Robo5 HD for iPad is released, and gets updated to Version 1.1!

Robo5, Yuguosoft’s new action puzzle-platformer, released last week for the iPhone, and the week before in the Mac Store, has just had it’s HD release for iPad. It’s also priced at $0.99 as a launch special. With the amount of entertainment, fun, challenge and content, it’s a must-buy no matter what kind of games you’re into. If you haven’t heard anything about Robo5 yet, you can check out the review we wrote up for it last week, or watch the trailer below for a quick look into what the game is like. This is one that should not be missed.
Robo5 has also been updated to Version 1.1, which includes grammar fixes, and a drop down log list for gamers to check the game’s text at any time!

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