New App Roundup For The Week


Google Play currently features in excess of 1.7 million apps with over a hundred billion downloads served to date. These kinds of figures make searching for and finding apps with the precious space on your smart phone extremely difficult and time-consuming process, therefore the list of apps discussed below should make life for android users a bit easier. It will also shorten the task of compiling your new list of favourite tools to make your smart phone the most useful it could possibly be.


Texpand is available for free on Google Play. This handy little app allows its users to text in acronyms, which it will then expand into full sentences and phrases. For example, users may for instance type “FYI” on the keyboard and the app will then automatically expand the abbreviation to “for your information” or “TGI” expands into “Thank God Its Friday”. This app effectively gets rid of most cell-phone spoken texting language, making short work of often-texted locations and names.

Band is another free app available on Google Play that allows it users to search for and find groups of like-minded individuals from around the world, make contact with them and enter into discussion in a gathering around an endless variety of interesting subjects and hobbies. Users may choose to share their passions with the community and receive information on all subject matter surrounding their interest, and if the nation appeals the may even organise event meetings with similarly interested people. The app after fashion supplants the trusty old Internet forums.

Komoot, also free to use from Google play, is specifically targeted at bikers and hikers who find joy in exploring a multitude of less trekked routes. The app allows this like-minded community to boast and share photos taken at amazing venues, with other users wanting to follow in your tracks able to benefit from a turn-by-turn navigation system that offers topographical maps. They will then benefit from your experience, so that you may at some stage may benefit from another’s journey onto the roads less traveled. This extremely handy app always provide interesting hikes without the downside of arriving at a destination totally lost i.e. your destination became circumstantial.

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