More Halloween Freebies!

CATCHa Prince, drawmind’s vision of a Tower Defense/Shoot-em-up/RPG, has just gone free as well. Pick your heroes, pick your weapons, enjoy the story, and shoot everything you can. Drawmind has done a pretty decent job merging genres to create a worthwhile retro styled title. Be sure to check it out while it’s free.
Earlier this year Pinch Games released their physics puzzler Silly Owls. You need to get the three owls, each with different abilities, into their homes by bouncing and rolling them off of various obstacles. It’s not a bad physics puzzler, and we’re almost sure that this one didn’t do very well when it was released because, well, the AppStore is filled with these types of games. But now if you’re a fan of the genre, you can snag Silly Owls for free, and have some interesting puzzles to solve this Halloween.
Race After 1977, by Xpect Games, is a wasteland racer. Good physics, real cars, nice track design, this is definitely a racer game racer fans should check out. Even if you’re not into racing games, Race After 1977 offers up some very nice gameplay, and might just make you a fan.
Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a first person shooter now would it? Twindigo has offered up their title, Puppet War:FPS, as a freebie this Halloween, and it’s one FPS fans should check out. Not only will it have you laughing, but offers an awesome shooter experience at the same time. Puppet War:FPS is a shooter that should not be missed.
Dracula: Resurrection – Part 1, developed by Microids, is an amazing point ‘n click adventure game, and what better time to give away a horror game that a lot of gamers haven’t had a chance to check out than at Halloween. Dracula: Resurrection is a 3 part adventure, and generally, gamers don’t like knowing they’re going to have to buy 2 more titles to get the full story, but with Resurrection, each part is definitely worth more than it’s weight in gold. From the developers of Dracula: Path Of The Dragon, Microids has outdone themselves with this series, and they’re pretty secure with the thought that once you check out the first part, parts 2 and 3 (each available for $0.99!) are as good as sold.
Hysteria Project, a point n’ click horror FMV survival game by Buklypix, has gone free again, of course, for the one holiday we all love to test out our fear centers for, Halloween. No game on the iOS fully immerses you in a world where you need to get away from a killer like Hysteria Project. If you’re into typical 90’s horror games, this is one game you should really check out.
One of The App Shack’s favorites, Squirmee, by Coding Design, has gone free again. Fresh off the heals of a MASSIVE update, Squirmee is an interesting puzzler in which you’ll need to guide Squirmee through 75 challenging levels so he can save his sister. Be sure to pick this one up and find out why it’s become an App Shack favorite.
SEGA doesn’t give out freebies too often, but when they do, you can be pretty sure that you’re going to be re-living some old gaming memories. This latest freebie is no different. Streets Of Rage 2, the early 90’s beat-em-up, is now available for free. Do not miss this classic that many games since have been influenced by, or that have tried to emulate, copy, clone, be a younger brother of, you name it. Streets Of Rage 2 is a classic that every fan of the genre should own.

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