Android Apps Delivering Free TV

Android Apps Delivering Free TV1

Android users tired of battling with monthly pay-per-view or channel subscriptions that never deliver the content you want at the time you have available to watch it at your leisure without the need for recording devices can now ditch the satellite dish and toss their cable box.

Android Apps Delivering Free TV

All they would require to do so are the correct Android applications, because the greater part of the major cable TV and big broadcast networks offer free streaming applications available to android users. The available list of on-line television entertainment include full episodes screening the most popular television shows that includes names like Duck Dynasty, America’s Next Top Model, About a Boy, as well as Scandal stop.

The best of these apps deliver all of the most popular network shows for absolutely free and with no login required as one would normally have to with pay-TV. The A&E app delivers their signature reality TV shows directly to your android mobile device including populates Duck Dynasty and Flip This House. The app is sleek and enjoys all the correct basics built right in, to deliver a glossy slideshow of the available featured series, presented on a crystal clear menu. Part of the menu is a queue of “Just Added” featuring their latest screened episodes with previews made available via clips. In addition a quite convenient “Watch List” helps users keep track of any episodes already viewed allowing them to start up immediately where they left off.

ABC rewrote history to become one of the very first of the major TV networks offering their own free Android streaming app. The app delivers promo images presented in a full screen format offering translucent overlay menus featuring smooth intuitive menus, making its “Watch ABC” app true eye candy. Users will have zero trouble in finding complete episodes of the media giants most popular feature shows.

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