Top 10 iPad Games that you should download right now

Many people around the globe received and/or bought the new iPad 2 around Christmas time.  When I unwrapped my iPad I was overwhelmed with the many options and games that I had been previously unable to play. Here are some of the games that really stood out and utilize the iPad’s innovative features
Lost Winds by Frontier Developments ($3.99)
Lost Winds certainly has an unique control method which we praised in our review of it. But what really makes this a star is the fact that it is way easier to control on the big screen. Add the awesome graphics and amazing gameplay experience and you get an absolutle must for the cheap asking price.

Infinity Blade 2 by Chair Games ($6.99) 

With awesome graphics tailored to the iPad 2 display and frantic fighting action this is an easy buy. The  larger display and room to manuever make it much easier to swipe and doge in the game.  It has a long lasting story which should keep you playing for a long time.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD by Fishlabs ($9.99) 
The original Galaxy on Fire certainly has a big fan following and is quite the experience. It is basically a space simulation game where you can choose your own destiny and where your actions have consequences.  You can choose to be a pirate blowing up ships and stealing packages or a humble trader making money by buying and selling commodities to galaxys.  Fishlabs has redone the original game and boosted the graphics substantialy. It is simply amazing how much detail has been put into the artwork and it certainly takes advantage of the A5 processor chip in the iPad. 
Aquaria by Semi Secret Software LLC (4.99)

Aquaria is a 2d RPG with a huge exploratory element. You explore the ocean blue searching for answers into your mysterous predicament. Originally a computer game, it has been adapted for the touch screen and works magnificently with it. It is iPad exclusive as the experience wouldnt have been the same on devices with smaller screens like the iPhone. It has a massive amount of exploration and combat so it should keep you intrigued for a long time.
Pocket RPG by Crescent Moon Games ($2.99)
This dual stick shooter esc RPG game has all the right elements to make it a huge success: innovative gameplay mechanics, easy to get used to controls, great graphics and an increasing difficulty level.  It was originally an iPad only game before it was ported over to smartphone size. This is definitely a quality purchase and made our top 5 games of 2011 list.
Grand Theft Auto 3 by Rockstar ($2.99 originally $4.99) 
The GTA franchise has been revitalized in this port of the third game in the series.  There really isnt too much to say about this game because it is so wide known by many people. It is basically a free roaming game in which you can steal cars, shoot people, and drive crazily around Liberty City.  At $2.99 until the 29th you have no excuse to not pick this up.
Battleheart by Mika Mobile ($2.99) 
Battleheart is a line-drawing action strategy RPG with an extensive class and shop system.  It is truly one of the best strategy games on the Appstore and the larger screen size certainly makes it easier to plan out your attacks. A very innovative take on the RPG genre and is very approachable by newbies to that niche.
Flipboard (Free)
Though this is not a game I felt it seemed necessary to include in this list. It works perfectly to bring you the news you want about exactly what topics you enjoy most. 
Carcassonne by The Coding Monkeys ($9.99)
Carcassonne is a great strategy board game that is fun for the whole family. If you or all of your relatives/friends play this you can connect via GameCenter and play asynchronously. Though it may be a bit pricey it is definitely worth it.
Machinarium by Animata Design ($4.99)
iPad 2 only
Machinarium is a point and click adventure game which has been adapted from the PC version.  It has a very intriguing storyline and one of the best soundtracks in a game of all time. Highly reommended for puzzle fans

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