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Madfinger Games is holding a Shadowgun T-Shirt contest

The Madfinger Games team is inviting fans of their game Shadowgun to influence future events of it’s storyline. In order to do this you have to enter in their Facebook contest which you can win by making up a new arch enemy of John Slade. The authors of the three best ideas will win the original Shadowgun T-Shirt.
Here are the steps required to enter the contest as described on their Facebook page here.

1.(a) Write the name of the arch enemy you invented.   (b) State three powers or abilities your enemy possesses.   (c) Write down a short history of your badass enemy in 100 words.2. Don’t forget to provide your full name, age, and email.3. Enter the contest by submitting the form. Good luck coming up with creative names and backstories! Check out some of the T-Shirt designs below.