Great Apps Any Smartphone User Should Enjoy


Due to a massive proliferation of new products app stores can at times feel like you’re tackling an overgrown garden with a pair of blunt trimming shears. Each time you logon literally hundreds of new apps have appeared for you to filter through. Below are a couple of apps that needs to be highlighted to any Smartphone user.


Operator is for those busy individuals that at times just cannot create the necessary time in which to perform the required research to make purchases. Operator’s creators aim to have their app handle those tasks for its users, and order to perform these tasks reliably they felt the need to develop a new human powered virtual concierge that will connect its users with businesses and their experts. So that its users can easily acquire the correct advice on the first shopping stop without the need for time-consuming travel to various different glass front stores before making their purchases. The app allows it users to communicate via in app instant messaging with a person that wills the requests and after making their decision regarding choice, allows them to pay via the app as well.

QuizChat is one of the few things that quickly become more addictive than a coffee junkie’s afternoon Frappuccino habit. This BuzzFeed quiz allows its users an endless stream of questions where after they may even share them with their friends, obviously via BuzzFeed’s own QuizChat app. The app links up with and allows its users to use their Facebook Messenger as well as SMS texting to exchange quizzes between themselves and their friends.

Dohop is just the ticket for those that are frequently afflicted by a sudden wanderlust that causes them to turn around scratch their head, suddenly catch a taxi, hop on a flight, to wherever just because they felt like seeing it or like enjoying a quick getaway. This app will search and display available flights leaving from your closest airport, even providing suggestions where you may want to go to that you’re not aware of yet. It users can enjoy browsing flights to compare prices and view digital media of each potential destination.

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