LightGuardian Update 1.1

One of our favorite games of the year, LightGuardian, by Lukas Penkava, has just had it’s first update, and it’s a doozy! To start things off, a new enemy has been added – the Sailboat. This new enemy distracts by circling around your lighthouse getting closer and closer with each passing second. To take it out, you’ll need to focus your light on the body of the boat while it’s moving, but luckily, it’s destroyed almost instantly. Along with this new enemy, Mr. Penkava has added two difficulty modes, Normal, and Hard. On Normal, each of the enemies will have a radar detector above them, showing the player if they are in the green, yellow, or red areas of the radar. This should help those of you who thought that the addition of a radar without dots was kind of mute, as now you can still experience the main focus of the game (searching around your lighthouse, taking note of where enemies are, and killing them based on their threat), while knowing exactly how close enemies are, and which ones are setting off your radar color changes. Hard Mode takes this away, making it a mode that’s more like how the 1.0 version of the game was, and in addition to no radar detectors above the enemies, the amount of enemies spawned is higher, getting you into the action quite a bit quicker than on Normal Mode. To make things even more interesting, a shop with upgrades has been added. Now you can not only upgrade your lighthouse light strength, but how quickly you’re bomb and light ray’s are activated, for how long your ray lasts, and how strong your bomb can become. Once you fully upgrade your bomb, it will be able to take out enemies not only in the red radar area, but the yellow as well, and be charged quicker, while your light ray will last for a full 10 seconds longer, and also be charged quicker. The tutorial has also been updated, bugs have been squashed, and there’s a nice shiny new icon as well. Be sure to check out the updated trailer, and get this hidden gem for $1.99 in the AppStore today!

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