One to Make You Sleep & One to Keep You Awake


Facebook recently released some major behind-the-scenes news announcing that they intend to integrate SMS functionality soon. Currently only a few selected Facebookers are privy to these new changes without any means to turn the service on and off. The social media giant currently seemingly keeps itself busy with the field-testing of this and other potential newfound features prior to instituting a final integration.

In addition, during the early part of February Facebook included Instagram, its photo centric social media platform, in its current list of rollouts with the latest updates and improvements providing the photo monger with a newfound capacity for multi-account support. However, heading the current news is the fact that earlier this month a few glimpses of new improvements to Facebook Messenger suggested it may receive multiple account support, which allows its users to get into swapping between multiple personas. The new improvements included the ability to swap between accounts while in app, which has in the meantime become an official announcement. Facebook now makes it easy for its users to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as making it easier to contact covert friends you may not wish to introduce to your parents, or covertly communicate to the world what the voices only you can hear is saying that day.


The company revealed via one of their announcement posts on Facebook the details behind this new functionality, which aims to primarily target users sharing a single mobile device. The company developed the newly included functionality while keeping the needs of these types of clientele in mind, which focuses on maintaining their personal privacy. Messenger will naturally have the option to always require passwords to access the chats of any additional accounts, where after it will swap to the particular profile matching that password. Enabling this option will prevent any previewing of messages in the notifications bar.

f.lux is a new sleep-aiding app that is soon to arrive on the Android platform. Unfortunately, it will not be for everybody since it requires root access, which voids all manufacturer’s warranties on the rooted device. Extensive scientific testing proved blue light keeps humans awake, which would prove to be extremely useful during daytime to keep us focused and mentally boosted by light emitted at the blue end of the visible light spectrum. In contrast the same blue light as proved to be uniquely detrimental to human sleep patterns according to Psychology Today.

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