HexRoto HD- 0.99 (Hill Stone Animation Studios)

What is HexRoto you may ask? Well, HexRoto HD ($0.99- iPAD ONLY) by Hill Stone Animation Studios is a puzzle game that’ll have you thinking every single move you make. In the game there’s colored balls in each level. Your objective is to get the certain colored ball in the appropriate highlighted position. Trying to move the balls correctly takes strategy. To move the ball you want all you have to do is tap on a certain ball to rotate all the other balls clockwise. A little confusing, eh? Trust me it’ll make a lot more sense when you start playing the game! As you move on

through the 45 levels, the difficulty gradually increases over time. More balls are required to be rotated which takes a lot more thinking then rotating 2 or 3 balls. To achieve 3 stars on a level you must rotate everything in the least amount of moves as possible. The more moves you make, the less amount of stars you’ll gain. This in turn makes you want to come back to the game to test your brains capability and acquire more stars. With that all said, HexRoto HD is a great little puzzle game to exercise the ol’ brain, but it’s missing a few things to me. Some mind stimulating music in the background while playing would be great. When I hear silence in a puzzle game it makes me over think. That’s just me. Also, GameCenter support would be a nice little update. The biggest thing I feel  it’s missing is a time challenge mode. I would love to race against the clock to get all the balls where they need

to be. Overall the game is a nice little puzzler, but to me I feel it needs a little more to be just perfect. My final rating is 3.5 out 5. If you like puzzle games then you can go check out HexRoto HD (iPad only app) for a mere $0.99. Don’t have an iPad? Then don’t worry! You can download HexRoto for iPhone and iPod Touch for $0.99 also! Not sure if you want to play the game yet? Then go check out some gameplay footage that I found below.

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