Brilliant New Android Apps For This Week

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With the tons of brand-new android apps that it Google Play Store on a weekly basis the apps under discussion is well worth the download and time spent to familiarise oneself with each app and come highly recommended.

5miles offers its users/subscribers brand-new functionality similar to that offered by Craigslist. In essence the app serves as a classifieds service offering its users the capacity to trade or sell items, advertise or look for job vacancies, post personal and professional services, as well as a massive variety of other categories. This app utilises sub codes as well as GPS locations to search for and highlight listings within your nearby area, it also allows its users to post personalised voice descriptions and register via Facebook, even sports a incorporated messaging service.


SwiftKey Symbols delivers to its users a very different and brand-new kind of keyboard, where users will enjoy utilising symbols to communicate with others instead of letters and words. This fantastic little app that can be quite useful for people suffering from communication disorders, in its current format there is still a little simplistic but popular enough to have users already requesting additional symbols.

Snap Swipe Drawer is another brand-new app that provides users with a secondary notification method that offers lots of inbuilt widgets. It functions as a widgets stash, which in turn allows more Home screen space for standard app icons, the app is configurable to become available at any time a user requires it. As can be expected with any brand-new app, there remains a bit of release day bugginess, which is worth living with considering the precious additional freed up screen acreage.

Age of Empires: World Domination, launched as the latest update in the all-time favourite series of real-time strategy games available on Android and continues the saga with improved controls, upgraded and an expanded range of weapons. Players can engage in battles in real time added by legendary heroes, with the ability to choose from numerous civilisations in this virtual world. The may even enjoy reliving epic battles based on history which allows to recreate history by evolving and creating their very own empire.

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