New Top Android Apps For August 2015


Google Play offers a mind-boggling array of apps and discerning users would be hard pushed to find out which would be the most applicable to their particular requirements, especially considering the equally vast amount of new additions that are continually added on a daily basis.

The following should highlight and assist in new app choices:

Stagefright Detector created by Imperium, the discoverers of a new form of malware called Stagefright. The app will scan and make users aware whether their mobile device has been infected by the new security vulnerability called Stagefright. The new security breach allows hackers to upload malware to your mobile device via an MMS.

google play

Yahoo Livetext is a brilliant new app that comes with a pretty twist big in the tail. At times you might be indisposed to be engaged in a video chat due to the fact that you might be in a meeting or in a class room, but would still like to see the person you’re engaging with while texting them. Livetext is not able to solve that particular problem you will now be able to see the person you’re chat-texting material of your surroundings always available from classrooms, to libraries, or even meetings. You will now be free to conduct a live video text-chat that only provides text and video, with no sound.

Accomplish offers a simple app with a to-do list that presents the capacity to assist users in remembering their important tasks they need to accomplish. Users can drag and drop items from the to-do list into a Day view calendar assisting them in planning their time in detail. The app is simple to use and streamlined without a multitude of additional value-added features, it simply does what it was designed to do, and that is to make it easy to advance plan your time.

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