE. That’s right, you can get this amazing bullet-hell shooter for FREE. The game comes with the original Phoenix ship, and the endless gameplay unlocked. However, if you want access to the leaderboards and the other ships, each costs $0.99 via IAP. With Phoenix HD being on our list of Writers Favorites, and FREE, it’s definitely worth checking out. We’ll make sure and share more information with you all as it becomes available. 

Today is the very last day of The App Shack’s promo code giveaway!

Over the last week, we’ve been giving out promo codes every day on our Twitter page. So far, about 90 promo codes have been given out. 90! We just wanted to thank you (our readers) for the awesome support, and the very cool developers who all contributed to make this giveaway so great. 
If you haven’t had a chance to win yet, not to worry. We’re giving out our last 21 codes today, so head on over to The App Shack’s Twitter Page, and start retweeting those tweets!
If you miss out on the whole giveaway, we’re terribly sorry, but not to fret. This December, we’re going to have a little surprise for you guys, and you can always keep an eye on our Sales page to see what awesome games you can snag up for free, or for a fraction of their original price!

Again, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GREAT SUPPORT! We hope that we can keep you informed about new and awesome games for a long time to come. =oD

BULKYPIX Fall-Winter Lineup: 9 New Titles!

One of the AppStores most popular publishers, Bulkypix, has just announced 9 new titles to be released before the end of the year, and more than a couple of them sound really, really good. Here’s the info they let go of earlier today;
Babel Rising was one of the very first games I ever got for my first iOS device, years ago. FINALLY, an official sequel for the game (not an endless runner, not a 3D TD title… A REAL SEQUEL!) has been announced! Bulkypix has stated that Babel Rising Cataclysm will contain more of the same great gameplay that can be found in the original, along with more powers, more missions, more bonuses, and of course, more workers to annihilate with your Godly powers! 
All that was really said about Soldier Vs. Aliens is that it’s a shooter that takes place in a distant future, where mankind has colonized dozens of galaxies and is determined to rule over every inch of space. We don’t know if it’s a Dual-Stick Shooter, a 3rd Person Shooter, First-Person Shooter, or what, but personally, I’m dying to find out. 
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the amazingly popular Runaway: A Road Adventure, Pendulo Studios and Bulkypix are bringing Hidden Runaway, a new game featuring Brian and Gina, to the iDevice. Thankfully, Pendulo Studios, the developers behind the original Runaway are involved, so it should be a faithful extension of the original Point & Click Adventure title. If so, I know my kids are going to love this one!
cTools Studio, developers of one of my favorite platformers on the iOS, Kung Fu Rabbit, have been hard at work on their second iOS release, Little Amazon. This time, you’ll be controlling Lily, a young girl born in the forest, and captured by Gruul, a sorcerer who’s put a spell on the entire forest. It’s up to you to escape his clutches, and figure out how to save the place you call home. 
The team behind Super Bit Boy (a Flash game – click here to check it out!), have decided to step on up to the iOS playing field. Their first release is an Action Platformer set in space. You’ll control a young astronaut, saving robots and more as you make your way across the Universe. We don’t know anything else, but we’re pretty intrigued. 
Uncanny Games, developers of the awesome PC/MAC games, OIO, and awesome Platformer, and The Uncanny Fish Hunt, a beautiful fishing adventure title, is now moving their way over to the AppStore with the release of Pocket Dungeon. A 3D Multiplayer Game in which you’ll need to protect your dungeon from other players and go on raids of your own! Sounds like a blast!
A new title from KoolFling, MotorLab Madness, a blend of Endless Runner and Action Platformer while controlling a wild, customizable vehicle. Dizzy platforms, crazy slopes, watermelon bombs and ninja grenades will cover the screen as you try and escape your pursuers. We love us some Endless Runners, and hearing about a new one with this much going on always makes our mouth’s water. 
For those of you into men, My Perfect Man is the first Bulkypix game, that we’ve heard of, that’s going to hit the Facebook platform. In it, you’ll be able to craft the personality of your perfect man! Those of you who spend loads of time on Facebook might not be looking for another FB game, but hey, we figure the platform could use a little Bulkypix title, and it looks like this one would be a perfect fit!
Bulkypix is saving one of the best for last. Just in time for the Christmas onslaught of titles, Holy Shield will have you begging friends, family and loved ones to just give you money so you can snag up the latest iOS device (iPhone 5 anyone?), and check out Holy Shield’s amazing graphics, impressive amount of content, and awesome post-apocalyptic demon killing in this 3D Third-Person Shooter. We’re super psyched about this one, and what a way to end the year!

Massive Cave Sale!

Cave Ltd, one of the most influential names within the shmup genre, is having a special summer sale on all (except for BP2BL) of their iOS titles. If you have yet to check out Cave’s games, they are, without a doubt, some of the most polished, insanely difficult shooters you’ll ever come across. With almost endless replayability, and multiple play styles found in each and every title, you really can’t go wrong here. Check out these new prices!

Mobigame joins in on the Summer Sales!

Mobigame hit the iOS gaming world in a big way when they released EDGE back in 2008. After some legal issues, EDGE being pulled from the AppStore, and back-n-forth what-nots, almost a year later, in 2009, EDGE was re-released, and made a huge impact on iOS gaming. Still holding up today, EDGE is on the best puzzle/platform titles you’ll ever find in the AppStore, and has since spawned a semi-sequel, EDGE Extended. If you have yet to pick up these titles, you’d be doing yourself a HUGE favor if you hopped on over to the AppStore and picked them up ASAP. And what better time than now, as Mobigame has joined in on the summer fun, and reduced the price for 4 of their 6 titles; 
This sale is going to last until August 19th, so hurry up, and don’t miss out on some of the best games available for the iDevice!