6 More Brilliant iPhone Widgets

Hue’s Today1

In second installment of our reviews on several of the brilliant and user-friendly widgets that are now available on iPhones we will spread good news and bring joy to travellers, sports fans, as well as home automation buffs. These fantastic new apps offering these powerful information tools delivers absolutely amazing capabilities that are simple beyond belief to install, activate, and use to enrich our lives and enable us to have more free time for hobbies or even enjoy the information delivered about our hobbies while busy at work, lunch, or even make long boring meetings seem like fun.

Hue’s Today

ETA’s widget collects and combines the users information with regards to his or her most frequently travelled to destinations available at all times at a glance, immaterial of whether they might be walking, using public transport, or driving themselves. Users will always be fully aware of what time they need to leave and/or arrive to make the appointments on time, just tap your desired destination once to open the navigation app which will plan your route for you just a few split seconds. ESPN is known and loved by all sport hobbyists & hooligans, and now their widget will notify users which games are on and at what times they will air, and spoiler alert the widget will even provide final scores for completed games and events, giving users a full sports page in their notification area.

Hue’s Today from electronics manufacturer Philips is the remote controller that offers the capacity to replace some of the remotes needed to control home automation functions. The widget allows the user to control their customised preferred light settings directly from the notification centre in their iPhone, eliminating the need to stumble around a darkened room or house while hunting for a light switch or a remote.

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