Two Apps Demonstrating Android’s Incredible Versatility

Nova Launcher1

The two fantastic apps discussed in the following article brings the flexibility and freedom of access open only to android users to the forefront, a openness and flexibility currently offered by no other mobile operating system. These two tasks highlight the flexibility and user-friendliness, as well as extremely high levels of customisability that is intrinsic to the android OS.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a free app that would appeal to owners of slightly older generation cell phones and tablets as well as who find the manufacturer’s preloaded bloatware unacceptable to live with. It requires no root access which might compromise manufactures guarantees and warranties, yet will negate the negative performance effects all the doodads and trinkets that manufacturers find necessary to install, but which most users never look at or use. Nova Launcher represents a highly customisable, sleek, fast, and modern interface that does away with all of the above yet provides extensive utility and appearance customisations with an absolute minimal effect on performance. It allows users to set up and screens according to personal preferences, offering tons of icon packs, a multitude of colour schemes, scrollable docks that provide app drawer customising, infinite settings for scrolling and folders. The magnitude of available options in all areas must be seen to be believed, yet remain rock stable while doing so.

Tasker task is available for a menial amount and will remove some of the menial repetitive trivialities that take up an unnecessary part of your life. The app offers several powerful features with ability to automate repetitive and trivial tasks determined by variety of job triggers. It offers task automation through user written automatic scripts offering a huge variety of possible actions with customisable triggers, that allows features such as automatic silencing of a fine wallet work, or switching off mobile data after the user arrives at home.

It will even launch a music player and the user’s favourite playlists whenever headphones are plugged in or connected via Bluetooth. Its potential uses are so wide-ranging it is virtually only limited by the user’s imagination and personal requirements in its base form, with the added functionalities gained after routing a phone providing even further functionality, customisability vine even greater number of customised task options. Users even have the ability to publish their own scripts or download other user’s scripts with the Tasker factory add-on.

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