Great-Undiscovered Apps to Get Excited About


With thousands of app that are totally overrated and not identified to be of much use for Android users there are several apps that are basically undiscovered and shows fewer than 50,000 downloads, and tested they are extremely useful and completely underrated or undiscovered.


Hermit is an app that creates wrappers for websites, which can be used to replace apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all resource-intensive. These apps described as lite Apps functions like all normal apps and appear in the drawer called recent apps and can send notifications but the lone storage space they take up is the space needed for their icon, and what makes Hermit unique is that it uses no more than 1% of your battery.

Hermit could not be described as superbly attractive and had not been updated since 2013, but it remains an excellent way to keep track of recurring irregular tasks that is a struggle for to do list apps and calendars. Creating tasks are uncomplicated and can be set by week, yearly and monthly to keep users on track with thing that could slip their mind such as birthdays, anniversaries and daily reminders are a great ways to list meetings, urgent schedules or any other lists including shopping requirements. Hermit uses an algorithm that comprehends urgency, so even tasks that occurs only once yearly like are reminded off well in advance.

In the case of the app called Instadict it could be the unfortunate name that is the reason for its relative anonymity, but Instadict presents a novel way of looking up words for users. Highlight a word and then copy it, all that is required is that you shake your phone, and the definition is summoned up through mysterious forces. It’s almost like a charmed 8 ball that essentially makes sense, Instadict is amazingly addictive, and once used it is really missed should you change phones. Both theses app are well worth checking out for all Android mobile users and can be located in the Google app store.

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