Two Must Try Windows Mobile Apps

The Mint app

Since the spate of recent additions to the Windows Phone Store, users will find it entirely possible to partake in any of the characteristic mobile activities directly from Microsoft’s mobile platform. Whether you prefer to text, game, watch a video, photo share, or any imaginable activity to enjoy via smart phone, and a multitude of others that its users find amongst the over 200,000 apps preloaded in the Windows Mobile store.

Windows phone users can be assured of the fact that they start-off well ahead of all other platforms with the fact that typical Windows phones arrive in your sweaty palms with a fully licensed and activated latest version of Microsoft Office preloaded. The office package would normally be available at $69.99 from Dell computing, this is in addition to numerous extremely handy Windows phone OS apps that arrive as part of the OS bundle, with functionality reaching way beyond the standard realms of the Office Suite. Windows phone users receive the added benefit of brilliantly designed apps take care of by Tim such as news, photos, music, and emails, as well as several other functions, particularly so on any Nokia phones.

The Mint app1

The Mint app offer Windows Mobile users some of the best personal financial management tools available anywhere. While its features might not meet or match each & every feature found in alternative OSs such as iOS or android, it still offers absolutely valid and comprehensive functionality. The app design offers a clear, clean interface that provides users with instantaneous access to their various account balances; keep track of financial transactions as well as the user’s personal spending traits or considering their budgets. A handy additional function will warn users with an alert to bring any unusual spending patterns to the attention.

The 6tag app brings a better than original Instagram app to the Windows Mobile platform, this is in contrast to the fact that the official Instagram app is still the top app download. However, currently the 6tag app delivers a much more fulfilling Instagram experience, where users enjoy the capacity to utilise an in app video and photo shooting functionality.

Additionally users are able to enjoy a excellent little Matthew of all their fighters and the latest revision even allows users to save their videos to Skydive accounts in cloud storage. The only possible future concern may be the potential where Instagram might shut down 6tag’s API access to counter competition to its own fledgling windows mobile app.

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