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LostWinds, FireHawk and more go free for a limited time!

Seems like every week, more and more high-quality apps are getting price drops. It’s a shame the developers are basically forced into doing so, but it’s also something that makes the AppStore that much more special. If you’ve yet to pick these titles up, make sure you do!!

Freebies Galore!

Recently, a whole bunch of fantastic games have gone free. If you don’t yet have any of these, now would be the best time to snag em up! So pull our your iDevice, and get ready to download. =oD

Hollow Grounds [Full Color Planet]

Dragon Wrath [Faraway Frontiers]

Grabatron [Future Games of London]

Dotomchi’s Fortune Series goes free for a limited time!

I’ve been following Dotomchi’s ‘Fortune’ series since Sorcerer Of Fortune and Rebirth Of Fortune came out in late 2010. Not only are the games very well made, but developer Seok Kyu Chang has been extremely responsive and supportive when it comes to players issues, suggestions, and just all around feedback. Needless to say, this has made the ‘Fortune’ series even better.

If you’ve yet to purchase these great strategy games, now would be the best time to pick them up. Each Fortune game has gone free for a limited time. That’s right, Rebirth of Fortune, Sorcerer of Fortune and Defense of Fortune (including the HD [iPad] version) are all free. Want some even better news? Each of these games have great tutorials and are easy to learn, even if you’re new to the genres. Turn-Based Strategy, set up like Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Real Time Base Defense and Turn-Based Extermination set up like a board game. All 3 of these titles have great RPG elements, and once you get into them, each have quite a bit of depth, giving veterans and newcomers alike hours upon hours of fantastic gameplay.

Sega News and Sales!

Some fresh news has arrived from the folks over at Sega. In an interview with Gamespot, Ken Balough from Sega officially announced the second episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4.  The first episode came out over a year ago, and number looks to have some huge changes.  First, there will be some huge behind the scenes work as Sega is using a brand new graphics and physics engine.  Along with that, Tails makes an appearance (as apparent by Ken’s awesome facial hair). Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 should be out some time in 2012, but until then get excited with the teaser trailer above.
Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing is FREE!
On a large side note, Sega is holding quite the sale. The must-have here is Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, which has dropped to the unbelievable price of $0.00.  This is one of the best kart racers on iOS and I’m not really sure what’s going on in your head if you don’t download it at that price. Enjoy the sales, we’ll be back with more news soon.

Steam Sales and iOS Game Developers

For the past week or so developers on Steam have been drastically cutting the prices on their games to just a few measly dollars. Once every 24 hours the new sales are revealed for people to peruse.  Today two iOS game developers have cut down their prices to the lowest they have ever been.  Those developers are Vlambeer and Trendy Entertainment.  Vlambeer recently submitted Super Crate Box to the Appstore and it is due out on January 5th of 2012.  Trendy Entertainment ported Dungeon Defenders onto mobile devices like iOS and Android.

In case you are out of the loop, Steam is a storefront for computer games that you can download onto your computer.  Once you have Steam downloaded you can buy a variety of games, granted that you have the proper computing requirements.  It’s free and you can get it here:
The two games that are on sale are Dungeon Defenders for PC and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.
Dungeon Defenders by Trendy Entertainment
Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense/ action roleplaying game.  Your goal is to protect the Eternia crystals from the swarms of monsters that arrive in each of the areas.  Towers are a main focal point of the game and you place them strategically around the area in order to best defend your crystal. You can choose from 4 characters all of which have different skills and towers available.  The game is multiplayer enabled so you can play with people around the world. Though the iOS version cant sync back and forth to the PC version but in my opinion the game plays smoother on the PC.

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter by Vlambeer
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is a turn-based RPG that lives up to its name, it’s extremely random. From aliens to insanely crazy weapons this is definitely a interesting game. It is definitely worth a shot for a dollar and you would have to be insane to pass up this offer.
Total for both games: 4.98 or 5 dollars after tax

Crescent Moon Games Holiday Blowout!

Crescent Moon Games, the publisher/developer behind epic titles such as Aralon: Sword and Shadow and Gears are holding what could be the biggest Holiday sale yet. Nearly all of their titles are on sale for less than a buck. Check out the list:

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD – $6.99 → $.99
Evertales – $1.99 → $.99
Deadlock: Online – $.99 → Free
Gears – $2.99 → $.99
Pocket RPG for iPhone – $2.99 → $.99
Pocket RPG – $4.99 → $2.99
Rimelands: Hammer of Thor – $4.99 → $.99
Siegecraft – $2.99 → $.99

If I must recommend one, I would say Aralon is the best bang for the buck. For less than a cheeseburger you get an entire world to explore. Not to mention that a recent update just added in new areas and baddies. If you want more of a casual title, definitely give Gears a spin. I don’t think there is a better ball roller out there. I hope you guys enjoy all of the Holiday sales out there. We will be back with more.

New Christmas Freebies!

The sales will continue to roll in for a while, but here are a couple stand-outs hot off the press.

!!!Jetpack Joyride!!!

If you missed this from the Facebook promotion, definitely don’t pass this up a second time. Halfbrick has put nothing but genius into this game.


Buy ME

This is an awesome take on the Space Invaders alien defense shooter genre, and it doesn’t take much effort to go and download this now. Go get it.