Apps That Make Great Travelling Companions


Regular travellers tend to have their trusty standard travelling companions well sorted on their mobile devices, ready to assist them with whatever they might require on their journey in a moment’s notice. This same set of regular travellers have over the years tried and tested numerous apps that looked promising, but in the end failed them until they sorted the wheat from the chaff and arrived at their favourite set of apps that met their personal preferences. The irregular or ad hoc travellers have not had the benefit of being exposed to travelling environment over a sufficient period of time to have tried and tested and arrived at the best group of apps as the travelling companions. This group will find great benefit in the apps discussed below; however, even the first group of travellers may just find their new favourite in the discussion below.


Triposo delivers to you their World Travel Guide app that logically leaves you with a completely explained and guided world in your own pocket. The app quickly proves itself to be indispensable, it offers a framework into which users will download various city and country guides to replace a variety of individual apps that serve in one or two cities but not in others. The base app is just 22 MB in size, users will then really familiar splash screen where after they will be prompted to download their city or even a complete country guide of choice to get them started. Users on a multiple country journey will be able to browse through all of the available individual guides. There are able to plan their trip via pins that can be used to pin to specific locations, each location or destination features a brief description, some images, a handy navigator, and a travelogue with all their account information.

Phrasebook Pro will become utterly indispensable when entering into countries where users have a grasp of the local language dialects. The app requires zero registration and presents an extremely clean, crisp use interface that offer users the capacity to the require for download and then save in order to use off line. It currently offers 17 languages including Swedish, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, as well as Indonesian to name a few. As mentioned above, one of its greatest features that proves incredibly helpful when travelling in countries that have pro or little cell phone signal coverage is its off-line feature. To further bolster its capacity, the phrases are spoken in high quality in each country’s native mother tongue in the correct dialect and pronunciation along with an excellent variety of topics.

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