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Dragon Evolution Giveaway!

Nob Studio, the developers of Dragon Evolution, have been kind enough to give us 5 promo codes to giveaway here on The App Shack. If you don’t have the game yet, it’s a great score-chasing arcade title, where you choose different evolutions for a dragon to go through over the course of 9 years. You can check out more in our review of the game if you like, and if you miss out on a code, you can purchase Dragon Evolution in the AppStore for $1.99.


Good luck!

Carrot War Promo Codes

Almost a week ago, I posted my review for Carrot War by Sphinx Entertainment (which you can read here – As a show of appreciation by the developer, he’s given me 5 promo codes to share with our readers! Those of you who are lucky enough to nab one of these codes, please remember that you can rate a game in the US AppStore so long as you redeem the code within iTunes, and post your review within about an hour of using the code. There’s one iTunes review in-particular which has caused Sphinx Entertainment some trouble, pretty much calling them scam artists. If you’re so inclined, please down-rate this review. There are IAPs for the game, but they are mentioned in iTunes, and are only useful if you’re finding the game too hard. It’s a dollar for 3 extra lives per level, and a dollar for 2 extra ink pens. They are non-consumable, so if you are having trouble getting through it, or just want to support the developer because you (maybe) ended up getting the game for free, feel free to nab those. Anyway, here’s 5 promo code for one of my favorite line drawing games out there;


Hungribles Giveaway!

Are you ready for this! It’s giveaway time over here at TheAppShack. Today the first 2 lucky readers can snatch a code for Hungribles [$1.99 (Universal)]. I previously reviewed this game on the site before which you can read my review here. We loved this game in our review! The two codes are right below this paragraph. Hurry up and get a copy before it’s too late!



Couldn’t snag a copy? Then check out our Twitter where we’ll be giving away more soon! Go follow us @TheAppShack to be the first to know when we giveaway the rest of the codes that we have left.