Cowboy Guns- 0.99 (Chillingo) “Who doesn’t love the Wild Wild West?”

Get ready to go back into the wild wild west in Chillingo’s latest adventure game Cowboy Guns [$0.99]. In Cowboy Guns you play as a lonely cowboy who has to fight his way through towns, deserts, and canyons with bandits in the way. Your main goal is to defeat The Crimson Jackals to bring peace to the land. There’s 3 exciting modes to play through: Adventure mode, Bounty Hunter mode, and Survival mode. In Adventure mode you play through a story line facing enemies. In the Bounty Hunter mode you get rewards for defeating the 20 wanted criminals. In Survival mode you erm… basically survive. There’ll be a bunch of enemies coming all over and your goal is to stay alive as long as possible. There’s two controls in the game. The left analog stick allows you to move around and the right analog stick allows you to shoot your current weapon. Between the two analog sticks, your current weapons can be found there. You can only hold up to 3 weapons at once. On the top left side of the screen you have your health meter which indicates the amount of health you still have left. On the top right side of the screen there’s a little icon that looks like a bag. Once you click on that you can find your map and travel to different lands. You can also read about your current mission

that you have going on and upgrade your cowboy. The following upgrades that you can currently purchase are handguns, shotguns, heavy guns, explosives, armors, boots, and new costumes. Items can be purchased by using money that you’ve earned from missions or from the stars that you can collect that are hidden around each area. I’m really digging the game’s graphics and the western style music. The adventure mode is extremely fun and has a great story line. Overall, Cowboy Guns provided a fun cowboy experience and is

perfect for people who are into dual-stick games. I’ve found no issues with the game at all, except it crashed about twice. My final rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can pick up Cowboys Guns from Chillingo for a mere [$0.99]. There’s also a universal version that’ll run on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that you can pick up for just $2.99 by clicking here.


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