Top Two iOS Apps To Simplify Life


Modern society have become more attached to mobile devices especially cell phones in any other invention or device in history, as such they have become the Swiss army knife of modern society. However as we become more interactive and into connected we rely more heavily on this valuable little device to assist us in managing our daily lives by, saving time, simplifying tasks, remembering essential information, remaining in contact at all times in a variety of different ways. The following two apps will serve to further simplify and ease our lives.

CudaSign 1

CudaSign is a free app formerly known as SignNow, offers a simple yet once used to it and irreplaceable function saving tons of time sparing the user from countless headaches. It offers the capacity to undersign digital documents that might require a personal signature with no time to spare, or at least from having to print, sign, scan before users can return mail an important document. Now users can open the document with CudaSign undersign the document with your John Hancock save and return mail. The app has the ability to open files from Dropbox, Emails, Photos, as well as several other sources. It offers huge time savings with much quicker return confirmations to any traveller or tourist while on the go.

Hightail offers another free app formerly known as YouSendIt, few people has not felt the embarrassment of a promised email that failed to be on time or never reached its destination, all due to an oversized attachment that could not be handled by a standard mail server. This app serves to remedy this particular problem by permitting its users to upload large files to the app servers and simply share the attachment with a generated link in the user’s mail that also offers the ability to digitally undersign documents and store them to cloud.

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