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Hungribles FREE Now Available & Giveaway

Great news for everyone who’s been wanting to play Hungribles by Futuremark Games Studio! There’s now a free (lite) version avaible. The free version has 15 levels from the paid version that you can try out first before you decide to buy the game. The free version is also universal just like the paid version. Even though there’s a free version, I say skip it. Just go download the full version today! You definitely won’t regret it for just $1.99.

Hungribles FREE
Hungribles $1.99
If you read the title then you may have noticed that we’re having a giveaway! We have a couple of codes to giveaway for the full version. The first two codes are directly below this post. So if you’re lucky enough to snag a code then kudos to you! The rest of the codes will be given out on our Twitter account. So follow us @TheAppShack for your chance to win more codes if you missed out here! If you do get a code make sure to leave the developer a review on iTunes!
First two codes coming….NOW!

Hungribles Giveaway!

Are you ready for this! It’s giveaway time over here at TheAppShack. Today the first 2 lucky readers can snatch a code for Hungribles [$1.99 (Universal)]. I previously reviewed this game on the site before which you can read my review here. We loved this game in our review! The two codes are right below this paragraph. Hurry up and get a copy before it’s too late!



Couldn’t snag a copy? Then check out our Twitter where we’ll be giving away more soon! Go follow us @TheAppShack to be the first to know when we giveaway the rest of the codes that we have left.