Ravenmark OST now available for FREE!

I know we aren’t a music site or anything, but I know there’s plenty of you out there that are hooked on video game music, and I’ve been wanting to start posting about iOS soundtracks for some time now. Anyway, Josh Whelchel’s music for Ravenmark – Scourge of Estellion is fantastic. I’ve been completely blown away by the music ever since I got the game. And now the OST is available for free via bandcamp! Though, if you feel like donating, I’m sure they won’t throw your money back at you. =o)
Make sure to check it out! There’s some AMAZING tracks included, as well as a reprise of the main theme that isn’t included in the game. You can go ahead and listen to it before you download it if you’re so inclined. 46 tracks of RPG-Adventure-TBS style greatness!

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