Squids gets a content update!

The Game Bakers latest title, Squids, has gotten tons of great reception from gamers. Here at The App Shack, it’s one of the few games that has gotten a perfect 10 out of 10 score. To our surprise, we woke up this morning, and saw that an update had gone out for this title, and it’s one that’s definitely worth checking out!
New in Version 1.2.1 –
–New Halloween Level.
–8 New Helmets.
–Bug fix with pearls in App Purchase when offline.
–Mission 6 always unlocks after mission 5.
–Better visualization of items in shop.
–Bug fix for “All stars” achievement.
What we’re really excited about is the new level and helmets. If you’ve been waiting for new content, here it is. A big thank you to The Game Bakers, and if you haven’t checked out Squids yet, it’s an amazing casual action turn-based RPG game where you fling your characters into enemies to do damage. Each hat you equip transfers it’s powers over to you, so once you have a hat, you have it’s powers. It’s definitely a game you’ve got to check out. If you’ve already got Squids, make sure to grab this update, and check out the new content.

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