An App Responsible for Speeding up Android Multi-tasking


One of the Android operating system’s primary strengths lies in the absolute simplicity that makes up the architecture of its user interface. Navigating amongst screens, menus, and options is an exercise in user-friendliness; however, what if it could be made even faster and easier? The answer is Easy App Switcher or EAS provides an easy shortcut menu via its floating icon on your home screen that allows users to swap seamlessly at will between their two most recently used applications.

Simply put, it will allow you to instantly swap between two programs without the need to continuously open and close to different programs by simply tapping the button. Users even have the option of adding their favourite applications, which would then also appear if you decide to wipe across this button.

Any other similar process takes two or more opening and closing of programs to accomplish same as EAS accomplishes with a single tap of a single button, for instance when you’re busy in your browser and wish to swap to another app cannot use the return button and simply cause Chrome to display the previous page. You are forced to access the recent apps menu, which works fine, but represents another two-step process.


EAS renders the two-step process obsolete delivering to the user the capacity to swap between any two apps of their choice quickly, easily, and seamlessly in a single move. In contrast, Easy App Switcher simply refuses to load a number of apps that sonnets exclusions list, these apps will never be compatible to its app switching interface.

In addition, EAS will with a simple swipe across its floating icon reveal a full history of all your recently accessed apps, in a nifty move its users will find it interface to be fully customisable. Offering them the ability to increase or decrease its size and translucency to suit their personal requirements.

Despite its tiny size and incredibly easy operation, the one thing that all of these floating icon top apps have in common is that they may very easily get in the way when working on a home page that is already full to the brim.

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