Best RPGs On Android


Role-playing games differ from any other type of gaming, the difference being that this genre of games places a premium on graphics and the storyline, this leaves developers free to be graphically extravagant or alternatively create unfettered simplistic scenery as the game and atmosphere requires. The style of gameplay offers no attempts to pipelined users into an unending adrenaline loop and requires very little and skills involving eye coordination, or the requirement to show that hard earned cash in order to proceed further into a game. The below represents the best of the breed in RPGs


Evoland’s creators borrowed one or two gaming aspects from a multitude of classic titles in the genre to create this brilliant title. This borrowing from previous titles is not a bad thing if applied correctly and Evoland certainly excelled in the way they accomplished it. Players are tested with Zelda-esque moves requiring rolls and slashes, followed by Final Fantasy styled turn-based RPG’s, as well as Chrono Trigger styled will travelling all beautifully blended to create a fantastic style of gameplay. The great thing about this game is that it performs all of these styles and features well, the controls are smooth enabling players to steer their character accurately. This gateway adventure at $4.99 will have players scrambling for their copies of their old classics as soon as they manage to tear themselves away from their phones and tablets.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery offer players an unusual mixture of new and old in various ways, with the mechanics being a traditional point-and-click adventuring game and the occasional reflex style mini game blended into the mix. The graphics and artwork comprises of stylised, chunky pixel art in a gaming society where 3D is all the rage, this illustrates a classical fantasy theme that gets offset via modern character languages and an overbearing semi scientific meta-narrative. Until now the style of gaming never found many supporters amongst mobile device players, but those discovering this game certainly will enjoy it. Players looking for something different and new have definitely found a good starting place.

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