Great Entertainment Apps For Windows Mobile


In comparison to the other two widely use mobile Oss, the Windows Mobile platform presents a whole host of advantages for its users. Firstly, the hardware that Windows Mobile tend to come preloaded on are generally devices from distinguished manufacturing brand names such as Nokia who as a company have proven themselves to be one of the most popular brands in the founding years of cellular technology.


That said, it also needs to be pointed out that the Windows Mobile platform have, due to high degree of commitment from both Microsoft and Nokia, been developed into an excellent choice of mobile OS with few flaws that developed an excellent reputation for stability and reliability amongst the relatively small number of users that opted for their latest devices. The main problem for Nokia is that Windows Mobile became one of the lesser-known platforms mostly due to early teething problems and a then lack of commitment and focus from Microsoft. This caused the OS to fall behind in development in comparison to iOS and Android, both of whose manufacturers were fully committed at the time, and it’s a petition with each other, to developing the best possible mobile operating platform. All these issues have however been addressed, the only possible remaining issue might be related to a perceived relative lack of choice in the Windows Phone Store. This is currently a pure matter of perception since the store currently offers close to 400,000 top-quality apps.

The below apps are two brilliant examples of what is available to Windows Mobile users.

Vine’s popularity, despite sceptics opinions, since its inception took off like a firebrand with its manic and often hilarious six-second video clips. The most popular objection being that nothing worthwhile could be relayed in a six-second video clip, all objections have been answered in great detail with the proliferation of Vine clips that generates smiles all over the globe on a daily basis several times a day. Their Windows Phone app offers a brilliant way to allow Windows users to enjoy their own daily dose of these mini-vidis. It’s currently still missing a few features that are available on its Android and iOS counterparts, but this lack is sure to be rectified in short order.

Netflix caused the smaller screen to get much bigger and currently provides a brilliant way to enjoy one’s Video entertainment on the go. It has become the foremost source of movie and TV show content streaming. The Windows Phone app from Netflix is certainly up to any task that one would expect of it, the app allows you to continue watching content you originally started viewing on larger devices while on the go. Alternatively you may choose to spend your commute time drawing up playlists for future entertainment on this fully featured minimalist media player sporting a simplistic interface offering easy navigation.

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