New Video For Raiden Legacy Uploaded To YouTube!

DotEmu’s next release, Raiden Legacy, a collection of 4 different Raiden games; Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters II and Raiden Fighters Jet, has just received a new gameplay video, this time, shown being played with the iCade! Check it out;
Raiden Legacy should hit the AppStore this fall, and is also going to be available for the Android! We’ll keep sharing news with you as it hits the net, and, of course, will be giving you a review of the game once it’s finally released, but right now, Raiden Legacy is one of our most anticipated games at the moment, as the Raiden series is one our favorite old-school shmups here at TAS. We can’t wait to have it available for play at any time, anywhere. And judging from DotEmu’s previous shmup release, Blazing Star, Raiden Legacy should be one hell of a port. 

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