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Camera360 Ultimate1

As any android user will attest acquiring the best apps within the Google Play store remains a daunting task, immaterial of whether you may be in the market for a new pod cast tool, or just dislike your standard camera application, or even wish to see a totally new look on your android device, which is something that makes iOS users green with envy. The discussed apps below should make life a little easier in these aspects, with each of them representing the best of its kind currently available in the marketplace.

Podcast Addict offers players a beautiful experience due to the fact that it piles a number of free services on top of other free services such as the ability it offers its users to listen to incredible podcasts. The itself is free to download and offers it users a seamless experience whereby they may search, download and then listen to their favourite podcast with a apps own incorporated audio player. It also offers the standard set and a number of extra user options to further customise their personal podcast experience with options to create playlists of forthcoming shows its users may wish to listen to. Over and above is the cool Trending search feature that allows users to view alternative content currently popular in their podcast existence, but the main attraction feature is the fact that it is already excellent at doing everything a good podcast app should do with now a couple of newly launched features included.

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is an app that made its way onto best camera app lists worldwide due to its incredible range of featured options that includes in excess of 200 filters, allowed of one touch touch-up tools, as well as its ability to NFC photo share. All its customising and user adjustment options are incredibly powerful while remaining simple, quick, and easy to use with its intuitive UI makes this one of the greatest choices for both new as well as seasoned photographers. The free app certainly ensures that users squeeze best possible out of their Android’s camera.

The fierce rivalry between iOS and Android have been alive while with the fires of competition stacked whiteout since the day each OS’s inception, however iOS even today in its latest format certainly does not offer the flexibility and freedom that android users enjoy. Nova Launcher is one of those free apps that brings Android’s flexibility and openness to the fore in no uncertain terms by underlining exactly the characteristics that makes Android great. The Nova Launcher app is compatible with all versions of android from 4.1 onward and this app allows it users to change the complete look and feel of the standard android operating system with a near endless range of customisable features which will change anything from themes, to font sizes, to the grid size i.e. number of other apps that appears on the lock screen, a variety of customisable features of the app drawer. This app is a premium illustration of Android will allow itself to be moulded in order to suit each person’s tastes and requirements.

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